Nigeria Jubilee fellows progamme Application & Essay

Nigeria Jubilee fellows progamme Application & Essay

Nigeria Jubilee fellowship progamme Application & Essay

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program (NJFP) is a youth empowerment partnership initiative between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
Rising unemployment and the COVID-19 pandemic are affecting the ability of young Nigerians to find work. The program seeks to connect talented graduates with local employment opportunities that apply their knowledge, while equipping them with world-class practical knowledge and relevant skills.

Eligibility Requirements

To be an eligible fellow, you:

  1. Must be Nigerian citizen.
  2. Be a recent graduate (bachelor) in any discipline and have not graduated before 2017.
  3. Graduated with at least second class lower (2.2) and higher for BSc Holders, whereas, Upper Credits and above is required for HND Holders.
  4. Be at most 30 years old.
  5. Not currently engaged in any employment.
  6. Complete the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) OR hold an NYSC exemption certificate.
  7. Demonstrate interest / commitment in the chosen career area.
  8. Demonstrate interest / commitment to contribute to Nigeria’s socioeconomic development.
  9. Excellent time management and professional attitude.
  10. Have good verbal and written communication skills.

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The Nigeria’s Jubilee Fellows Program prepares the next generation of young leaders who are prepared to steer the course of national development, giving them the tools they need to succeed today.
Other programs and initiatives tend to require some sort of advanced requirement from candidates or to lower the barrier to entry in terms of the type of opportunities available. The NJFP does the opposite, inviting qualified candidates into an equitable playing field, without compromising the pedigree of organizations that will receive successful Fellows.

  1. Fellows will be matched with host organizations based on their interests, as well as those aligned with the organization.
  2. They will receive a monthly NJFP grant.
  3. 3 clear paths are available to the Jubilee Fellow at the end of their active fellowship involvement:
  4. High performing Jubilee Fellows may continue to be retained by their respective host organizations.
  • Scholars with an interest in entrepreneurship would have accumulated sufficient skills and knowledge on the job, which will be invaluable as they seek other opportunities
  • With newly acquired skills and skills on the job, experience. exposure and a formidable alumni network that can be tapped, fellows are better positioned and equipped to compete and gain access to future jobs and employment opportunities.

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Nigeria Jubilee fellowship progamme Essay

If you are confused or busy to type the essay for your application, this thread Nigeria Jubilee fellows progamme Application & Essay just made it easy for you. As they are below for Fellow going into the Technology programme:

1. Personal Statement (under this section, provide your motivation for applying to the Programme)

The main purpose why I want to join the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP) is to share my knowledge on ICT/Research/IoT to the up coming generation. Nigeria require a lot of workforce in the ICT/Telecommunication industries, but only few people go into the field of IT/Research/IoT as a result of poor technical know-how. The country is in need of a lot of IT/Research/IoT experienced person’s to diversify the country’s economy into a digital Economy.

I want to work around IT/Research/Telecom experts to enhance my skills, to be a team team player, whilst pass on this skills to the up coming generation. I believe having an IT/Research/Telecom knowledge will cut down unemployment rate in the country and help Me and the next generation become an employer of labour in the nearest future.

This will go a long way in cutting down over-dependency on the government and strengthen the private sector in the long-run, This is because The private sector can improve productivity by maintaining efficiency in its operations.

I don’t want to be liability to my country. I want to think, ponder and ask myself “what will I do for my country, rather than ask/think of what my country will do for me.” I want to come up with an idea of what we as the Youths of Nigeria will do together to break free from poverty and develop Nigeria. With these I believe if every youth out there thinks this way, Nigeria will be a better country for all of us. Nigeria is my mother land, I would work hard to make my country great in my little possible way with the Nigeria Jubilee Fellow Programme. God bless Nigeria.!

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2. Professional Experience Summary

I am a Likable and dedicated IT/IoT/Research consultant and well researched content writer with intermediate experience for quite a time. in a fast-paced online content/web development company. I’m Eager to offer superb IT/IoT/Research as well as other computer packages skills to contribute my quota to the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP). in archiving its pursuit in Nigeria’s Sustainable Development Goals and growth plans. I’m also good in impacting knowledge to others, citing my experience as a class teacher in Fatima Mohammed Girls Secondary school in Kano state, during my NYSC service year. I believe with knowledge on IT/IoT/Research will go a long way to impact my already acquired knowledge and experiences I will be equipped with the (NJFP).

3. Future Plans Statement (here outline briefly what your future professional or career aspirations are)

In few years from now, I want to build on myself, I want set a goal to be an expert in Research and IT fields. I don’t want to see myself looking out for employment opportunities in the government organizations/Parastatals, rather I want to equip myself even more with this great opportunity from the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows programme (NJFP). given to me as stepping stone to fast track my career. While in turn be an employer of labour. I believe having a skill and passing it on to the younger generation will cut down unemployment rate, poverty, menace and crime in the society at large.

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4. Please explain why you are interested in your chosen career field

IT/Research is a continuous process, let us take for instance the Nigeria’s Switch from analogue to Digital broadcast, to provide viewers sharper pictures, better sound quality, and more content with the help of IT/research. Or let us look at the 5G network which is invented to enhance faster Internet speed. I am interested in IT/research because, a lot of youth this days scare away from IT because they think it’s hard to comprehend. While the whole narratives about IT is considered as a paradox. I believe in life nothing good comes easy, that’s why I took up the challenge to equiped myself with IT/research knowledge. With the recent inception of migration to digital Economy, IT skills will go a long way in helping Nigeria grow, no Nation will advance or develope without having efficient/adequate knowledge of IT skills.

I chose IT and research because it is not just my passion, but may be a means of meal ticket for me and the younger generation in the future. I want to research on problems my country is facing currently, this is because without proper research on the real problem of situation, we can’t come out with adequate solutions. Rather it will only be a situation of “try and error scenario.” I research, understand the problems, and use my IT knowledge to proffer solutions to these problems effectively and efficiently.

5. How do you hope the support that you get from the NJFP will help you achieve your career goals?

I plan on gaining additional skills by taking related classes and continuing my involvement with a variety of other professional associations. I noticed that the (NJFP) programme provides youths with training to support sectors and. Industries that plays an important role in shaping the future of Nigeria. I consider this as a groundbreaking for me. as a vibrant enthusiast youth, I want to involve myself with digital and technology sector and certainly develope myself in by participating in extracurricular activities and tutorials, and continuing my involvement with the (NJFP).

Over the next five years, I want to gain a deeper understanding the digital and technology sector and build a list of clients, and within the next decade, I want to start my own research and tech firm. However, first I want to gain experience as a research/tech expert with (NJFP).

I have a plan in place for getting my archiving this career pursuit in one year. I have already completed a training under the Federal Ministry of Youths And Sports Development in Technological Skills. My completed certification under the NJFP will provide me with the right path to the larger goals in archiving my future career goals of becoming an advanced Research/Tech Expert.

I look forward to starting my own Research/Tech Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) company to practice my Skills, advance internally from my role and be an employer of labour in contributing to Nigeria’s sustainable development goals over the next several years.

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You can do some few changes if you are applying for other progammes different from Technology.

Closing Date Of Nigeria Jubilee fellows progamme

The official Closing date of the Nigeria Jubilee fellowship progamme is October 20th, 2021.

Nigeria Jubilee fellows progamme Website

The official website of the Nigeria Jubilee fellows progamme is:

Nigeria Jubilee fellows progamme Application & Essay

Apply Here

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