Fidelity bank transfer code: with USSD

Fidelity bank transfer code: with USSD

The Fidelity instant banking USSD code to transfer, buy airtime buy data.

Fidelity bank USSD code also known as instant banking is service provided by fidelity Bank with a bank on the go from your home comfort. fidelity bank USSD code *770# can be used to transfer money, pay bills, buy airtime and many more. to use fidelity instant banking services, all you need to do is to, Dial *770# to get started.

How to activate fidelity bank instant banking 

from the phone number you used during your account opening, Dial *770#. You will get a pop – up message stating: 


Please do not disclose your fidelity bank online banking password/token ATM PIN or BVN to anyone. We will never ask for it.

Enter 1 to proceed.

After Successful creation of your fidelity instant banking, you can access other services on the fidelity bank instant banking.

Fidelity bank account balance enquiry code 

It’s easier to keep track records your transactions to be able to request for your account balance using a short USSD code. To check your fidelity account balance, Dial *770*0# and type in your PIN to confirm. This service attracts a service fee of N20, knows as convenience fee, chargeable from your account.

How to transfer money with fidelity instant banking 

It’s easier and convenient to transfer money with your fidelity bank instant banking without having to go to the bank at the comfort of your home or anywhere. To do this, Dial *770*account number* amount. Say for example if you want to transfer N5,000.

Dial *770*50987640963*5000# type in your PIN in the next prompt message to confirm your transfer.

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Charges for fidelity bank USSD transfer codes

There are some charges payable when using fidelity bank instant banking, they are highlighted below;

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Services performance      

1. Account balance enquiry.

2. Fidelity to fidelity bank transfer.

3. Fidelity to other to other bank transfer.

4. Bills payment chargers.

Old charges  

1. N10.

2. N50 flat rate charges.

3. N50 flat rate.

4. N10.

New transaction charges


1. N20.

2. N0 for N5000 N10 above N5000 N25 from N6000 above.

3. N0 for N5000 while N10 above N5000 including value added tax (VAT).

4. N150.

Fidelity Bank Code to buy airtime

The fidelity instant banking allows you to buy credit from your account using a short USSD code. To buy airtime from your fidelity bank, Dial *770*amount#. To buy airtime/credit fir yourself.

Fidelity bank code to buy airtime/credit for friends 

To recharge or buy airtime for other phone number such as friend, family or your other phone numbers. Dial *770*phone number*amount#. For example *770*0708000000*500#. A sum of N500 will be credited to the above number 07080000000.

How to secure your fidelity bank account 

If you lost your phone, you can use the service of fidelity account security gives you the ability to to protect your account against theft or hackers that may try to hack into your account to perform malicious act. To use the service of How to protect fidelity account, Dial *770*phone number# then type in your PIN number in the next option to confirm. This will instantly block your fidelity account from theft by any third party that may have access to your account. The good thing about this service is that you can perform the service in any mobile phone if your phone is stolen or lost.

How to update BVN to your fidelity bank account 

You can actually update your BVN or email easily from your fidelity instant banking, at the comfort of your home. Dial *770*02# then select either email or BVN in the next pop – up and type in either your email or BVN to confirm.

How to block fidelity bank ATM card

if your think your card was stolen, misplaced or your PIN was compromised. You can follow the procedure on how to block your fidelity ATM card easily with  fidelity USSD instant banking. Dial *770*911#.

How to change your fidelity bank PIN

Do you want to change your fidelity bank pin because you think your PIN is compromised or you feel the need to change your USSD instant banking PIN to secure your account? You can actually change your fidelity bank PIN in seconds by Dialing, *770*00#. Type in your current PIN in the next option, type in a new PIN the next option and type in the new PIN again in the next option to confirm. Example; Dial *770*00# [old PIN][new PIN][confirm new PIN].

How to withdraw money without ATM card from fidelity bank 

Did you lost your ATM card or your forgot your ATM card at home, and you are out of cash and wants to withdraw money from your account. No need to panic because you can actually do a card-less withdrawals with fidelity instant banking. From your phone, Dial *770*8*amount# you will get a pop-up stating, enter a one-time 4 digit PIN for your cardless withdrawal: type in a any 4 digit PIN which will stand as your one-time PIN (OTP). And type in your fidelity USSD instant banking PIN to confirm. You will instantly get a pay code from your fidelity account to withdraw cash. Go to the ATM and enter the pay code PIN sent to you by fidelity bank and amount of withdrawal, confirm and get your cash instantly.

How to pay utility bills with fidelity bank USSD code 

You can actually pay your bills using the fidelity USSD code. Bills such as; DSTV, startimes, DSTV box office, NairaBet, GoTV, Lekki concession company LCC toll, airtel bills and prepaid electricity bills. Without going through the hassles of queue. To pay either of the bills listed above, Dial *770*code of the bills*smart card number*amount#. Example to pay for DTSV N5500 subscription, Dial *770*1099*41000000000*5500#. check below to get a list of bills codes payable.

USSD codes for bill payment

1.  1099 for DSTV bill code.

2.  1098 for DSTV box office bill code.

3.  1077 for startimes bill code.

4.  1088 for Gotv bill code.

5.  1033 for swift 4G subscription bill code.

6.  1022 for postpaid Enugu electric distribution company (EEDC) bill code.

7.  1021 for prepaid Enugu electric distribution company (EEDC) bill code.

8.  1044 for Ibadan electric distribution company (IBEDC) bill code.

9.  1013 for prepaid Kano electric distribution company (KEDCO) bill code.1

10. 1014 for postpaid Kano electric distribution company (KEDCO) bill code.

