procedure to use your picture as whatsapp wallpaper

WhatsApp picture wallpaper, WhatsApp logoDo you often see people send WhatsApp screenshots of their WhatsApp chat and all you could see is a beautiful background of their photos or a custom picture wallpaper.? Do you wish to have a custom WhatsAp wallpapers or background or one of your beautiful selfie pictures to your WhatsApp chat background.? Adding a custom background Or wallpaper to your WhatsApp could be beautiful than just using the regular default WhatsApp background.

This process is going to guide you with step by-step process to make that beautiful WhatsApp chat background or wallpapers.

How to use my picture as WhatsApp wallpaper

Follow the process below to set your picture as your WhatsApp wallpaper:

Lunch your WhatsApp application either from a mobile phone or a computer.

At the bottom right of your WhatsApp homepage, locate and select settings.

you will get a list of new menus, locate and select chat.

In the chat menu, you will see a list of menu such as; chat wallpaper, save to camera roll, chat backup, archive all chats, and clear all chats – delete all chats, showing in red background.

Now select chat wallpaper. This will then take you to 3 respective WhatsApp wallpaper options namely: wallpaper library, solid colors, photos and Reset wallpaper.

Wallpaper library

Wallpaper library provides you with beautiful wallpaper background, that either comes as still wallpapers or perspective wallpapers. Thus, when still is applied, they are usually static and non-movable pictures or wallpapers. While perspectives are also known as dynamic or movable wallpapers that can also be referred to as live wallpapers.

Solid colors

Solid colors provides you with a simple wallpaper background that only provides you with various colors such as; red, blue, black yellow etc.

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Photos, this is the main aim of this article, photos tends to allow you use your selfie photos or a specific picture you wish to use as your WhatsApp wallpaper.

Now go ahead and select photos, it will will automatically access and open all saved pictures in your phone or computer.

Navigate and select the desired picture you wish to use as your WhatsApp wallpaper to display on your chat background.

After you have select the desired photo, you will then get a pop up of the selected pictures, giving you the options of pinch to and drag to adjust.

drag the picture either to the left or right and set the picture to your desired taste and how you want it to display.

Then press set, and go back to your WhatsApp chats and view your newly applied wallpaper.

Reset wallpaper

Reset wallpaper is used to discard a custom wallpaper set by you to the default wallpaper.

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FAQs About WhatsApp picture wallpaper

Q: How can I know if my picture was uploaded to my WhatsApp wallpaper.?

Your wallpaper is readily available immediately you select the desired picture you want to use on your WhatsApp wallpaper and click on the set button at the bottom right of the page where you set your picture.

Q: I set my picture as my WhatsApp wallpaper but it’s displying too big/zoom in, how will I keep it as the original picture in my WhatsApp wallpaper.?

When you are applying a specific wallpaper to your WhatsApp, if you have selected the photo; do not zoom, drag or set it to perspective. Always apply it when selected, because adjusting the photo will rather make some part of the picture to display while some of the other part will be zoom out and make it not look as the original picture from your phones gallery.

Q: I set a picture on my WhatsApp as perspective, but why is it still showing only some part of the picture on my WhatsApp wallpaper.?

Firstly, why your WhatsApp wallpaper may show some part of the picture is because when you were setting the picture as your wallpaper, you used the option of perspective instead of still.

All you need to do is to close the WhatsApp app and remove it from your recent open apps, then re-lunch your WhatsApp app again and apply same picture that you applied earlier without adjusting the picture or dragging it and leave the default setting as still.

Q: how can I remove my picture from my WhatsApp wallpaper.?

If you wish to remove your current picture from your WhatsApp wallpaper or background, just go back to the normal procedure;

Navigate to your WhatsApp Seethings → chats → chat wallpapers and select Reset wallpaper.

Your default WhatsApp wallpaper will be restored.

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