Facebook account hackers: how to recover hacked Facebook account

How to recover your hacked Facebook account easily.

There have been an incessant increase in Facebook account hacking recently, and they are likely to continue to prevail as long as their victims don’t keep their Facebook account secured from this so called Facebook hackers. This Facebook account hackers in turn uses the hacked account to perform some malicious act or use it to defraud people. This article will teach you several ways/technics on how to keep your Facebook account safe and secure from hackers. 

How to know who hacked my Facebook account.

There are two (2) types of Facebook account hackers, namely;

  • Internet fraudsters.
  • Porn site promoters.
1. The internet fraudsters; or Facebook hackers are really hard to detect or know the specific hackers may be, but by looking at the content or pictures uploaded to your hacked Facebook could tell you if it it’s internet fraudsters popularly known as yahoo boys. They uses it to defraud people online of their valuables.

2. Porn site promoters; this set of Facebook account hackers are promoters of adult content such as pornography photos/videos, they install tend to upload spamming links/apps on their websites and share to their Facebook feeds. immediately you click on the link, the spam app will grant it access to your Facebook account. While the links tend to show up on your Facebook feeds/walls as though you are the one that is uploading it.

How did facebook account hacker hacked my account

Your Facebook account can be hacked in several ways depending on how vulnerable your Facebook account is to the hacker, here are list of how your Facebook account can be hacked.

1. Your Facebook account hacker tends to be among your friend list, he/she may likely know the phone number you are using on your Facebook account. Or probably your Facebook account phone number privacy is vulnerable to friends or public. Majority of Facebook hakers tend to write down or copy your phone number displaying on your Facebook profile and Try to access your Facebook with your number while using your Facebook number as the Facebook username and password. They know most amateur Facebook users or social media users tend to use their phone numbers as their password. Once they try to access your Facebook account using your phone number as username and password. if it didn’t login, they tend to use your Facebook as the password while the phone number remain the username. If this 2 steps is proved abortive they may likely give up trying to hack your Facebook account, but other Facebook account hackers tend to use other methods below.

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2. Facebook account harkers tend to creat a eye catchy spammy link directing to a specific website. This link are mostly tempting to click on. They share it either to you as a message or share it to their Facebook account feeds or their victims and tagg many people in it, so as to attract serval victims with it. Thus, if any of their victims click on the spammy link, it will direct them to the hackers website where the Facebook account victims information will displayed on the website. Such as Facebook username and password. With this, they will just copy the victims username and password and use it to access your Facebook account and change your phone number thereof.

How to recover my hacked facebook account

The first step to recover your Facebook account is by making sure you set several security on your Facebook account, which will likely be hard or totally invulnerable to hacker by using;

Facebook two steps verification.


Below are list of steps to recover your hacked facebook account.

  • go to www.facebook.com. and click on forgetten password?. It will take you to a page asking you to enter your phone number, type in the phone number you used to register the hacked facebook account, then click on search, it will then take you to another page showing the email address or phone number linked to the hacked Facebook account saying “we can send you login  code” and “we’ll send it to the email on the screen.” For example, “we’ll send it to abc123@gmail.com. or “we’ll send it 080123456789”. Confirm the email or phone number and proceed. A link will be sent to you by Facebook to change your Facebook account password. Now you can change your password to new, strong and secured password that is hard to predict. Or if you don’t have access to your phone number or email you used to register the hacked Facebook account, don’t panic you can click on “try another way”. It will then take you to another page showing your Facebook name, but if the hacked Facebook account name has been changed, you may likely to see a different name there. At this point you will he provided with a place where you can put in your hacked Facebook password. But if you can’t access the hacked Facebook account,  you can click on “No no longer have access to these” at the bottom of the Facebook account. You will asked to put in your email and a password reset link will be sent to you from Facebook. Follow the link and change your password.

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Conclusion: if all the above methods to recover your hacked Facebook account prove abortive, you can ask few of your Facebook friends to access your Facebook account profile and click on “find support or report profile.” if several people or your Facebook friends report the hacked facebook account, Facebook will likely shutdown the account both in your end and the hackers end.

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