Google Voice Voicemail: How To Change Voicemail Greeting

Google Voice Voicemail: How To Change Google voice Voicemail Greeting and add your voice

Google Voice Voicemail: How To Change Voicemail Greeting

Before we talk about Google voicemail let’s know what a google voice is;

A Google voice is a service provided by Google to it’s users who lives within the USA and outside the USA provided that you have a working USA number/SIM card as a means of verification.

What is a Google voice voicemail

A Google voice voicemail is the voice or greetings you hear when you try to call Google voice number without any response at the end of the call. It’s the voice message your callers hear, that tells them to drop a voice message for you if you are not available to receive the call or when your phone is beyond reach.

The default Google voice voicemail is always set as “The Google voice subscriber you are calling is not available please leave a message after the tone.

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You can change the voicemail to serve your callers with your own voice greeting or to tell them to call you back later or even ask them to drop a voicemail message for you, to get back to them.

How to change your Google voice voicemail greetings

To Change your Google voice voicemail greetings from the default to your own voice greeting, follow the steps below:

  • Open your Google voice app
  • The three (3) doted lines at the top left of the app.
  • Locate and click on settings
  • Scroll down and locate the voicemail greeting, click on it
  • It will show you the default greeting as “Google voice default” as seen in the picture below;

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To Change the voicemail greeting to your own voice;

  • Click on record a greeting
  • It will open a new window showing a green microphone encryption.
  • Tap on the green microphone it will start recording.
  • Record your voice and click on the stop sign.
  • click on redo to record record a new voice if you’re not satisfied with the recorded voice.
  • Or click on save if you’re ok with recorded voice
  • You will then need to activate the newly recorded voice mail.

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How to activate a Google voice voicemail

Click on the three (3) doted vertical sign, and set your newly recorded voicemail greeting as default.

Henceforth, any one that called your Google voice number. Will hear the greeting of your newly created voicemail greeting when whenever your number is beyond reach or unavailable.

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