Health Benefits Of Snot Apple (goron tula) azanza garckeana)

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This nature fruit goron tula help cleanse the body system, prevent diseases, high-blood pressure, and fertility challenges. It also serves as an sexual desire Stimulant, and aids against other diseases. It can also assist in improving bowel movement, ease digestion and improve the body immune system. Most importantly, it is safe for consumption across all ages.

  • Women enjoy all round benefit from this fruit, also referred to as Snot Apple.
  •  It increases the female libido
  • It aids in the production of juicy, copious amounts of vagina wetness which is perfect for those who have dry vaginas.
  • It helps in making the vagina walls clean as a result of the lubrication.
  • It aids fertility so it is excellent for those trying to conceive.

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  • Great for those women who have menstruation problems.
  • Perfect for cleansing the vagina and in doing so, prevents vagina odour or that foul or fishy smell
  • men are not left out, this fruits makes you perform as many rounds as you pleases.

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How to prepare and consume dry Goron Tula

(1) remember to keep your Goron Tula refrigerated after purchase

(2) Simply boil water until piping hot (like making tea). Immerse the fruit in the hot water for 20-30 minutes. Note: DO NOT COOK THE FRUIT Just soak it until the fruit gets its juices boosted enough to be edible.

(3) Once you start seeing any sign of SLIMY JUICE, you are good to go (please note some fruits will remain dry and are still effective and edible).

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(4) Open the fruit and remove the seeds on the sides of the chaff (do not eat seeds) just chew the segments and spit out the chaff (similar to sugarcane)

(5) Eat 5 fruits 2-3 hours before having intercourse for arousal

(6) For male sperm consume fruit daily (can take desired quantity ,you can drink a glass of milk after chewing fruit or tigernut milk/watermelon if you don’t consume dairy)

(7) For health benefits take daily as desired until desired outcome

(8) Vaginal tightening There is also uses for the chaff for ladies, set the chaff alight and let it smoke. Then sit over the smoke for vaginal tightening

The fruit taste like dates and Honey. You can add honey to the fruit for a sweeter taste and as an aphrodisiac booster.

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Note: that everyone’s body may be different and therefore some people may need to take more or less fruit to good effect. Must also be taken over a period of time for lubrication and health benefits.

Embrace nature!



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