All Nigerian Banks USSD Codes for Transfer Quickly  

All Nigerian Banks USSD Codes for Transfer Quickly

This article is written to provide you with information about All Nigerian Banks USSD Codes for Transfer Quickly, and easily without using the internet.

Before we proceed, let us know what USSD banking is and its uses.


USSD banking services are provided by mobile network operators in collaboration with banks and are available to customers of participating banks.

It is a simple and convenient way to access banking services without the need for an internet connection or having a smartphone.

It is a popular banking channel in many countries, especially in emerging markets where mobile phone penetration is high but traditional banking services are still available.

What is a Bank USSD Code?

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a mobile banking service that allows customers to make financial transactions by typing a specific code on their mobile phones. USSD banking does not require an internet connection or mobile application installation, making it accessible to a large number of customers who may not have access to mobile phones or the internet.

Customers can use USSD codes to check their account balance, send money, make payments, and do other banking transactions. USSD codes are issued by banks and are usually short and easy to remember. When the customer dials the USSD code, a menu of available services is displayed on the mobile phone, and the customer can select the service he wants by selecting the appropriate number in on screen prompt.

USSD Banking is a convenient and secure way for customers to conduct banking transactions on the go without the need to visit a bank or access the internet. It is widely used in Nigeria and other African countries, where mobile phones provide more access to banks than traditional banking channels.

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Nigerian Banks that Allow the Use of USSD Codes

Here are all the banks in Nigeria that use short USSD codes to conduct banking activities:

  1. Access Bank
  2. ALAT by Wema
  3. Ecobank
  4. FCMB
  5. Fidelity Bank
  6. First Bank
  7. GT Bank
  8. Heritage Bank
  9. Keystone Bank
  10. Polaris Bank
  11. Stanbic IBTC Bank
  12. Sterling Bank
  13. UBA Bank
  14. Union Bank
  15. Unity Bank
  16. Zenith Bank
  17. Jaiz Bank
  18. Taj Bank

These are lists of banks that provide the use of USSD Code banking to its customers. Although other financial institutions may provide theirs in the future. 

All Nigerian Bank USSD Codes to Transfer Money

Here is a list of all Nigerian Banks USSD codes that you can use to conduct all your banking activities quickly without going to bank branches or using internet data.

  1. To transfer money with Access Bank USSD code, dial (*710#)
  2. To transfer money with ALAT by Wema USSD Code, dial (*945#)
  3. To transfer money with Ecobank USSD code, dial (*326#)
  4. To transfer money with FCMB USSD code, dial (*329#)
  5. To transfer money with Fidelity Bank USSD code, dial (*770#)
  6. To transfer money with First Bank USSD code, dial (*894#)
  7. To transfer money with GTBank USSD code, dial (*737#)
  8. To transfer money with Heritage Bank USSD code, dial (*745#)
  9. To transfer money with Keystone Bank USSD code, dial (*7111#)
  10. To transfer money with Polaris Bank USSD code, dial (*833#)
  11. To transfer money with Stanbic IBTC Bank USSD code, dial (*909#)
  12. To transfer money with Sterling Bank USSD code, dial (*822#)
  13. To Using the UBA Bank Transfer Code With USSD, dial (*919#)
  14. To transfer money with Union Bank USSD code, dial (*826#)
  15. To transfer money with Unity Bank USSD code, dial (*7799#)
  16. To transfer money with Jaiz Bank USSD code, dial (*966#)
  17. To transfer money with Jaiz Bank USSD code, dial (*773#)
  18. To transfer money with Taj Bank USSD code, dial (*898#)

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What are the Benefits of Using USSD Banking Codes?

Here are some benefits of using USSD bank codes for transactions:

Convenience: USSD banking codes provide an easy and fast way for customers to access banking services from anywhere, anytime, without the need for an internet connection or logging into a bank mobile app.

Accessibility: USSD banking numbers are accessible to various customers, including those without smart mobile phones or internet access, making banking services more inclusive.

Security: USSD bank codes are secure and use encryption to protect customers’ bank details, reducing the risk of fraud and unauthorized access.

Cost-effective: USSD banking numbers are usually free or have low transaction fees, making them a cost-effective option for customers to conduct their banking transactions.

Saves time: USSD banking codes are fast and efficient, allowing customers to make transactions quickly without waiting in long queues at bank branches.

Wide range of services: USSD banking code provides a wide range of banking services, including checking account balance, transferring money, bill payments, and other financial transactions, providing customers with greater control over their finances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This section will provide answers to frequently asked questions you have about using USSD banking codes.

Are USSD Banking Codes Safe?

Yes, USSD bank codes are secure and use encryption to protect customers’ bank details, thereby reducing the risk of fraud and unauthorized access.

What Types of Transactions Can Be Done Using USSD Banking Codes?

Customers can use USSD codes to check their account balances, transfer funds to bank accounts, make payments, and perform other banking transactions.

Are They Charges Attached to Using USSD Banking Codes?

USSD bank codes are usually free or have low transaction fees, making them a cost-effective option for customers to do their banking transactions.

How Do I Get a Ussd Bank Code?

Customers can get the bank’s USSD code by contacting their bank or visiting their bank’s website. The bank will provide the customer with a USSD code and instructions on how to use it.

Can Anyone Use USSD Banking Codes?

USSD banking codes are available to anyone with a mobile phone, regardless of phone type or network provider. However, customers must have an account with the bank and register for the service


In conclusion, USSD banking codes have changed the way customers interact with their banks. Convenience, accessibility, security, cost-effectiveness, and service benefits offered by USSD banking codes. have enabled customers to perform banking transactions quickly and efficiently from their mobile phones, regardless of their location or access to the Internet. USSD banking has increased financial transactions by providing a better way for customers who do not have access to traditional banking channels to transact. As mobile usage continues to increase globally, USSD banking codes are becoming an integral part of the banking landscape and are expected to continue to grow in popularity in the coming years.

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