3 airtel me2u codes for transferring credits

3 airtel me2u codes for transferring credits.

Airtel Me2U credit transfer code. 3 airtel me2u codes for  transferring  credits

Airtel me2U is one of Airtel’s feature that allow users to share airtime/credit 
to other airtel user. Its used to share call time or credit to friends, family and loved ones. The service is a offered to users as free of charge. 

How to transfer airtime with airtel Me2U?

There are three methods to use airtel Me2U to transfer airtime, and we are going to show you the 3 airtel me2u codes for transferring credits. The are listed below:

  • Via USSD code, *432#.
  • Through text message.
  • Via USSD, *121#.

The USSD methods are the easiest methods to used,while the text message gives you the ability to edit and make changes when mistakes are done during the process of transfer. 

first method

To transfer airtime with airtel me2U via *432#. USSD is by:

dialing *432* airtel number* amount to transfer#.

E.g. *432*08128204656*1000#.

You will get a response saying “please enter PIN” (default PIN is 1234).

Input your four digit pin that you have previously changed then press send.

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But if you haven’t change your default pin the transfer may not not go through. You will get a response saying; “The password you entered incorrect, please check and try transaction again. Please note that the default password is (1224).” These response simply means you need to change your default PIN to a more secure one that you can easily remember.

How to change my airtel Me2u default transfer PIN?

To change your airtel Me2U PIN from default to your desired PIN, follow the steps bellow:

Navigate to short media message (SMS) menu on your phone.

Type PIN and give space then input the default PIN 1234 space new PIN, four digit number of your choice.

E.g. “PIN 1234 2222.”

Then send to 432. 

You will get a text message response saying “Your code has been changed successfully. Your new code is 2222.”

Now you can go ahead and make your transfer with the new default PIN.

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Second method 

Navigate to (SMS) on your phone and type, 2U space receivers airtel number, space amount, space default PIN. for example: 2U 08128204656 1000 1234 then send to 432. You will get a response saying “ you are about to transfer 1000 to 08128204656. Reply with YES to confirm and NO to cancel.” At this point you can either cancel your transaction if you think you made a mistake by replying with NO. Or reply with YES to complete your transfer.

Third method

The third method is one of the best method to transfer airtel Me2U credit. with this method, you can transfer airtime even with the default PIN (1234) without changing it. Now you understand why I said it’s one of the best methods.? Follow the process below:

Navigate to your phone dialer and dial *121#

A list of menu will pop up, select menu number 4 showing “ borrow credit & other self services.”

It will take you to another list of menu, select menu 2 showing “Me2U.” Then you will get a response saying “you will be redirected to the Me2U menu.” Wait for at least 4 seconds. Then a list of menu will pop up showing

  • 1 airtel to airtel, it enable you to share M2U credit to any airtel number.
  • 2 gift data bundle, it enable you to share browsing data to any airtel number.
  • 3 PIN management, It allow you to change your default Me2U transfer PIN anytime.
  • 4 info, it tells you information about Me2U transfer charges or fee, but don’t bother yourself it’s always free of charge.
  • 5 help. It tells you about your default PIN and other method on how to transfer airtel Me2U credit.

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Now select menu 1 airtel to airtel, it will take you to menu asking you to “enter the number you wish to transfer airtime to.” Now enter the desired airtel number you wish to share airtime with. It will take you to another menu showing “enter the amount you wish to transfer.” Input any amount of your choice and send.

It will then ask you to enter your PIN. type your PIN, either default 1234 if you haven’t changed it before. Then send it’s as simple as that. 

For simple understanding of the third method follow the steps below 

Dial *121# select option 4, select option 2, select option 1, enter number, enter amount, enter PIN.

You will get a response saying “msg:222: your request to transfer NGN 1xxx to 0812xxxxxxxx will be processed in a short time.

Tnx Id is C201016.xxxx.xxxxxx.


FAQs About airtel Me2U data sharing


Q: How can get back my credit that I mistakenly transferred to a wrong number?

You cannot get your airtime/credit back, because the deal has been done. That is why it’s advisable to use the “second method via text message” because you be given the opportunity to cancel your transfer anytime before confirmation. Or you can call the wrong number and plead for a refund only if he/she is a Good Samaritan.

Q: What if I someone use my phone to transfer credit to their number using the default PIN in the third method?

It’s always advisable to learn how to change your Me2U PIN to avoid theft. These way you won’t have to worry that someone may transfer your credit without your knowledge.

Q: What should I do, when i tried changing my default Me2U PIN to a new PIN but I was told that i have been barred from using the service?

You don’t need to panic, you can call Airtel 24/7 free customer care help line by dialing 111 and tell them you were barred from using Me2U service. They will ask you few questions about your number and unbarred it for you immediately. Or you can reach them on their Airtel contact us  or their Airtel Nigeria Facebook page and airtel.com.ng page and lay your complaints.

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