How to get scholarship for masters in usa

How to get scholarship for masters in usa.

How to get scholarship for masters in usa

If you ever asked yourself this Questions, how can I get a master scholarship to study in the US? How much money is involved if i get scholarships? Be rest assured as this article will guide.

Studying in America is quite expensive! That is one of the core reasons why students who wants to study in America wants scholarships.

If you are a US citizen or an international student to who is willing to take a Post graduate course/program in the United States Of America (USA), This article will guide you on how to secure a scholarship that will finance your education goals in the US.

First you have to be prepared to put in efforts and time via online searches to uncover exactly what is on offer.
If you are a young professional that is willing to build on your skills, whether you are fresh graduate of a first degree or you want to become or fellow through a fellowship program.

Tips on How to get scholarship for masters in usa

#1 Apply earlier for scholarships

Try to apply for scholarship, always look out for new scholarship openings and apply earlier before its closing date. Most students tend to look out for the school regular progamme thinking it have the same deadline with the scholarship deadline, which cause them to miss the scholarship openings. Always apply early even before the deadline date draw closer.

See: Knight Hennessy Scholarship: Stanford University 2021/2022.

#2 Scholarships Eligibility/requirements

There are many scholarships available in the US for masters students with it’s required criteria. Unless you meet the requirements, you are not eligible to apply. Check financial aid/scholarships on Google with your target university name to see if your Eligibility match with the scholarship criteria.

#3 IELTS or TOEFL Scores

Try as much as possible to attain  higher IELTS, TOEFL scores, because they tend to promot your chances of getting scholarships. As this test your understanding of english language to enable you student effectively in the US.

#4 10th – 12 grade marks

Your 10th 11th / 12th marks doesn’t have much influence on your success. Only few US universities ask for the 10th 11th or 12th grade scores. The university mostly look out on your recent academic ability. This is because most american universities may tend to consider your B.Tech or BE undergraduate degree.

#5 First degree GPA or Percentages

Your undergraduate cummulative grade points aggregate (CGPA). plays a crucial role in getting scholarships. Plethora of universities place more emphasis on your overall undergraduate CGPA / your Percentage score. Of course all universities who wants to award scholarships to students wouldn’t want to award it to an unintelligent person. they wants bright minds Moreover, applications are always judged holistically to decide on whether the scholarship is awarded.

There several postgraduates Scholarship for you to apply for online.

List of USA Scholarships university for masters

See: One World Scholarship Afro Asiatisches Institut Salzburg 2021/2022

Knight-hennessy Hennessy scholarship

The Knight Hennessy scholars program at Stanford University is a multidisciplinary community of graduates set apart to tackling global challenges, guide them through Personal development with coaching and opportunities to learn from distinct walks of life to help them develop skills in leadership and strengthen their communication that will in turn empower them to work across disciplines and to help them proffer solutions to complex world challenges.

The knight-hennessy scholars receives funding for up to 3 years of their postgraduate degree program at Stanford plus extra financing for roam and board.
Receive full funding for up to three years of your graduate degree program at Stanford, plus a stipend for room and board.

See: Canada students Immigrants visa: how to migrate & study in Canada.

Who is eligible for the knight-hennessy masters Scholarship?

All country resident who earned their bachelor’s degree in 2014 or later are eligible to apply while (US military personnels who earned their bachelor’s degree in 2012 or later).
Viste their website to find out more

Fulbright Scholarship

The Fulbright Scholarship program is set to enable graduates students, artists and young professionals from diverse countries abroad to study and conduct research work in the USA.
The Fulbright foreign students scholars is set administered by Binational Fulbright commissions/Foundation or the US embassies. All international student program application processes are carried out by these offices.

The Fulbright students program operates in 160 countries globally. An approximate of 4,000 international students receives Fulbright Scholarships yearly.

Who is eligible for the Fulbright scholarship?

The eligibility criteria for the Fulbright scholarship program selection varies by Country.
Click here to find out eligible countries

If your country is not listed above, you are not eligible to apply.

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Conclusively, Always look out on Google for latest scholarship openings, view the desired scholarship deadline and apply as early as possible to avoid late registration. Try to get your undergraduate degree Transcripts / overall CGPA ready as most universities would want Applicants to upload it online during registration.

Always check for the scholarship requirements before applying, because you won’t be awarded scholarship if the you don’t possess the eligibility criteria. Best of luck.

How to get scholarship for masters in usa

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