5 Powerful Tricks on How to Stop Forgetting What You Read

5 Powerful Tricks on How To Stop Forgetting What You Read

5 Powerful Tricks on How to Stop Forgetting What You Read
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Do you often find it hard for you to remember what you read? Do you easily forget what you read, especially during exam period?

If you have ever asked yourself:

Why do I forget what I read easily

There are several reasons why you keep forgetting what you read easily, this could be as a result of:

  • Not paying attention to what you’re reading
  • Lack of meditation, eg. Not trying to rehearse on what you read
  • Reading to pass exams only.
  • Excessive cramming

Recalling what you read can difficult but here are nine powerful tricks on how to stop forgetting what you read

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How to stop forgetting what you read

1. List Out The Key Points

It is easy to forget what you read because the human brain cannot remember every single word in that long note.

The trick here is to give your brain only those few but important points to remember.

For example:

In the Economics definition of “Money,” the key points are:

  • Legal tender
  • Generally acceptable
  • Form of payment
  • Medium of exchange

Notice how these key points are easy to remember and can also remind you of the other points around them which you can use to craft the full explanation.

Writing down key points will make you read faster, understand better, and remember easier.

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2. Craft Out Acronyms

The next step on how to stop forgetting what you read is to create acronyms for those key points.

You can do this by bringing out the first letter(s) of each key point. The trick here is that letters are easier to remember and each letter will remind you of the full word that follows.

For example:

From the key points in the definition of “Money”, you can coin out an acronym such as LEGA FOREX.


LE represents Legal Tender
GA represents Generally Acceptable
FOR represents Form of Payment
EX represents Medium of Exchange

Can you see how easier it is to remember LEGA FOREX than the entire list of key points?

An extra tip to this trick is to make your acronym pronounceable for easier remembrance.

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3. Make it Fun With Mnemonics

The next step on how to stop forgetting what you read is to create fun around your key points or acronyms.

Mnemonics are just techniques used to remember things easier.

For example:

From the key points in the definition of “Money”, you can create a fun mnemonic like “Lekan Gave Femi Measles.”

(poor Femi )

L in Lekan stands for Legal tender
G in Gave stands for Generally
F in Femi stands for Form of
M in Measles stands for Medium of exchange.

Can you see how this mnemonic is both funny and able to remind you of the key points?

Mnemonics add fun to your key points which makes them easier to remember because the brain loves FUN!

In fact,

You may even catch yourself smiling in the exam hall when you remember that “Lekan gave Femi measles.”

4. Recite and Repeat

Why do you still remember State & Capital even after so many years?

It is because back in your Primary school days, you’d always recite it on the assembly ground or in class every day till your brain got used to it. Just like the Montessori School Pupils.

With these approach, You’d also be surprised at how many old music lyrics and marching songs that you can still remember till today.

That’s the power of recitation.

When you keep repeating something
over and over again, it eventually gets transferred permanently to your long-term memory.

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5. Teach Others

They say: “The best way to master anything is to teach it”…and this is also true in helping you remember what you read.

Teaching that topic to someone else works like our No.4 trick of repetition because you’d have to repeat what you read over and over during your explanation and that helps to solidify those points in your memory.

This trick is likely the most effective because it also requires you to make the topic sensible to you FIRST before you can effectively explain it to someone else.


You may already have been using some of these tricks but if not, please start.

And for fun,

Always calm your nerve before you start reading, take a deep breath to exhale stress.

Don’t just read because you want to pass exams to acquire certificate, read because you want to understand.

Try to meditate often on what you read to be sure if you’re on track, it will help you maintain confidence with your reading capabilities.

You can craft out an acronym or mnemonics for these five tricks on how to stop forgetting what you read? Comment below.

5 Powerful Tricks on How to Stop Forgetting What You Read

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