airtel, mtn, glo, 9mobile: night data bundle

Code to subscribe for Airtel, MTN Glo & 9mobile night data bundle.

Night data plan is type of data plan provided by mobile network providers to allow individuals to access the internet at night. Probably in the evening over the weekend. These might plans allows user to surf the internet easily with higher internet speed and at a cheaper rate. This article will teach you how to subscribe to Airtel, MTN, Glo and 9mobile night data plans. And all network night data plan codes and how to activate.

How to subscribe for airtel night plan

To buy airtel night data bundle, you need to first migrate to Airtel smart trybe tariff plan. 

How to migrate to Airtel smart trybe tariff

To migrate to Airtel smart trybe night data plan, Dial*312# then select option “1” to migrate.

You will then get an onscreen prompt message stating;

“You are now on Airtel SmartTRYBE. Make call to ALL NETWORKS in Nigeria at 11k/sec all day; after 1st 50secs at 25k/sec. enjoy special data.

With this SmartTRYBE tariff plan, you just don’t enjoy cheap Night data plan. You get to enjoy calls at a cheaper rate.

Code to buy airtel night data

Airtel night data plan used to be 500MB at N25, but it’s now capped at 250MB at N25. To buy, Dial *312# then select option “3” to confirm purchase. For example; [*312#] [3]. Valid from 12:AM to 5AM. But there’s a trick to enjoy the airtel night browsing for 500MB at N25, to enjoy this. Before midnight of the day you want to subscribe for the night plan, activate the plan at noon or anytime before 12AM and wait till 12AM at night, then browse and exhaust the night data plan you bought during the day, and subscribe for another that same midnight before the elapsed time of 5AM.

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mtn night plan activation code

MTN night data plan is one of the best among all night plans, this is because it allows user to browse for a period of 7 hours starting from 11:PM to 6:AM against airtel that allow you to browse the internet from 12:AM to 5:PM. To subscribe for airtel night data plan, you need to migrate to MTN pulse tariff plan by Dialing *460# then follow the onscreen prompt to migrate. After migrating to MTN pulse, then Dial *406# and select any option of MTN night data plan of your choice or Send NIGHT as SMS to 131 to active MTN night browsing. MTN night data plan gives you 500MB at N50 while 250MB at N25.

how to check mtn night plan data balance

To check MTN Night data bundle, send 2 to 131 as SMS. Then wait for text message and onscreen prompt message of your MTN night data plan balance and balance of all general data balance on the MTN network.

Glo night data subscription code 

To but Glo night data plans, you don’t need to migrate to any specific tariff plan to activate Glo night bundle. With Glo you get great deal of options to select. Ranging from 250MB at N25, 500MB at N50 and 1GB at N100 respectively. To activate, Dial *777# and follow the onscreen prompt to activate. For example; Dial *777# select option 1 for data, then select option 1 again to buy data, select option 1 or 2 to proceed or cancel auto renew, then select option 7 stating Night and weekend. Now select any choice of you Glo midnight data bundles. All for validity period of 6 hours, 12:AM to 5:AM. For easy understanding, Dial [*777#] [1] [1] [1 or 2] [7].

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How to subscribe for 9mobile data plan

9mobile/Etisalat Night data plan starts from the range of 1GB at N200, for a validity period of 6 hours 12:AM – 5:AM. it’s considered as one of the expensive data plan. To buy 9mobile Night data bundle, Dial *229*3*11#. 

Whilst 9mobile Provides other forms of early Evening data plans starting from the early evening of 7:PM to 7:AM. at N1000 for 2GB, and 5GB for N2000.

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How to buy 9mobile 7:PM data bundle 

To buy 9mobile night data bundle at N1000 for 2GB, usable from 7:PM to 7AM. with a validity period of 30 days. To activate, Dial *229*3*12#.

To buy 9mobile night data bundle at 5GB for N2000 usable from 7:PM to 7AM. with a validity period of 30 days. To activate, Dial *229*3*13#.

airtel, mtn, glo, 9mobile: night data bundle codes

Is POS safe – why you should be careful when using POS machine

Why you should be careful when withdrawing money with POS.

Is POS safe to use your atm card in Nigeria?

The fast rising means of withdrawing money is POS. POS simple means “point of sale” it’s vastly used in Nigeria as a fast way to withdraw money using an ATM card. while in other third world countries, it’s used as means to pay for goods and services which may be online or with a generated receipt of the transaction.

What is a POS Machine 

A POS machine is a small machine that stands like an ATM machine, that can only print out receipts of transactions but cannot dispense cash like an ATM machine.

How can I withdraw money from POS

There’s no way or means to withdraw money from a POS machine because a POS machine don’t dispense money as ATM machine. but in other countries, particularly in Nigeria a withdrawer may input their ATM card in a POS machine, and type in the 4 digit withdrawal PIN and a specific amount will be debited from the card of the withdrawer. While the cash will be giving to the withdrawer as a table/hand payment by the owner of the POS machine, with a specific amount of interest chargeable.

Is POS Safe  

Using POS may not be safe to some extent, when you don’t trust anyone with the POS machine you need to be very careful when you give out your ATM card to be used on POS. This is because some POS Machine owners may likewise take a photo of the back and front of your Debit card/ATM card and use it to steal money from your Account or use your card serial number and code verification value (CVV) number to shop online without you realizing it. Because there are some online shopping websites that don’t require a one time password OTP to shop using your ATM/debit cards. With this your account will be emptied without leaving any trace.

How to avoid ATM/debit card POS theft

To keep your ATM card/debit credit card safe from POS theft, always make sure you insert your card yourself in the POS machine and ensure the owner of the POS machine don’t get to see your card CVV number at the back of your card. 

When you are don with the transactions, make sure you collect your printed receipt and dispose it off or keep it safe.

If you think your ATM/debit card is altered or cloned, you can request for card blocking.

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What to do if POS debit my ATM/debit card

If a POS machine debit your card without completing the transaction, make sure you take note of the POS machine and the operational bank of the POS machine, then wait for at least 24 hours. If your money is not refunded to you account then you can go ahead and lay complaints to your bank customer care for refund of your ATM Card debited money.

what is the safest investment with the higher returns

what is the safest investment with the higher returns.

Investment can be defined as a means or bond allocation that may lead to some benefits in return for a specific period of time. Investment may be a great source of making you rich in the nearest future, as there is a general saying that ” majority of the richest men in the world are not salary earners.” They are mostly risk takers or investors who’s investment investment tends to yield good returns in some specific time period.

What is investment

Investment is an act or way of injecting a capital/money, into a specific asset such as bonds, stocks real estate as well as other business enterprises with the speculation that it will produce future benefits in return. To understand more about investments we need to know what are bonds and stocks.

What is a bond?

In short, a bond can be referred to as a loan borrowed by a company or government with a fixed payback return rates in a specific period of time. A bond can also be referred to as fixed income or securities.

What is a stock in investment

A stock May be referred to as equity or securities that stands as a ownership or fraction of a corporation. A stock May also be called shares as its a public company traded assets. Example of a stock market is the Nigerian stock exchange. In this market, an individual, group of persons or organizations can invest in stocks or bonds with the expectations of benefits in return. Besides the Nigerian stock market or stock exchange, there are other mens or companies to invest in that will lead to good investment returns.

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where can i invest my money in nigeria

There are 4 key secure and safe places to invest your funds in Nigeria and get great return of investment benefits without any fear of lose. They are listed below.

  • Federal government of Nigeria bonds.
  • Agriculture Farmsby investment.
  • Jaiz Bank/wakala investment.
  • Sukuk/bond investment.

The question of the best place to invest in Nigerian to yield good returns should not be overemphasized as there are list of companies and organizations listed below that will provide extensive information on how to invest safely and wisely in Nigeria to avoid lose.

Federal government of Nigeria bonds 

The Federal government bonds in Nigeria is one of the safe places to invest your money. as it provides people with good securities and safety of their money in anticipation for wealth. This federal government bonds which is used by the government to finance public projects such as infrastructures, housing, electricity, health facilities tarred accessible roads and other infrastructural projects for the betterment on the public. 

