How to stop credit deduction on MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile

You can stop MTN, Airtel, Glo or 9mobile from deducting your credit when browsing even when you have data on your line. to turn on, No data.

You can stop MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile from deducting airtime when browsing the internet. have you ever asked yourself “why are they cutting or deducting my credit/airtime balance even when I have data on my SIM, it could be so frustrating whenever you browse the internet while you still have data but yet your airtime is still deducted instead of your data bundle. It could be that when you bought your data bundle you did not activate the ”No data bundle no browsing on your SIM.” This article will teach you how to activate the no data no browsing on all Nigerian mobile network providers, ranging from Airtel, MTN, 9mobile and Glo network providers respectively. 

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How do i stop airtel from deducting my during browsing?

When you are browsing or surfing the internet with your airtel and you are being charged from your airtime/credit balance instead from your data bundle balance, even wheb you have double data. it could be as a result of not deactivating your SIM to browse from your airtime balance from the pop-up menu when buying airtel data bundle. you can actually stop airtel from deducting your airtime when you don’t have data to surf the internet or when you have data but they still deduct your airtime/credit. For airtel, you can stop deductions of your airtime right from the the route directly when buying your data bundle. To activate airtel no data no browsing, follow the steps below;

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From your phone, Dial *141# and select any data plan to buy.

When you select any data bundle of your choice, either daily, weekly, monthly or mega bundle.

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You will get 2 pop up in the next screen stating; 

9GB foe 30 days at N2,000.

What should happened when your bundle finishes?

1. Continue browsing from airtime /160MB extra.

2. Stop my data


Airtel cheap data code, how to stop my browsing from my airtime balance

Select option 2, that states “Stop my data as seen in the photo above.”

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You have successfully activate the No bundle no browsing on your airtel SIM card. Now you can surf the internet anytime even if you have a lot of credit/airtime on your SIM without fear of airtel deducting your credit when you have data bundle on your SIM.

How to stop MTN from deducting my credit when browsing 

When you get unnecessary deductions of your airtime/credit on MTN network provider, it simply means you still haven’t canceled the browsing at N3.07/MB. if you haven’t canceled it, you will get some massive amount deductions on your MTN SIM even when you have data on your SIM. To stop browsing with your credit on MTN network, dial *131*201#.

You will get a response saying; 

Dear Customer, you have successfully canceled browsing at N3.07/MB. Please dial *131*1# to buy a new bundle or dial *606# to borrow data bundle up to 750MB. 

This means you have successfully canceled deductions on your MTN Sim when browsing from your data. You will only be charged from your MTN data bundle whenever you try to browse the internet. It’s also known as no data no bundle.

How to stop browsing with airtime on Glo?

From the onset, Glo or Globacom network provider often come with no data no bundle setup. Meaning if you don’t have data bundle on your GLO SIM you won’t be able to browse the internet even if you have airtime on your Glo SIM. But if you get deductions from your Glo SIM you can actually deactivate it. From your phone, Dial *108*2# you will be opt out from the NO data no browsing network, it’s known as pay as you go (PAYGO) browsing. After deactivating it you will only be charged from your data bundle when you try to browse the internet, and cannot browse the internet when you don’t have data bundle.

How to stop 9mobile from deducting credit when browsing 

Once you activate a 9mobile data plan, your line will be automatically activate with the out of bundle (OOB) service. simply means, no data no browsing, also knows as Pay As You Go (PAYG). this means you won’t be charged from your credit/airtime when browsing the internet. It automatically disable the PAYG on your 9Mobile line, when you run out of data your line stops browsing the internet. 

FAQs about no data no browsing 

How can I browse the internet with airtime on 9mobile?

To browse the internet with your credit/airtime on your 9mobile line, from your phone go to message then send YES to 1111 as SMS on your line to be able to browse with your credit on 9mobile network.

How to browse with airtime on Glo network?

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Normally every Glo line is active to only browse with data bundle, if you don’t have data bundle you won’t be able to browse with your Glo network. To browse the internet from your airtime on Glo network, Dial *108*1#. this will automatically activate your Glo line to browse the internet with your SIM’s credit balance.

How to browse with airtime on MTN?

Are you surfing something online and run out of data on your MTN line? or maybe you are downloading a file and ran out of data. You can actually opt in to the MTN pay as you go browsing to browse from your MTN credit to complete your download or whatever you are doing online. To opt into the MTN pay as you go browsing, Dial *131*200#. At this statue you will get a pop-up message stating; 

Dear Customer, your request to browse at N3.07/MB was successful. To cancel this service, dial *131*201# or *131*1# to buy a new bundle or enjoy the best rates.

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How can I browse with credit on Airtel Network?

To be able to browse with your airtime on airtel network, all you need to do is activate the is to allow the pay you go (PAYU) service on your Line. Th service allow you to browse the internet from your airtime balance on your SIM. To activate airtel PAYU, Dial *400#. You will get a pop-up message saying; welcome to Airtel PAYU. Now turn on your mobile network and start browsing from your airtel credit/airtime balance.

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