Difference between DSSC and SSC in Nigerian army

Difference between DSSC and SSC in Nigerian army

Difference between DSSC and SSC in Nigerian army

The difference between DSSC and SSC in the Nigerian Army is the topic of our discussion today. But before we go further, let’s what the DSSC and SSC stands for in the Nigerian Army.

DSSC stands Direct Short Service Commission. Whereas, SSC Stands for Short Service Commission.

The Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) is mainly for those who have graduated from a higher institution with a profession who want to go forward in the military such as medicine, engineering, finance, education and some other related courses. Whereas, the Short Service Combatant Committee (SSC) is for those who wish to be combatants.

DSSC (Direct Short Service Commission) and SSC (Short Combat Service Commission) in the Nigerian Army are very similar in many ways but there are also differences between them.
The Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) is a short-term training organized by the Nigerian Army for graduates from various institutions in the country.

The Nigerian Army Direct Short service commission DSSC. Training duration is six (6) months.

While the Short Service Commission (SSC) is also a short training period organized for graduates from various institutions in the country and it also takes a period of 9 months. To know more about DSSC and SSC visit the official Nigerian Army website https://army.mil.ng
Now where people are confused is the difference between them. Now let me explain the difference between the two.

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The Nigerian army short service commission SSC. training duration is Nine (9) Months

Key Difference Between DSSC and SSC in Nigerian Army

The main difference DSSC and SSC is that:

  • The Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) is primarily for those who already have a career they would like to continue in the military. If you have a profession and wish to join the Nigerian army as a graduate, you better go for the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC). What I mean by profession is if you are already practicing what you studied at university or polytechnic. Examples include the education of doctors, lawyers, accountants, and many others.
  • The other difference is the salary difference. Since DSSC starts from lieutenant and SSC starts from second lieutenant, DSSC must be paid higher than SSC immediately to become the first officer in the Nigerian Army so that they are of the same rank.
  • Whereas the Short Service Combatant Commission (SSC) is mainly for those who want to be combatants in the military. They are mainly deployed in the infantry and artillery. They have been trained to work in the field like ordinary Cadets. They’re always in competition with the ordinary officers who spend 5 years during their training. So when you want to join the army as a graduate and want to be a fighter, you better join through SSC.

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  • Second, people in DSSC always excel with a higher score because of the career they have entered. The DSSC moves up to the rank of full lieutenant, captain or even major depending on the course or profession they are enrolled in.
  • The SSC candidates usually pass out with the rank of second lieutenant, and stays for at least two years before being promoted to full lieutenant.
  • Another difference is age. Those on the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) are more likely to be older than the SSC. Even when you apply for both, you will see the difference mentioned as well.

Those in the DSSC have fewer years of service in the military due to the age factor. Most of the DSSC candidates are mostly seniors.

  • Another advantage of joining the Army DSSC is that you will become a lieutenant once you leave your training while members of the SSC will lose with a second lieutenant once they pass.

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The Nigrian Army DSSC training center is at Nigerian Army School Of Infantry (NASI), Jaji -Kaduna

While the:

Nigerian Army SSC training center is Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) kaduna. With the final year regular cadets at the academy

Despite joining DSSC and SSC of Nigerian Army, one thing is for sure, that you need to be a graduate.

Be it DSSC or SSC their requirement Portal is: https://recruitment.army.mil.ng

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