N10,000 is the minimum amount of bond sold by the federal government bonds. And interest or returns is paid on a period of six months or on annual basis to the investors as benefits. To invest with the federal government, you need to contact a stockbroker for guidance and future understanding of the federal government bond investments. The federal government bonds can cover both the stock market and bonds of government.

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Agriculture Farmsby investment 

One of the fastest growing means investment is agriculture, investing in agriculture would be a great deal because the only way of survival is “food”. this is because people cannot do without eating food. This is could be one of the best investments in Africa that may have some good investment returns. From my findings and suggestions Farmsby is one of Africa’s agricultural agro investment that leverage crowdfunding that tends to generate capital for farmers. This will in turn decreased the shortage of food supply and increase the amount of food production. Farmsby is guaranteed a 50% return on standard investment and 75% in returns in joint ventures respectively.

the minimum amount of Farmsby investment ranges from N5000 and maximum of N50,000 on standard investment. While returns are from minimum of 90 days/3 months with a 50% return on investment ROI.

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Whilst, its joint venture investment ranges from a minimum of N500,000 and maximum of N10,000000 with a whooping return of investment of 75% per annum, with a minimum cycle of 180 days.

Farmsby by is an online investment platform, but you don’t have to worry as they are partnering with Nigerian agricultural insurance corporation NAIC, International institute of tropical agriculture IITA, Institute of export operations and management IEOM and rivers state university of science and technology. With this your money is safe and guaranteed in ROI.

How to invest with Farmsby agriculture

To invest with Farmsby agriculture, all you need to to do is visit their website via Or Then sign up to invest.

For further enquiries and guidance, You can also reach Farmsby through their office address on:42 woji road, GRA port harcourt. or.

farmsby customer care number: +2348081545236.

Jaiz Bank/wakala investment 

The best among all places to invest without fear of loosing is Jaiz bank, also known as Islamic banking. It’s also known as a non-interest banking, as most of jaiz bank dealings is based on profit sharing.

The Jaiz wakala investment is a simple product that embodied a high net worth persons with great investment returns at less or no risk involved. Under jaiz bank wakala, the bank takes deposits from customers with the agreement of both the bank and the customer to invest it in some specific business venture. Thus, the bank have a great ethical knowledge of the business to invest the depositors money, and it will act as an agent while giving the depositor a fair knowledge on the profit return rate to the customer at the agreed period for the investment.

The minimum amount to invest in jaiz wakala investment is N300,000,000. Three hundred million naira, or its equivalent in other countries. The amount of investment with jaiz bank wakala investment is quite expensive but it’s worth it. Because there is 99.9% assurance of great investment returns.

For further information on jaiz bank wakala investment, you can reach their customer on 07080635500, 07080635555 or jaiz bank customer care email on:

Sukuk/bond investment 

Sukuk or Islamic bond is a type of investment that provides a certificate ownership which stands as the owners interest of an asset/assets. The owner of sukuk certificate is entitled to get income from the use of the assets.

Sukuk certificate or bond is issued by the federal government to fund some vital infrastructure such as roads, to diversify government’s funding, to provide good level of financial freedom.

This sukuk bond certificate is versatile because it can be sold to the secondary market by a floor licensed dealer in the Nigerian stock exchange and “FMDQ over the counter securities with the speculative prospects.

Sukuk investment is a safe and secure investment backed by the credits of the federal government of Nigeria. With this you get your a proof of your investment whilst, you get a credit allotted units of your sukuk bond credit to your custodian CSCS account via SMS/email.

You get your return of investment ROI credit to the account provided by you at the time of purchasing the certificate, twice yearly also with a credit of your principal investment at maturity.

Where to buy sukuk bond 

Sukuk bond/certificate can be purchased at all Nigerian banks including FSDH merchant bank limited.

The minimum amount to invest in sukuk bond is N10,000 (I.e 10 units at 1000/unit) and a multiple of 1000 (1 unit) thenceforth.

How to invest in sukuk bond 

You can visit any of the offices of sukuk financial advisers to obtain an application form and prospectus. Eg.

Lotus financial service LTD at No.1B, udi street osborn foreshore estate, Osborn road ikoyi lagos. or call +23412914626. Or

FBN Marchant bank LTD at No.10 keffi street of awolowo road s.w ikoyi lagos or call +234127022904.

For further enquiries on sukuk bond investment you can reach their customer care via email: or

9mobile data subscription codes – etisalat data.

How to buy 9mobile data subscription *299#.

9mobile/Etisalat is one of the network providers in Nigeria that provides less or cheap data bundle plans. with Etisalat/9mobile, you get to surf the internet with less money and high data plan. This article will teach you step by step on how to buy 9mobile cheap data plan. And 9mobile/Etisalat data subscription code.

how to buy data on 9mobile

To buy data on 9mobile, Dial *229# from your mobile phone and select any data of your choice. Either monthly, weekly or daily. To buy daily data on 9mobile follow the steps below.

9mobile/Etisalat daily subscription 

9mobile mobile gives its customers Three different options for daily data subscription bundle, 25MB at N50 or 100MB at N100 and 650MB at N200. all having a validity period of 24 hours.

9mobile daily subscription code

Follow the steps on how to buy 9mobile/Etisalat daily data plan. From your phone, Dial *229*3*2# at N200 for 650MB or *229*3*8#. At N50 for 25MB. or *229*3*1#. At N100 for 100MB. All are 9mobile/Etisalat ‘1’ day data subscription codes.

There are other types of 9mobile subscription data plans that gives you a sum of 1GB + social bundle at N300 and 1GB + social bundle at N500 both with a validity period of ‘1’ day.

Code to buy 9mobile daily data plus social bundle 

For 9mobile 1GB plus social subscription, Dial *299*3*3#. At N300 whilst 1GB plus social data bundle, Dial *299*2*1#. At N500 both with a validity of 24 hours.

What is Social bundle

Social bundle or social data bundle is an internet data subscription provided by network providers that is usable to browse some specific social media such as; Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and others.

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9mobile code for 3 days data subscription plus social bundle 

With 9mobile/Etisalat you get to whooping data of 2GB plus social data bundle at N500 with a validity period of 3 days. To subscribe, Dial *299*3*4#.

9mobile 1 week subscription code

The 9mobile 7 days or one week data subscription is one of the best weekly data bundle as it provides customers with a whooping data of 7GB plus social bundle at the data of N1500 for a period of 7 days. to subscribe, Dial *299*2*2#.

9mobile/Etisalat monthly subscription price/GB

With 9mobile or Etisalat you get to enjoy a monthly subscription data ranging from 500MB at N500, 1.5GB at N1000, 2GB at N1200, 3GB at N1500, 4.5GB at N2000, 11GB at N4000, 15GB at N5000, 40GB at N10K and 75GB at N15K respectively.

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9mobile/Etisalat monthly data subscription code 

To subscribe for 9mobile/Etisalat ‘1’ month subscription, Dial Dial *299*2*12# for N500 at 500MB.

9mobile subscription code for N1000 at 1.5GB, Dial Dial *299*2*7#.

9mobile subscription code for N1200 at 2GB, Dial Dial *299*2*25#, or send AND11 to 299 via SMS.

9mobile subscription code for N1500 at 3GB, Dial Dial *299*2*3#.

9mobile subscription code for N2000 at 4.5GB, Dial Dial *299*2*8#, or or send AND2 to 299 via SMS.

9mobile subscription code for N4000 at 11GB, Dial Dial *299*2*36#.

9mobile subscription code for N5000 at 15GB, Dial Dial *299*2*37#.

9mobile subscription code for N10,000 at 40GB, Dial Dial *299*4*1#.

9mobile subscription code for N15,000 at 75GB, Dial Dial *299*2*4#.

For future complaints and enquiries

You can reach 9mobile customer care phone number by dialing 200 or via email at:

glo social bundles data – how to subscribe

Code for Glo WhatsApp Twitter Facebook social bundle.

