How to Create Strong USA Facebook Account in Nigeria

How to Create Strong USA Facebook Account in Nigeria/Worldwide.

How to Create Strong USA Facebook Account in Nigeria

Have you been creating/opening Facebook account that points to the USA and keeps getting blocked / disabled by Facebook team.? Have you been asking yourself why does Facebook block my account.? If your answer is yes to these questions, then I will walk you through on how to open strong and lasting Facebook account.

A lot of people may suggests that you:

Buy Usa Facebook Accounts

Buying a USA Facebook accounts doesn’t guarantee that it will not get blocked /baned by Facebook. This because people feel it is an old facebook, they go ahead and all change The details immediately without considering it as spamming. These types of Facebook accounts gets blocked faster than a newly created Facebook.

How to Create Strong USA Facebook Account In Nigeria/Anywhere

Follow the steps below for the Tips:

  • Get a new SIM card that has never been used to register Facebook before.
  • Download the Opera mini App, lunch the Opera mini App.
  • Locate the Opera mini App Logo at the bottom of the app and click it.
  • Click on the Data Savings and change it to Extreme as seen in the screenshot below:

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Now open a new Tab on the Opera mini App, and type in

  • Register your Facebook with the name you wish to register with.
  • Once your Facebook account has been created, upload your one of your real self picture rather than the picture you want to use to be running the Facebook account.
  • Now download Facebook Lite App.
  • Login the just created Facebook account on the Facebook Lite app from an Infinix Phone or Tecno Phone, but Infinix is best recommended.

The Facebook App will ask you to update your phone contacts, to add your friends/contacts that are already on Facebook. Click not now to reject the the phone contacts.

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You can go ahead and add at least 5 people as friends so it will look real. Then go to your Facebook profile settings, and change your about settings to these listed below:

  • Change your profile Hometown any State in the USA.
  • Then leave your current city to your real city that you are currently living, but change the settings to share with only me. As seen in the picture below.
  • Then save it.
  • Change your Phone Number too, as share with only me too.

Below is a Sample of How a strong USA Facebook account should look like:

How to Create Strong USA Facebook Account in Nigeria
Strong USA Facebook account

Below is a Sample of Hidden Facebook account Current town/city:

Hidden Facebook current town/city

Now you can go ahead and to start uploading your desired pictures for the Facebook, allow it to stay for about three (3) days before you should hide your real picture you uploaded as your profile picture from beginning. Then make the picture USA picture as your profile picture.

Add cover photo and upload as much pictures as you desire, and keep adding friends from the USA.

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Try not to add more than Ten (10) friends in a Day, when the Facebook account is still not more than a month of creating it. This is because Facebook will still be monitoring the account since it is a new account. Adding lot of friends in a day may put your new Facebook account into suspicion, known as spamming. that may lead to getting blocked.

If all the above steps is followed accurately, your Facebook account will last for years, and get stronger gradually.

If you find this article helpful, or want further information. Please drop a comment in the comment session below.

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