N-power Batch C 2021 Question And Answer

This N-power Batch C 2021 Question And Answer section is created to help Beneficiaries to understand the N-power progamm.

With several questions coming to yakkata.com we came to conclusion to write a comprehensive list of almost all N-power Batch C 2021 from experience and from empirical evidence observed from various people who have been Into the program.

Either from one way or the other, this will answer most of your questions you have always wanted to know about the N-power batch C 2021 progamm.

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Can i change my N-power primary place of assignment (PPA)?

The answer to if you can change your N-power primary place of assignment is “NO.” You cannot change your (PPA) Place once posted, unless if it’s carried out or initiated by the N-power Scheme on pressing/emergent situations.

Is N-power A permanent Job/Work position

Being a beneficiary of N-power does not Guarantee permanency, it’s a program that is running for “1” year period of time for Graduates. With a specific monthly salary structure.

While Non-Graduates will be in the program for a period of “6” months. “3” months in Primary Place Of Assignment (PPA), while “3” months for IT. Or attach to a professional known person into the specific field for “3” months finish up. That is done if they successfully pass an examination at the end of the “3” months in their (PPA).

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They will be given a log book and other work materials to enable them understand More of their work. Whilst they will be made to submit their log book monthly back to their (PPA). To enable the scheme monitor their progress.

Will N-power Give Us Accommodation at our PPA?

The Answer to that is Simply “NO” N-power does not dish out accommodation to Beneficiaries. That is why all Applicants are told to enter the state, local Government Area and address of their current states of residence. This makes N-power to post them closer to their house addresses.

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When will N-power start posting shortlisted Applicants

The official date for the N-power Batch C posting is not yet fixed but it will take place between July 2021.

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