Social bundles or social data are referred data bundle usable on some specific types of social networking app, the data could be referred to as restricted data bundle. This is because you cannot use it to access all apps or browser. Glo social bundle may only work on; Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter known as WTF. but don’t panic if the app you want to access with bundle is not listed. Th Glo social bundle is not limited to just WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook alone. It provides YouTube bundles, opera bundles and other single app bundles. The Glo single bundles includes; Glo Instagram single  data bundle, Glo Tiktok data bundle, and Glo telegram data bundle.

Glo Data bundle can be either daily, weekly or monthly depending on the type of Glo social bundle you want.

How many MB is glo daily bundle

Glo daily social bundle is capped at 100MB and it’s charged at N25/day. It’s usable in a period of 24 hours.

Code to activate Glo daily social bundle 

You can use this code to buy Glo daily social bundle. From your mobile phone, Dial *777#. Follow the onscreen prompt by selecting ‘1’ for data, the ‘1’ again to buy data, then ‘6’ for social bundles, select ‘1’ to get a list of the bundles price and MB and then select ‘1’ again to confirm the daily plan, stating WTF, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. For example *777# [1] [1] [6] [1] [1]. Whilst, you can buy Glo social bundle for 1 month at 200MB for N50 and 500MB for N100 that lasts for a period of 30 days respectively. 

Code for Glo monthly social subscription 

To buy Glo monthly data social bundles, Dial *777# and follow the onscreen procedure same as procedure for buying the Glo daily social bundles. Eg; *777# [1] [1] [6] [1] [2]. to buy the 200MB for N50 and *777# [1] [1] [6] [1] [3]. for 500MB for N100 both both lasts for a period of 30 days.

How buy Glo YouTube subscription

Glo offers its subscribers subscription that can be used to access and watch YouTube videos. The Glo YouTube social data bundle ranges from daily, weekly and monthly. To activate Glo YouTube data bundle plan, Dial *777# and Follow the onscreen prompt by selecting ‘1’ for data, the ‘1’ again to buy data, then ‘6’ for social bundles, select ‘2’ stating YouTube bundles, and select any of the YouTube plan. Eg *777# [1] [1] [6] [2]  for YouTube bundles and select either ‘1’ for 100MB at N50 daily or ‘2’ for 200MB at N100 for 7 days or ‘3’ for 500MB at N250 for 30 days.

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How to activate Glo opera data bundle 

With Glo network you can buy opera-mini browser data bundle to surf the internet without stress. Dial *770# then Follow the onscreen prompt by selecting ‘1’ for data, the ‘1’ again to buy data, then ‘6’ for social bundles, select ‘3’ for opera bundles. You will get a list of options to select from the opera bundles such as; 25MB at N25 daily, 100MB at N50 for 7 days and 300MB at N100 for 30 days. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [6] [3] and select any of the Glo opera bundle of your choices.

how do i subscribe for instagram on glo

The Glo Instagram data bundle is classified under the Glo single data bundles plan. To activate/buy the Glo Instagram data bundle, Dial *777# and follow the onscreen prompt to activate. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [6] [4] for single data bundles the [3] for  Instagram bundles. Then select either option ‘1’ for 20MB at N25 daily, or option ‘2’ for 50MB at N50 for 7 days and option ‘3’ for 125MB at N100 for 30 days.

How to activate Glo Tiktok data bundle 

Tiktok is an online video maker recorder or maker app accessible with internet data bundle. It’s classified under one of Glo’s single data bundles. To activate/buy the Glo Tiktok data bundle, Dial *777# and follow the onscreen prompt to activate. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [6] then [4] for single data bundles the [1] for Tiktok bundles. Then select either option ‘1’ for 20MB at N25 daily, or option ‘2’ for 50MB at N50 for 7 days and option ‘3’ for 125MB at N100 for 30 days.

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How to subscribe for Glo telegram data 

With the instance of telegram gaining momentum, Glo network provides its subscribers the ability to buy a single data bundle plan usable on telegram. To activate Glo telegram data bundle, Dial 777# and follow the onscreen prompt to activate. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [6] then [4] for single data bundles, then option [2] for Telegram bundles. Then select either option ‘1’ for 20MB at N25 daily, or option ‘2’ for 50MB at N50 for 7 days and option ‘3’ for 125MB at N100 for 30 days.

FAQs about Glo social bundles 

Can i use Glo opera social bundle to download online?

No. You cannot use the Glo opera bundles to download or stream online, the bundle is only used to surf the internet and view information.

Can I download YouTube videos with Glo single social bundles?

The answer is No, you cannot download videos on YouTube when using the Glo YouTube single data bundles. But you can stream and watch any video on YouTube depending on the amount of Glo YouTube bundle you purchase.

Is the Glo social bundles usable on Snapchat?

The Glo social bundle cannot be used to access Snapchat, this is because Snapchat is not part of the social bundle listed by Glo. Maybe in the nearest future, Glo may add Snapchat to its social bundle plans.

zenith bank ussd code – transfer & buy airtime

zenith bank ussd code – transfer & buy airtime

Zenith bank Nigeria is one of the foremost bank in Nigerian, it’s a bank known for effective and efficient banking system in Nigeria and some part of Africa and then UK.

The bank provides its customers with ease of banking known as eazy banking also know as USSD code bank transfer

Codes. With zenith bank eazy banking USSD code, you can perform various offline transactions with your mobile phone. with zenith bank USSD code *966# eazy banking, your transactions are secure, effective, convenient and fast. Providing you a 24/7 offline banking from your phone without internet.

What is zenith bank USSD code

The general zenith bank USSD code used for transactions is *966#. With zenith bank USSD code, you can transfer money to other bank, buy airtime for yourself, buy airtime for others, update your BVN, pay bills  and how to deactivate zenith bank mobile banking; and also how to check your account balance with zenith bank USSD code *966#. You can learn how to open a zenith bank with USSD code at home with the procedure below;

How to open a zenith bank account 

To open a zenith bank account at home without going through the hassles of banking hall, from your mobile phone, Dial *966*0#. You will get several screen prompts stating, open a zenith account for self or open for a third party. This simple means from the comfort of your home you can open a zenith bank account for you kids, friends family and loved ones. To open a zenith bank at home, dial *966*0#. Then select option 1 to open an account for yourself either with a BVN or a non-BVN zenith bank account. Provide your details in the onscreen prompt to complete your zenith bank account opening.

How to check zenith bank balance

You can actually check your zenith bank account balance offline using zenith the bank USSD code without stress. From your phone, dial *966#. then wait for few second to get an SMS of your account balance. you can’t just check your balance with zenith bank eazy banking but also transfer money easily.

How can i transfer money with zenith bank banks

It’s easier, convenient and effective to send money with zenith bank USSD code eazy baking as said earlier, with the registered zenith bank phone number linking to your account. from your phone, Dial *966*amount*account number#.

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Zenith bank airtime recharge code

If you can transfer money from your zenith bank, you can actually buy airtime from zenith bank using the USSD code eazy banking. To recharge your phone with zenith bank, Dial *966*amount#. to buy airtime on the number registered with zenith bank. Whilst you can buy airtime for other numbers from your zenith bank.

How to buy airtime from zenith bank for other number 

You can recharge other phone numbers from your zenith bank account, using USSD code, easily and conveniently, the code to recharge for other phone number from zenith bank is, *966*amount*phone number#. The code is used to buy airtime to any phone number in Nigeria.

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How to pay utility bills with zenith bank

With zenith bank USSD instant banking, you can learn how to pay your DSTV, PHCN/Nepa bills. From your phone, dial *966*7*amount*customer ID or prepaid meter number# and follow the screen prompts on your phone to pay your bill from zenith bank.

Whilst, to pay other zenith bank bills, dial *966*6*biller code*amount#. Then follow the onscreen prompt on your phone to pay other bills with your zenith bank USSD banking code.

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How to update zenith bank BVN

You can actually update your BVN information to your zenith bank account easily from the comfort of your home using the the zenith bank USSD code. to Update your zenith bank BVN info. from the number associated to your zenith bank, Dial *966*BVN number#.

