Union Bank transfer code: Quick Offline transactions

Union Bank transfer code: Quick Offline transactions

Union Bank transfer code: Quick Offline transactions

The Union bank transfer code allows Union Bank customers to send money, buy airtime, and perform many different banking transactions without stress. The Union bank transfer code allows you to transfer money from one Union bank to another bank.

It is also a platform, where you can easily check your account balance on the go.
Union Bank USSD Code is much easier to use. It’s even more important, especially when you don’t have any smartphone connected to the internet.
The union bank transfer code is also known as
UBN conversion codes.

It can also be used to generate a payment code and PIN for cardless withdrawals from ATMs.

How to create union bank transfer PIN

Before you can proceed with the Union bank transfer code, you must complete the registration and fortunately, you can easily complete the registration without stress.
In any case, you must have an account with Union Bank, before you can proceed with the registration offline.

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Union bank transfer code is *826#.
The Union bank transfer code cannot be completed and secured without using the 4-digit transfer PIN.
The Union Bank Transfer PIN is very important. To generate a Union Bank Transfer PIN, dial *826*5# to generate a transaction PIN.
Union Bank Transfer PIN is very important and necessary. A transaction PIN is always required when you want to complete a transaction.


This PIN is confidential, and should not be disclosed to others.

It is always advised to create a 4 digit transaction PIN that you can remember easily. For example, the number should be the withdrawal code from an ATM. However, you can create a different PIN than your ATM card PIN and be sure to create something you can remember.

And yes, it is absolutely free to sign up for Union bank transfer code. All you have to do is dial *826# to register.
Understand that you must request the code from the number officially registered with Union Bank. Registration is done as soon as the numbers are dialed for the first time.

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Union Bank ussd code for transfer to other Banks

Transferring Union Bank to other banks is absolutely free. With Union Bank, you do not need a data internet connection to use this service. And as they said, they like to keep it simple. This has made Union Bank a leader in the Nigerian banking sector and other parts of the world.

To transfer money from Union Bank to other banks, dial *826*2*Amoun*Account-Number#. and enter your transfer code.That’s it.
To confirm the success of the transaction, you will see a pop-up message on your phone screen and an SMS notification will be automatically sent to your phone number registered with the bank.
Understand that you can only make transfers from your individual checking or savings account.

This means that you can’t make transactions from the following account types:

corporate accounts, joint accounts, target savings accounts, and home accounts.
The fee for transferring funds to other banks is N52.50 per transaction. It’s free to transfer from UBN-UBN accounts.

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Code to buy airtime from Union Bank

To buy airtime or top-up your phone with from Union bank code, dial *826*Amount#For example, dial simply dial *826*1000# and enter your transfer pin.

While to buy airtime for other phone from your Union Bank, dial *826*Amount*PHONE NUMBER#, and enter your transfer PIN.

Union Bank Customer care number

The official Union Bank customer care number is 01 2716816 or 07007007000. You can also send a mail to customerservice@www.unionbankng.com. or website on: https://www.unionbankng.com

Union Bank transfer code: Quick Offline transactions

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