how to hide my phone number when calling someone

how to hide my phone number when calling someone

Do you wish to call someone sometimes and you don’t want them to know it’s you that called or you want to know if they are avoiding your calls because you keep calling them without any response? Here is how to hide your number to call your friends and loved ones.

It’s called restricted number. whenever someone call your phone number you and you see restricted number, No Caller ID and No Number. It simply means they hide their phone number from you. And after the call you still can’t find trace of the phone number. This tutorial will show you two steps on how to hide your phone number and call your friends or loved ones to prank them without them knowing it’s you, follow the steps below:

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How to hide my number from someone

There are 2 methods to hide your number from people you call, namely:

  • Code to hide my number from someone.

  • Settings to hide my number from someone.

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First Method on how to hide or restrict my phone number from someone. 

Navigate to your phone’s dialer and #31# and then the person phone number you want to hide your number for then call him/her. For example. #31#08128204656 then call the person, when he/she sees the call it will come as restricted number or unknown number.

But these methods is only applicable to the specific number you added the #31# at the beginning of his/her phone number before calling while calling others without adding the #31# will still show your phone number on their phone or your name if they have your phone number saved in their phonebook contacts. You can share Airtel airtime me2U to friends or family

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Second step on how to hide my number from someone 

Navigate to settings in your phone menu, locate call settings or calls, you will find a couple of settings found under the call settings or calls depending on the brand of phone or telecom network provider you are using.

Now locate send my caller identity, select it, it’s automatically set as On or Default. Meaning your caller identity or phone numbers will show whenever you place a call. To hide your caller identity or phone number, turn it to off and save it. After that you can go ahead and place a call to any phone number saved in your phonebook or not saved in your phonebook, it will show restricted number in the person’s phone you are calling. 

You can follow the same steps to turn it back on so as to allow people see your phone number on their phone.

How to show my phone number to people I call 

by following this steps: settings, calls or call settings, send my caller identity or show my caller identity, then turn it On. Then you can continue calling any phone number and your phone number will be visible to them.

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FAQs About incoming call restricted number

Q: How will i detect an unknown number?

Q: How can i block incoming calls from restricted numbers?

There is no way to block calls from a restricted number, because you must know a specific number before you will be able to block them from calling you. Unless at that specific period of time you want to activate the do not disturb feature to block all incoming calls for that particular period of time.

You cannot detect a restricted or unknown number, unless in a case where you suspects a specific person. Then you can edit the person’s phone number from your phonebook and assign a different ringing tone to that specific suspected phone number. When your phone rings and you hear the assigned rigging tone to that specific number only then you can be certain about a restricted number.

Q: I don’t have the person’s phone number Offhand I want to restrict my number from how will i edit it and call him/he?

There are two methods to go about it, first method, you can go to your phonebook contacts and locate his /her phone number then click on edit before call or edit number then add the #31# at the front of his/her phone number and save. but this method will always restrict your phone number to the specific contacts you add the #31# code. While the second method, by dialing the specific phone number you want to call then immediately end the call before it rings, then go to the dial number and edit it, then add the #31# code at the front of the phone number then place your call, it will be restricted to the specific person only at that moment whilst show your number to the person when you call him/her from your phonebook contacts.

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