How to reset zenith bank USSD/mobile banking PIN

When you suspects malicious activities or theft in your zenith bank account you can easily reset your mobile banking or USSD PIN fast to keep your funds or details safe and secure. From your phone, Dial *966*60#.

from the onscreen prompt, select either to reset zenith bank USSD PIN or to reset zenith bank mobile banking PIN to successfully complete mobile banking/USSD PIN. Or you can request zenith bank mobile deactivation below;

How to deactivate zenith bank mobile banking 

Do you think your mobile banking is not safe, secure or you feel your funds is being deducted unnecessarily, maybe you think someone you don’t trust well enough have possession of you phone. and want to deactivate You zenith mobile banking, Dial *966*20*0#. Or dial *966*20# and follow the screen prompts to deactivate your zenith bank mobile banking. Or you can completely deactivate your zenith bank account below;

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How to deactivate zenith bank account number

you can deactivate your zenith bank account number when you notice unnecessary debit from your account or you share your BVN and ATM card information to a third party. To deactivate your account, Dial *966*911# from any phone number, not necessarily the number associated with your zenith bank account. Then provide your account number in the next prompt and your phone number associated with the account number then press ‘1’ to verify the deactivation.

How to retrieve zenith bank ATM PIN

When you forget your zenith bank ATM card pin you can get back by Dialing *966*60# from your phone and select option ‘4.’

How to unlock zenith back ATM

If your zenith bank ATM card is blocked or you request for card blocking due to suspected theft, simply Dial *966*60# then select option ‘5’ for next and option ‘6’ to confirm. Eg *966*60# [5] [6].

How to become a zenith bank agent 

Do you want to be a zenith bank active agent for transactions, either cash in, initiative cash out or complete cash out? You can register via USSD code by dialing *966*66#. Then select any of the options from the onscreen to activate.

FAQs about zenith bank USSD code banking 

What is zenith bank customer care number 

For complaints, enquiry and general assistant you can reach zenith bank customer care via Email: or zenith bank customer care number on: +23412787000 and 0700ZENITHBANK.

Why can’t i transfer above 100,000 With zenith bank USSD code

This is because your daily transfer or transactions is caped at a maximum of 100,00 0 unless you request for a review of indemnity. 

How can i transfer above 100,000 with zenith bank USSD code

To be able to make transactions above 100K with your zenith bank USSD eazy banking, Dial *966*60# then select option ‘5’ for more and select option ‘9’ stating; indemnity for USSD transactions. 

zenith bank ussd code – transfer & buy airtime.


Glo monthly data bundle codes – daily and weekly

Glo Nigeria cheapest internet data subscription codes.

Globalcom Nigeria also know as Glo, it’s a Nigerian based telecom network provider that provides cheapest data bundle plans in Nigeria. With Glo, you can get a whooping cheap data bundle ranging from daily weekly, monthly and 3 months Glo data.

Glo daily data code 

Follow this process on how to buy Glo 1 day data bundle plan comes in two varieties, the 50MB for N50 daily and 95MB plus 5MB approximately 100MB which is meant for new Glo subscribers bonus. They are both N50 flat rate. To activate the Glo daily plan, Dial *777# then select 1 for data and select 1 again and select mini data data, and select any choice of your daily Glo data. Eg *777# [1] [1] [2] [1] [4] for 50MB while 1 for 100MB at N100. Glo also provides 2 days data bundle that is known as Glo multiple data.

How to activate Glo 2 days multiple data 

Glo provide its customers with 2 days multiple data. 350MB for N200, while 350MB+110MB data for new customers at the same price of N200. To activate Glo 2 days multiple data plan, Dial *777# select 1 for data in the next option, select 1 again from the option select mini data and select 2 for 2 days Glo data. Example *777# [1] [1] [2] [1] [2].

Glo weekly subscription code

Glo provides its customers with Weekly data bundle, this Glo weekly data bundle at N500 for 1.35GB for period of 14 days. use the following code to activate Glow weekly data bundle, Dial *777# and follow the procedure to activate. For example *777# [1] [1] [2] [1] [3]. while new Glo subscribers gets a whooping data of 2.15GB at N500 , at the same price.

Glo monthly Data bundle code

You can get Glo cheap monthly data plan for as low as 2.9GB for N1000 naira while new glo customers can get a whooping data of 4.4GB at the same price of N1000 naira.

The code to active Glo monthly data plan, dail *777#. And follow the prompts to activate Glo monthly data plan.

There are various types of Glo monthly data plan raging from;

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Glo monthly data subscription codes & prices 

Glo data plan code for  N1000 naira Data plan for 2.9GB/30 days, while 4.4GB at N1000 for new Glo SIM cards. To activate, dial *770# and follow the prompts. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [2] [2] [1].

Code for Glo N1500 naira Data plans for 3.5GB/30 days, while 6.75GB at N1500 for new Glo SIM cards. To activate, dial *770# and follow the prompts. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [2] [2] [2].

Code for Glo N2000 naira Data plans for 5.8GB/30 days, while 9.5GB at N2000 for new Glo SIM cards. To activate, dial *770# and follow the prompts. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [2] [2] [3].

Code for Glo N2500 naira Data plans for 7.7GB/30 days, while 12.75GB at N2500 for new Glo SIM cards. To activate, dial *770# and follow the prompts. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [2] [2] [4].

Code for Glo N3000 naira Data plans for 10GB/30 days, while 17GB at N3000 for new Glo SIM cards. To activate, dial *770# and follow the prompts. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [2] [2] [5] for more, and [1].

Code for Glo N4000 naira Data plans for 12.25GB/30 days, while 19GB at N4000 for new Glo SIM cards. To activate, dial *770# and follow the prompts. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [2] [2] [5] for more, and [2].

Code for Glo N5000 naira Data plans for 18.25GB/30 days, while 31.25GB at N3000 for new Glo SIM cards. To activate, dial *770# and follow the prompts. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [2] [2] [5] for more, and [3].

Code for Glo N8000 naira Data plans for 29.5GB/30 days, while 37GB at N8000 for new Glo SIM cards. To activate, dial *770# and follow the prompts. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [2] [2] [5] for more, and [4].

Code for Glo N10,000 naira Data plans for 46GB/30 days, while 50.GB at N10,000 for new Glo SIM cards. To activate, dial *770# and follow the prompts. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [2] [2] [5] for more, then [5] again for more[1].

Code for Glo N15,000 naira Data plans for 86GB/30 days, while 93.GB at N15,000 for new Glo SIM cards. To activate, dial *770# and follow the prompts. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [2] [2] [5] for more, then [5] again for more[2].

Code for Glo N18,000 naira Data plans for 109GB/30 days, while 119.GB at N18,000 for new Glo SIM cards. To activate, dial *770# and follow the prompts. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [2] [2] [5] for more, then [5] again for more[3].

Code for Glo N20,000 naira Data plans for 126GB/30 days, while 138.GB at N20,000 for new Glo SIM cards. To activate, dial *770# and follow the prompts. Eg. *777# [1] [1] [2] [2] [5] for more, then [5] again for more[4].

How to prevent someone from tagging you on Facebook

How to prevent someone from tagging you on Facebook

How to prevent someone from tagging you on Facebook

Facebook is social networking platform accessible to users that share common interest to chat in a form of instant messages and share other media files such as photos, videos, musics, document and other files. it gives user access to make voice and audio calls as well as exchanging voice notes. It’s accessible both on the web and facebook app. 

Besides all the listed features listed above, there is a feature called facebook tagging.

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what does it mean when someone tags you on facebook

When someone tags you on Facebook, it simply means you are among the photo or event which you’re being tagged on. However;

Facebook tagging is a feature provided by Facebook inc. that allows user to share photos, videos thoughts and feelings with someone allowing them to feature any individual that is a friend to you on Facebook. Facebook tagging shows an individual that is in the photo or thoughts, the tagging shows In the timeline of the tagged person showing in facebook as photos of you.

why do i get tagged on facebook

You may either be tagged on facebook because the tagger wants to share photo that you showed in or he/she feels you should share their thoughts or feelings.

