how can i transfer mb from airtel to airtel?

Have you ever been asked by friends, family or loved ones to help them buy internet data before but you really don’t have enough money to buy it for them.?

Do you have some amount of airtel internet data bundle and you want to share to friends or family but don’t know how to go about it,? This article will guide you on step by – step on how to share airtel data bundle.

How to share airtel data bundle 

Follow the steps below to easily share airtel data from your SIM to other airtel number:

  • Navigate to your phone dialer and dial *141#.

You will get a pop -up on your screen showing various menus.

  • From that menu, select option 6 showing Gifting & sharing.
  • Then select option 4 again showing Data Me2U.

In the next menu you will get two options namely, change PIN (Default PIN -1234) and send Me2U from existing allowance.

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  • If you have already changed your PIN before then go ahead and select the second option that states,
  • Send Me2U from existing allowance.
  • It will then take you to a screen asking you to Enter a recipient number:
  • Now type in the desired phone number that you wish to transfer/share your data with.
  • In the next screen you will be prompt to type in the amount of data allowance you want to share to the desired airtel number.
  • You will be prompt to enter your PIN in the next option.
  • Type in your 4 digit PIN and confirm your transfer.
  • You will get a response immediately saying that; You have successfully transferred 2xxMB to 0802xxxxxxxx.

For example: *141#, select option 6, select option 4, select option 2, input phone NO. 08020000000,  enter data amount to transfer 200MB, input PIN 2244, and confirm transfer.

But if you haven’t changed your PIN before then your can change it with the following procedure:

How to change airtel data sharing PIN

Dial *141#, select option 6 stating Sharing & gifting, select option 4 stating data Me2U, select option 1 stating change pin (Default PIN – 1234), now enter the default PIN which is 1234, you will be asked to enter your desired New PIN E.g 2244, you will still be asked to confirm the New PIN 2244.

After confirmation you will get a response saying “ Dear Customer, you have successfully changed your PIN. New PIN 2244 you can now attempt to perform any of the smart share activities.”

FAQs About airtel data transfer

Q: Why is that when tried to share airtel data to someone, I was told that i can’t more than 200MB?

Yes you will get a response when trying to transfer less than 3MB or above 200MB saying “ Dear Customer, you cannot transfer less then 3MB and more than 200MB out of your current bundle.”

That simply means that, the maximum amount of data you can share from your airtel number to other airtel number is 200MB for the current existing data. But you can share 200MB to several airtel numbers from your current existing number but cannot share more than 200MB to the same airtel number, unless you buy another airtel data bundle different from the existing or when you exhaust the current existing data and bought another.

Q: How can I share more than 200MB airtel Me2U data?

The only way you can share more than 200MB airtel data is by registering your phone number as small medium enterprise (SME) by calling airtel customer care help line on 111 and ask them to register your airtel number with the SME service.

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