How to hide tagged photos on Facebook

When you are tagged by someone in Facebook and you want to remove the tag, you can actually remove the Facebook tagging by going to your Facebook timeline, open your photos, you will see several pictures options such as; profile pictures, mobile upload and photos photo of you. Select photos of you, open the particular picture you want to in-tag yourself from, then scroll down for more options and locate remove tag.

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how do i stop someone from tagging me on facebook

Facebook tagging can be so annoying when you always get tagged to irrelevant post, but there are steps to prevent Facebook tagging. Follow the steps below to stop Facebook tagging;

Lunch you Facebook app or from your browser, go to settings, scroll down and locate privacy, under privacy locate and select profile and tagging, scroll down to review you will get two options there namely;

  1. Review tags that people add to your post before the tags appear on Facebook.
  2. Review post that you are tagged in before the post appears on Facebook.

As seen in the picture above. They are always OFF, select each of them and turn them ON. Then go back, you are all set. From now on, anyone that tag you on Facebook will not show on your timeline you can actually choose to either approve it to appear on your timeline or hide it from you timeline and untag yourself.

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how to stop tagged photos appearing on timeline

When you get tagged on Facebook after you have turned ON the tag reviews, go to notifications and and locate and select the specific notification that shows that you are tagged in the post. Right under the post, select Hide, In the next option you will two options namely; report and remove tag. Then Select remove tag. 

How to prevent someone from tagging you on Facebook
How to prevent someone from tagging you on Facebook

visit: for more information about Facebook tagging

government 250000 grants process – cac free registration online forms

Get federal government free 250,000 Naira youths grants easily.

Easy steps to register for federal government CAC Program 

The recent ongoing of the federal government N75 billion naira grants, with each youth having N250, 000 naira each, meant to be share between Nigerian youths with business ideas for start up end to expand and already existing business known as SMEDAN.

SMEDAN means; small medium enterprises development agency.

One of the main requirements of the federal government N75 billion Naira grants is to have a business name registered under SMEDAN or registered with Cooperate affairs commission (CAC). The federal government has given the youths two hundred and twenty two thousand 222000 slots to register a business name for free. The 222000 slots are shared across the Nigerian 36 states including FCT, with each states having a slot of 6000 persons. as a tools for Nigerian youth empowerment, engaged by the incumbent government of president Muhammadu Buhari.

How to get the government N250,000 grants 

All you need to do is go through through the authentic website for the 250,000 naira government grant, And register with your name BVN number state of origin state of residence and address of residence. Then submit and wait for select date.

How to register free CAC business name 

to register your business name with the ongoing federal government CAC small business enterprises without stress, follow the simple process below;

Download the CAC pre-registration form here.

Print it and fill your details correctly with with your proposed business name, and attached a passport photograph in the form, scan any valid ID such as; Driving license, national ID NIN, permanent Voters card PVC, international passport and a passport photograph. And send it via email, to your state aggregator for further process of your CAC certificate.

How to apply for any loan and get approved easily

How to get my state CAC aggregator‘s email address 

Here are list of all states CAC aggregators email address to send in your details to, for CAC business name registration;

Abia –

Adamawa –

Akwa ibom –

Anambra –

Bauchi –

Bayelsa –

Benue –

Borno –

Cross river –

Delta –

Enonyi –

Edo –

Ekiti –

Enugu –

Gombe –

Imo –

Jigawa –

Kaduna –

Kano –

Katsina –

Kebbi –

Kogi –

Kwara –

Lagos –

Nasarawa –

Niger –

Ogun –

Ondo –

Osun –

Oyo –

Plateau –

Rivers –

Sokoto –

Taraba –

Yobe –

Zamfara –


Forward your scanned valid ID, passport photograph, the two page form filled with a your signature on it to your state aggregator on the email above. Then wait for your CAC certificate to be processed.

Note: it’s based on first come first serve, as all states are assigned to 6000 free CAC certificates.

How to get your loan approved easily

How to get loan anywhere in Nigeria without stress.

When you are seeking for loan this days most parastatals will likely to ensure you are capable and verifiable to access a loan due to competence. As no bank or company would want to give out loans to a person or company that will become a liability to them in the nearest future. 

There are two types of loan accessible namely;

  • Short term loan.
  • Medium/Long time loan.

A Short term loan is a loan that is accessible and payable within a short-term Period of time. Either few months or a maximum period of one year.

Medium/Long term loan are loans that is accessible and payable within a longer time period, it’s mostly payable for a period of 10 – 15 years period.

Where is the easiest place to get a loan

There are several places to get a loan such as;

Commercial Banks.

Bank of Industry in Nigeria.

Micro finance banks.


Money lenders.

What is the easiest loan to get approved for?

There are various types of loans that may easily approved. But let’s take a look at types of loans

different types of bank loans

Loans varies from type to types namely;

Business loans.

Personal loans.

Home, housing – equity loans.

Credit card loans.

From the types of loans listed above, a business loan is likely to easily get approved; this is because there is a strong probability that you will payback if your business is lucrative.

What is the requirements to get loan in Nigeria?

You need to have a good record of bank statement, that is a steady flow of cash in and out of your bank account. This shows that there is a free flow of amount that goes into your account and comes out, to ensure that you are solvent enough to control specific amount of money when your loan application is granted.

You need to be employed or a business owner, you need to work within a specific confine or be self employed either a sole proprietor or belong to a partnership business. A lender needs to know if you are capable of repaying the loan at a stipulated timeframe.

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terms and conditions of loan agreement

The company, bank or lender will likely to ask you some various questions namely;

    You will be asked to why do you need the loan? 
    What do you need the loan for? What do you aim to achieve within a short term period if the loan request is granted? 
    What are your long term goals.?
    How do you think you can expand when the loan is granted to you. And what are the collateral assets can you provide to ensure you will be able to pay back within the time given.

After you have passed the test of the above loan terms, you will then be given a interest rate terms. Thus, the interest rate terms is the amount or price you pay for accessing a loan. They are mostly based on percentage of the amount of the loan such as 5%, 10% or even more.

How to get a personal loan from a bank

If you are applying for a bank loan in Nigeria, you need have good salary structure or have good business that fetch you some good cash and you want to expand. 

If you are business owner, ensure that your business is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). With a CAC certificate having your business name on it gives the bank an impression that you are business minded person and wants to expand in the nearest future and won’t be a liability to them.

Even if you are a worker ensure you have a saving habit that won’t liquidate you in the future. Or open a small business that can be run on your days off from work or run by your wife or child and register the business name with CAC. With this tips you’ll have 95% of getting loan from a bank, company or any lender.

What to do next if my loan request is approved?

When your loan request is approved, you will be asked to provide a guarantor which will stand as a witness or surety. This guarantor or surety can be a friend, family or a person you work with that can be reached when you are unable to your pay back your loan.

After all the process you will be given a form to fill out your bank details such as bank account number that the loan will be paid into, Bank verification number (BVN) and a copy of your bank statement.

You will likely to get your loan funds with 2 to 5 working days after a comprehensive review of your loan application.

How to stop credit deduction on MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile

You can stop MTN, Airtel, Glo or 9mobile from deducting your credit when browsing even when you have data on your line. to turn on, No data.

You can stop MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile from deducting airtime when browsing the internet. have you ever asked yourself “why are they cutting or deducting my credit/airtime balance even when I have data on my SIM, it could be so frustrating whenever you browse the internet while you still have data but yet your airtime is still deducted instead of your data bundle. It could be that when you bought your data bundle you did not activate the ”No data bundle no browsing on your SIM.” This article will teach you how to activate the no data no browsing on all Nigerian mobile network providers, ranging from Airtel, MTN, 9mobile and Glo network providers respectively. 

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How do i stop airtel from deducting my during browsing?

When you are browsing or surfing the internet with your airtel and you are being charged from your airtime/credit balance instead from your data bundle balance, even wheb you have double data. it could be as a result of not deactivating your SIM to browse from your airtime balance from the pop-up menu when buying airtel data bundle. you can actually stop airtel from deducting your airtime when you don’t have data to surf the internet or when you have data but they still deduct your airtime/credit. For airtel, you can stop deductions of your airtime right from the the route directly when buying your data bundle. To activate airtel no data no browsing, follow the steps below;

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From your phone, Dial *141# and select any data plan to buy.

When you select any data bundle of your choice, either daily, weekly, monthly or mega bundle.

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You will get 2 pop up in the next screen stating; 

9GB foe 30 days at N2,000.

What should happened when your bundle finishes?

1. Continue browsing from airtime /160MB extra.

2. Stop my data


Airtel cheap data code, how to stop my browsing from my airtime balance

Select option 2, that states “Stop my data as seen in the photo above.”

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You have successfully activate the No bundle no browsing on your airtel SIM card. Now you can surf the internet anytime even if you have a lot of credit/airtime on your SIM without fear of airtel deducting your credit when you have data bundle on your SIM.

How to stop MTN from deducting my credit when browsing 

When you get unnecessary deductions of your airtime/credit on MTN network provider, it simply means you still haven’t canceled the browsing at N3.07/MB. if you haven’t canceled it, you will get some massive amount deductions on your MTN SIM even when you have data on your SIM. To stop browsing with your credit on MTN network, dial *131*201#.

You will get a response saying; 

Dear Customer, you have successfully canceled browsing at N3.07/MB. Please dial *131*1# to buy a new bundle or dial *606# to borrow data bundle up to 750MB. 

This means you have successfully canceled deductions on your MTN Sim when browsing from your data. You will only be charged from your MTN data bundle whenever you try to browse the internet. It’s also known as no data no bundle.

How to stop browsing with airtime on Glo?

From the onset, Glo or Globacom network provider often come with no data no bundle setup. Meaning if you don’t have data bundle on your GLO SIM you won’t be able to browse the internet even if you have airtime on your Glo SIM. But if you get deductions from your Glo SIM you can actually deactivate it. From your phone, Dial *108*2# you will be opt out from the NO data no browsing network, it’s known as pay as you go (PAYGO) browsing. After deactivating it you will only be charged from your data bundle when you try to browse the internet, and cannot browse the internet when you don’t have data bundle.

How to stop 9mobile from deducting credit when browsing 

Once you activate a 9mobile data plan, your line will be automatically activate with the out of bundle (OOB) service. simply means, no data no browsing, also knows as Pay As You Go (PAYG). this means you won’t be charged from your credit/airtime when browsing the internet. It automatically disable the PAYG on your 9Mobile line, when you run out of data your line stops browsing the internet. 

FAQs about no data no browsing 

How can I browse the internet with airtime on 9mobile?

To browse the internet with your credit/airtime on your 9mobile line, from your phone go to message then send YES to 1111 as SMS on your line to be able to browse with your credit on 9mobile network.

How to browse with airtime on Glo network?

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Normally every Glo line is active to only browse with data bundle, if you don’t have data bundle you won’t be able to browse with your Glo network. To browse the internet from your airtime on Glo network, Dial *108*1#. this will automatically activate your Glo line to browse the internet with your SIM’s credit balance.

How to browse with airtime on MTN?

Are you surfing something online and run out of data on your MTN line? or maybe you are downloading a file and ran out of data. You can actually opt in to the MTN pay as you go browsing to browse from your MTN credit to complete your download or whatever you are doing online. To opt into the MTN pay as you go browsing, Dial *131*200#. At this statue you will get a pop-up message stating; 

Dear Customer, your request to browse at N3.07/MB was successful. To cancel this service, dial *131*201# or *131*1# to buy a new bundle or enjoy the best rates.

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How can I browse with credit on Airtel Network?

To be able to browse with your airtime on airtel network, all you need to do is activate the is to allow the pay you go (PAYU) service on your Line. Th service allow you to browse the internet from your airtime balance on your SIM. To activate airtel PAYU, Dial *400#. You will get a pop-up message saying; welcome to Airtel PAYU. Now turn on your mobile network and start browsing from your airtel credit/airtime balance.

Fidelity bank USSD codes – transfer money

Fidelity bank USSD codes – transfer money.

The Fidelity instant banking USSD code to transfer, buy airtime buy data.

Fidelity bank USSD code also known as instant banking is service provided by fidelity Bank with a bank on the go from your home comfort. fidelity bank USSD code *770# can be used to transfer money, pay bills, buy airtime and many more. to use fidelity instant banking services, all you need to do is to, Dial *770# to get started.

How to activate fidelity bank instant banking 

from the phone number you used during your account opening, Dial *770#. You will get a pop – up message stating: 


Please do not disclose your fidelity bank online banking password/token ATM PIN or BVN to anyone. We will never ask for it.

Enter 1 to proceed.

After Successful creation of your fidelity instant banking, you can access other services on the fidelity bank instant banking.

Fidelity bank account balance enquiry code 

It’s easier to keep track records your transactions to be able to request for your account balance using a short USSD code. To check your fidelity account balance, Dial *770*0# and type in your PIN to confirm. This service attracts a service fee of N20, knows as convenience fee, chargeable from your account.

How to transfer money with fidelity instant banking 

It’s easier and convenient to transfer money with your fidelity bank instant banking without having to go to the bank at the comfort of your home or anywhere. To do this, Dial *770*account number* amount. Say for example if you want to transfer N5,000.

Dial *770*50987640963*5000# type in your PIN in the next prompt message to confirm your transfer.

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Charges for fidelity bank USSD transfer codes

There are some charges payable when using fidelity bank instant banking, they are highlighted below;

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Services performance      

1. Account balance enquiry.

2. Fidelity to fidelity bank transfer.

3. Fidelity to other to other bank transfer.

4. Bills payment chargers.

Old charges  

1. N10.

2. N50 flat rate charges.

3. N50 flat rate.

4. N10.

New transaction charges


1. N20.

2. N0 for N5000 N10 above N5000 N25 from N6000 above.

3. N0 for N5000 while N10 above N5000 including value added tax (VAT).

4. N150.

Fidelity Bank Code to buy airtime

The fidelity instant banking allows you to buy credit from your account using a short USSD code. To buy airtime from your fidelity bank, Dial *770*amount#. To buy airtime/credit fir yourself.

Fidelity bank code to buy airtime/credit for friends 

To recharge or buy airtime for other phone number such as friend, family or your other phone numbers. Dial *770*phone number*amount#. For example *770*0708000000*500#. A sum of N500 will be credited to the above number 07080000000.

How to secure your fidelity bank account 

If you lost your phone, you can use the service of fidelity account security gives you the ability to to protect your account against theft or hackers that may try to hack into your account to perform malicious act. To use the service of How to protect fidelity account, Dial *770*phone number# then type in your PIN number in the next option to confirm. This will instantly block your fidelity account from theft by any third party that may have access to your account. The good thing about this service is that you can perform the service in any mobile phone if your phone is stolen or lost.

How to update BVN to your fidelity bank account 

You can actually update your BVN or email easily from your fidelity instant banking, at the comfort of your home. Dial *770*02# then select either email or BVN in the next pop – up and type in either your email or BVN to confirm.

How to block fidelity bank ATM card

if your think your card was stolen, misplaced or your PIN was compromised. You can follow the procedure on how to block your fidelity ATM card easily with  fidelity USSD instant banking. Dial *770*911#.

How to change your fidelity bank PIN

Do you want to change your fidelity bank pin because you think your PIN is compromised or you feel the need to change your USSD instant banking PIN to secure your account? You can actually change your fidelity bank PIN in seconds by Dialing, *770*00#. Type in your current PIN in the next option, type in a new PIN the next option and type in the new PIN again in the next option to confirm. Example; Dial *770*00# [old PIN][new PIN][confirm new PIN].

How to withdraw money without ATM card from fidelity bank 

Did you lost your ATM card or your forgot your ATM card at home, and you are out of cash and wants to withdraw money from your account. No need to panic because you can actually do a card-less withdrawals with fidelity instant banking. From your phone, Dial *770*8*amount# you will get a pop-up stating, enter a one-time 4 digit PIN for your cardless withdrawal: type in a any 4 digit PIN which will stand as your one-time PIN (OTP). And type in your fidelity USSD instant banking PIN to confirm. You will instantly get a pay code from your fidelity account to withdraw cash. Go to the ATM and enter the pay code PIN sent to you by fidelity bank and amount of withdrawal, confirm and get your cash instantly.

How to pay utility bills with fidelity bank USSD code 

You can actually pay your bills using the fidelity USSD code. Bills such as; DSTV, startimes, DSTV box office, NairaBet, GoTV, Lekki concession company LCC toll, airtel bills and prepaid electricity bills. Without going through the hassles of queue. To pay either of the bills listed above, Dial *770*code of the bills*smart card number*amount#. Example to pay for DTSV N5500 subscription, Dial *770*1099*41000000000*5500#. check below to get a list of bills codes payable.

USSD codes for bill payment

1.  1099 for DSTV bill code.

2.  1098 for DSTV box office bill code.

3.  1077 for startimes bill code.

4.  1088 for Gotv bill code.

5.  1033 for swift 4G subscription bill code.

6.  1022 for postpaid Enugu electric distribution company (EEDC) bill code.

7.  1021 for prepaid Enugu electric distribution company (EEDC) bill code.

8.  1044 for Ibadan electric distribution company (IBEDC) bill code.

9.  1013 for prepaid Kano electric distribution company (KEDCO) bill code.1

10. 1014 for postpaid Kano electric distribution company (KEDCO) bill code.

11. 1017 for Port harcourt electric distribution company (PHED) bill code.

12. 1015 for Benin electric distribution company (BEDC) bill code.

13. 1011 for (EKEDDP) prepaid bill payment code.

14. 1012 for (EKEDDP) postpaid bill payment code.

15. 1066 for LCC toll bill payment code.

16.1055 for NairaBet bill payment code.

17. 1068 for Lagos toll company (LTC) bill code.

18. 1112 for Airtel bill payment code.

How to change fidelity bank alert platform 

You can set the limits of fidelity alert to receive either via fidelity email email alert or fidelity SMS alert. This service allows you to limit the amount of alert you want to record. You can choose to get alert either on daily or weekly basis. Dial *770*2# and select the type of fidelity alert you want to receive.

I blocked my fidelity bank account, how can I reactive it back?

If you blocked your account or card because you suspects malicious act or someone might have access to your fidelity account without you knowledge. Just walk into any fidelity branch and ask the their customer care support to reactivate your account back.

Will i be charged for receiving fidelity email alert.

email alert are mostly free while SMS may be subject to some charges at the end of every month for specific amount of alert received.

Fidelity bank customer care number/email 

For further enquiries and complaints you can reach fidelity bank customer care support on 070034335489 and +2349087989069 from abroad, you can also reach them on WhatsApp and email via Or email at: or visit

First Bank USSD transfer codes 894 – how to transfer money

First bank USSD code to transfer money.

First Bank USSD transfer codes, 894 – how to transfer money

Firstbank is one of Nigeria’s financial institutions, it provides both online and offline banking services. You can never be stranded with firstbank USSD code *894#, with This Firstbank quick banking cod, you don’t need data to perform transactions from your firstbank account.

It’s easier convenient and secure, you can easily use it to check account balance, transfer money to any bank pay bills buy airtime and data. 

How to use fort bank quick banking USSD codes 

You can be able to use first Ban quick banking USSD code for transactions if you have a first bank debit card (ATM card). Then from the phone number you use when opening the account, Dial *894#, a list of menu will pop, select option 1, stating Quick banking. Follow the steps by steps and set up your quick banking linked to you debit card, and select a 5 digit PIN which will be your password whenever you want to conduct any transaction. After successfully setting up the first bank quick banking, follow the procedure on, how to transfer money with first bank USSD code:

How to create firstbank USSD PIN

To creat your first bank 5 digit quick banking transaction PIN, after registering for quick banking services. By dialing *894#, you will select your debit card provided by the first bank to you. Now enter your ATM card 4 digit PIN, then you will be prompt to enter a 5 digits transaction PIN, you will still be asked to confirm it for the second time. After a successful confirmation, your first bank USSD quick banking is ready to use for transactions.

How to transfer money within first Bank 

This service allows you to send money within first Bank accounts, all you need is to have the other firstbank account number writing somewhere. Then from your phone, Dial *894*account number*amount#. The service will then take you to a pop up asking you to type in your 4 digit PIN, input your pin and confirm your transactions. 

How to transfer money from First Bank to other banks 

Unlike the previous method of transferring money within first bank, To transfer money from your first bank account to other banks, Dial *894*account number*amount#. Provide your 4 digit PIN in the next pop up and confirm your transaction.

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How to buy airtime with my first-bank account 

This service allow you to buy airtime/credit for yourself using the first bank USSD code, to buy airtime for yourself, Dial *894*amount#. With this method you don’t have to provide the 4 digit PIN when buying airtime for yourself from your first bank account.

How to buy data with first bank USSD code 

If you you can buy airtime for yourself, friends and family, you can equally buy internet date bundle with your firstbank account, using USSD quick banking. Dial *894*2#. Select any data plan of your choice and input your 5 digit PIN to confirm your transactions.

How to recharge someone from my first-bank account 

This service allows you to recharge other people’s phone from your first bank account, such as friends or family. Dial *894*phone number* amount# to buy airtime from your first-bank account to other people phone number.

How to check first bank account balance 

It’s fast and easier to check your first bank account balance with first bank quick banking USSD codes, dial *894*00#. Wait for few seconds, you will get a message from first bank with your account balance as at that time of request.

How check first bank mini-statement of aaccount nk mini-statements of account 

first bank gives you the ability to check a mini-statements of transactions done in your account number for a specific time period. using the USSD quick

banking codes to check firstbank mini-statement, Dial *894*account number#. Sample of a first bank mini-statement is shown below.



1. – 10 26 – oct – 2020.

2. + 14 01 -oct – 2020.

How to open a first bank account 

You can actually open an account with first bank using the quick banking USSD codes. To open a first bank account, Dial *894*0#, select option 1 stating open an account,  it will then take you to 2 options namely; open with BVN and open without BVN.

If you have a BVN, you can go ahead and open with a BVN, provide all necessary information such as your name, date of birth, state of origin phone number and your BVN number.

After completing the process, your account number will be sent to the phone number you provided during the period of registration. But if you don’t have a BVN, you can register just as a person with a BVN omitting only the BVN process.

Then go to any firstbank nearest branches and enroll for a BVN number which will be used in turn to link your account number.

First bank quick banking USSD short codes 

1. Dial *894# for any transaction and follow the process to achieve any transaction.

2. Dial *894*0# to open an account, to register fo 894 banking and to reset your PIN.

3. Dial *894*1# to activate first minor wallet.

4. Dial *894*2# to buy internet data bundle.

5. Dial *894*9# to view procedures on how to register/be a first bank agent.

6. Dial *894*# to check account balance.

7. Dial *894*amount# to buy airtime on your phone number. 

8. Dial *894*phone number*amount# to buy airtime for other phone numbers.

9. Dial *894*account number# to check mini-statement of account.

10. Dial *894*amount*account number# to transfer money.

FAQs about Firstbank USSD quick banking code.

Q: What mobile network can i use to perform the firstbank USSD quick banking?

You can perform the firstbank USSD quick banking with all mobile network, be it airtel, MTN, Glo and 9mobile. So long as it’s the phone number you are using to receive alert from your bank.

Q: Is the firstbank USSD code quick banking service secure?

Yes it’s very secure, because only you can conduct any transaction you want to with your phone.

Even if someone have possession of your phone, they won’t get access to your account because only you know your 5 digits special PIN to conduct transactions.

Q: What can I do if i suspect someone knows my firstbank USSD PIN?

It’s always advisable not to share your PIN to anyone. But if you suspect someone of knowing your PIN you can dial *894*0# and select option 3 to reset your current PIN.

Q: How can i get my money back from firstbank USSD code, if i am debited wrongly?

If you are debited and didn’t get your money delivered to the person your are transferring to or did not get the airtime/data you bought. You can wait for some hours to get auto refund from firstbank or you can reach firstbank customer care support on: 0700FIRSTCONTACT, 0700-34778268228 or you can email them at: Or visit any of firstbank nearest branches for supports. Or log on to

Access Bank USSD transfer codes – how to transfer money

AccessBank is one of Nigeria’s financial institutions, it provides both online and offline banking services. This, offline banking services using a short USSD code *901#. These short service codes allow you to transfer money within access bank to other access bank account, and from access bank to other banks, as well as from access bank to other banks located in various African countries. you can buy airtime and pay utility bills with this short codes and perform several transactions offline.

How to use access bank USSD codes 

*901#, To use Access Bank USSD code for transactions, you need to first activate the USSD codes and link it your AccessBank account, the service will enable you to conduct offline payment of bills and fund transfer anytime anywhere without needing an internet connection or going to the bank.

To active this service Dial *901# and follow the prompt procedure to add your account number, date of birth and 4 special PIN to complete your transactions offline. 

How to transfer money from Access Bank to Access Bank 

This feature allows you to send money from your Access Bank account to another account holder within Access Bank. These service is free of charge using the access plc app. Dial *901*amount*Access Bank account number#

How to transfer money from Access Bank to other banks 

To transfer money with your phone using USSD code from your Access Bank, bank account to other bank accounts you have to make sure the phone number you are using is the one linked to your bank account. Dial *901*amount*account number#.

You will be promoted to select bank to transfer and then enter PIN to confirm transfer.

Or use the second method below:

How to transfer money from Access Bank to international banks

If you can send money from AccessBank to Access Bank and other local banks, you can equally send money from your AccessBank account to other African countries instantly without having going through the hassles of western Union or money gram process. Dial *901*13# and select the country you wish to send money to.

Access Bank code to buy airtime airtime on my phone 

It’s easier to buy airtime for yourself, from Access Bank with your phone easily without having go through the hassle of looking for a recharge card vendor and stress of typing the airtime PIN. To purchase airtime just dial *901*amount#.

How to buy airtime other numbers with Access Bank code

You can purchase airtime for others just like the way you can purchase airtime for yourself with Access Bank, to purchase airtime for friends, family and loved ones at your convenience. Just Dial *901*amount*phone number#. This service allow you credit other people’s phone easily.

AccessBank/Diamond bank USSD transfer codes.

From your any mobile phone, navigate to your dialer and dial *901#.

You will get a pop – up of some menu, select option 2 indicating Transfers.

It will take you to prompt message asking you to enter amount to transfer.

You will be taken to another prompt message asking you to enter access number or any 3 letters of name:

type in the bank account number you want to transfer money to and proceed.

Now it will take you to a list of bank names available in Nigeria, select the bank name you want to transfer money to and proceed.

At this point you will be taken to a screen display the amount and name of the recipient. For example, Transfer amount.

       N5000 to joy Raymond.

       Enter PIN to confirm.

Now type in your 4 digit PIN and confirm the transfer.

How to check Access Bank account balance 

with this short and simple code you can be able to check your AccessBank/diamond account balance without stress current available balance or ledger account balance without stress. Check your AccessBank account balance by dialing *901*00# to check your Access Bank/diamond account balance.

How to reset Access Bank PIN code 

To reset your AccessBank USSD code, you can dial *901# select option 4, select option 6 and enter the date and year of birth provided by you during your account registration and confirm.

How to get Access Bank loan 

To qualify for AccessBank loan payday loan, you need to be their active customer for some specific period of time. The service allows you to borrow specific amount of money depending on your statement of account history, without collateral or further documents, and with low interest rates. Dial *901*11#. to get AccessBank loan.

Access Bank Short USSD codes

1. To check accounts balance, Dial *901*00#.

2. To top up credit/airtime balance, Dial *901*amount#.

3. To subscribe for GoTv, DSTV, bet9ja and data purchase, Dial *901*3#.

4. To top up airtime for other people, Dial *901*amount*phone number#.

5. To transfer money to from you AccessBank to other bank, Dial *901*amount*account number#.

6. To enquirer about your BVN, Dial *901*select 4 other self services, select 5 enquiry service and select 2 BVN enquiry.

7. To view your account number, Dial *901#select 4 other self services, select 4 enquiry service, select 3 a/c No enquiry and type in PIN. To view account number.

8. For cordless withdrawal, Dial *901*7#.

10. To subscribe to healthcare services, Dial *901*20# for healthXtra plan.

11. To send money to other African countries, Dial *901*13#.

12. To get salary advance, Dial *910*11*1#.

13. To request AccessBank loan, Dial *901*select 7 Xtracash loan.

14. To pay selected merchant, Dial *901*1*merchant account number*amount#.

15. To update your customer information, Dial *901*12#.

16. To conduct dual transaction service at the same time, Dial *901*14#.

17. To open new access yellow account, Dial *901*10#.

18. To top up your lekki concession company LCC, Dial *901*000*522*eTag number* amount#.

20. To opt out of the whole service, Dial *901#select 4 other self services, select 8 Next, select 2 opt out. Or dial *901*911#.

If you have any complaints or further informations, you can reach AccessBank customer care support on their 24/7 contact numbers on: 0700CallAccess, 07003000000, +234 1-2712005-7, +234 1-2802500 or or you can also reach them via email at: .

how can i transfer mb from airtel to airtel?

Have you ever been asked by friends, family or loved ones to help them buy internet data before but you really don’t have enough money to buy it for them.?

Do you have some amount of airtel internet data bundle and you want to share to friends or family but don’t know how to go about it,? This article will guide you on step by – step on how to share airtel data bundle.

How to share airtel data bundle 

Follow the steps below to easily share airtel data from your SIM to other airtel number:

  • Navigate to your phone dialer and dial *141#.

You will get a pop -up on your screen showing various menus.

  • From that menu, select option 6 showing Gifting & sharing.
  • Then select option 4 again showing Data Me2U.

In the next menu you will get two options namely, change PIN (Default PIN -1234) and send Me2U from existing allowance.

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  • If you have already changed your PIN before then go ahead and select the second option that states,
  • Send Me2U from existing allowance.
  • It will then take you to a screen asking you to Enter a recipient number:
  • Now type in the desired phone number that you wish to transfer/share your data with.
  • In the next screen you will be prompt to type in the amount of data allowance you want to share to the desired airtel number.
  • You will be prompt to enter your PIN in the next option.
  • Type in your 4 digit PIN and confirm your transfer.
  • You will get a response immediately saying that; You have successfully transferred 2xxMB to 0802xxxxxxxx.

For example: *141#, select option 6, select option 4, select option 2, input phone NO. 08020000000,  enter data amount to transfer 200MB, input PIN 2244, and confirm transfer.

But if you haven’t changed your PIN before then your can change it with the following procedure:

How to change airtel data sharing PIN

Dial *141#, select option 6 stating Sharing & gifting, select option 4 stating data Me2U, select option 1 stating change pin (Default PIN – 1234), now enter the default PIN which is 1234, you will be asked to enter your desired New PIN E.g 2244, you will still be asked to confirm the New PIN 2244.

After confirmation you will get a response saying “ Dear Customer, you have successfully changed your PIN. New PIN 2244 you can now attempt to perform any of the smart share activities.”

FAQs About airtel data transfer

Q: Why is that when tried to share airtel data to someone, I was told that i can’t more than 200MB?

Yes you will get a response when trying to transfer less than 3MB or above 200MB saying “ Dear Customer, you cannot transfer less then 3MB and more than 200MB out of your current bundle.”

That simply means that, the maximum amount of data you can share from your airtel number to other airtel number is 200MB for the current existing data. But you can share 200MB to several airtel numbers from your current existing number but cannot share more than 200MB to the same airtel number, unless you buy another airtel data bundle different from the existing or when you exhaust the current existing data and bought another.

Q: How can I share more than 200MB airtel Me2U data?

The only way you can share more than 200MB airtel data is by registering your phone number as small medium enterprise (SME) by calling airtel customer care help line on 111 and ask them to register your airtel number with the SME service.