11. 1017 for Port harcourt electric distribution company (PHED) bill code.

12. 1015 for Benin electric distribution company (BEDC) bill code.

13. 1011 for (EKEDDP) prepaid bill payment code.

14. 1012 for (EKEDDP) postpaid bill payment code.

15. 1066 for LCC toll bill payment code.

16.1055 for NairaBet bill payment code.

17. 1068 for Lagos toll company (LTC) bill code.

18. 1112 for Airtel bill payment code.

How to change fidelity bank alert platform 

You can set the limits of fidelity alert to receive either via fidelity email email alert or fidelity SMS alert. This service allows you to limit the amount of alert you want to record. You can choose to get alert either on daily or weekly basis. Dial *770*2# and select the type of fidelity alert you want to receive.

I blocked my fidelity bank account, how can I reactive it back?

If you blocked your account or card because you suspects malicious act or someone might have access to your fidelity account without you knowledge. Just walk into any fidelity branch and ask the their customer care support to reactivate your account back.

Will i be charged for receiving fidelity email alert.

email alert are mostly free while SMS may be subject to some charges at the end of every month for specific amount of alert received.

Fidelity bank customer care number/email 

For further enquiries and complaints you can reach fidelity bank customer care support on 070034335489 and +2349087989069 from abroad, you can also reach them on WhatsApp and email via Or email at: or visit

Fidelity bank transfer code: with USSD

First Bank USSD transfer codes 894 – how to transfer money

First bank USSD code to transfer money.

First Bank USSD transfer codes, 894 – how to transfer money

Firstbank is one of Nigeria’s financial institutions, it provides both online and offline banking services. You can never be stranded with firstbank USSD code *894#, with This Firstbank quick banking cod, you don’t need data to perform transactions from your firstbank account.

It’s easier convenient and secure, you can easily use it to check account balance, transfer money to any bank pay bills buy airtime and data. 

How to use fort bank quick banking USSD codes 

You can be able to use first Ban quick banking USSD code for transactions if you have a first bank debit card (ATM card). Then from the phone number you use when opening the account, Dial *894#, a list of menu will pop, select option 1, stating Quick banking. Follow the steps by steps and set up your quick banking linked to you debit card, and select a 5 digit PIN which will be your password whenever you want to conduct any transaction. After successfully setting up the first bank quick banking, follow the procedure on, how to transfer money with first bank USSD code:

How to create firstbank USSD PIN

To creat your first bank 5 digit quick banking transaction PIN, after registering for quick banking services. By dialing *894#, you will select your debit card provided by the first bank to you. Now enter your ATM card 4 digit PIN, then you will be prompt to enter a 5 digits transaction PIN, you will still be asked to confirm it for the second time. After a successful confirmation, your first bank USSD quick banking is ready to use for transactions.

How to transfer money within first Bank 

This service allows you to send money within first Bank accounts, all you need is to have the other firstbank account number writing somewhere. Then from your phone, Dial *894*account number*amount#. The service will then take you to a pop up asking you to type in your 4 digit PIN, input your pin and confirm your transactions. 

How to transfer money from First Bank to other banks 

Unlike the previous method of transferring money within first bank, To transfer money from your first bank account to other banks, Dial *894*account number*amount#. Provide your 4 digit PIN in the next pop up and confirm your transaction.

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How to buy airtime with my first-bank account 

This service allow you to buy airtime/credit for yourself using the first bank USSD code, to buy airtime for yourself, Dial *894*amount#. With this method you don’t have to provide the 4 digit PIN when buying airtime for yourself from your first bank account.

How to buy data with first bank USSD code 

If you you can buy airtime for yourself, friends and family, you can equally buy internet date bundle with your firstbank account, using USSD quick banking. Dial *894*2#. Select any data plan of your choice and input your 5 digit PIN to confirm your transactions.

How to recharge someone from my first-bank account 

This service allows you to recharge other people’s phone from your first bank account, such as friends or family. Dial *894*phone number* amount# to buy airtime from your first-bank account to other people phone number.

How to check first bank account balance 

It’s fast and easier to check your first bank account balance with first bank quick banking USSD codes, dial *894*00#. Wait for few seconds, you will get a message from first bank with your account balance as at that time of request.

How check first bank mini-statement of aaccount nk mini-statements of account 

first bank gives you the ability to check a mini-statements of transactions done in your account number for a specific time period. using the USSD quick

banking codes to check firstbank mini-statement, Dial *894*account number#. Sample of a first bank mini-statement is shown below.



1. – 10 26 – oct – 2020.

2. + 14 01 -oct – 2020.

How to open a first bank account 

You can actually open an account with first bank using the quick banking USSD codes. To open a first bank account, Dial *894*0#, select option 1 stating open an account,  it will then take you to 2 options namely; open with BVN and open without BVN.

If you have a BVN, you can go ahead and open with a BVN, provide all necessary information such as your name, date of birth, state of origin phone number and your BVN number.

After completing the process, your account number will be sent to the phone number you provided during the period of registration. But if you don’t have a BVN, you can register just as a person with a BVN omitting only the BVN process.

Then go to any firstbank nearest branches and enroll for a BVN number which will be used in turn to link your account number.

First bank quick banking USSD short codes 

1. Dial *894# for any transaction and follow the process to achieve any transaction.

2. Dial *894*0# to open an account, to register fo 894 banking and to reset your PIN.

3. Dial *894*1# to activate first minor wallet.

4. Dial *894*2# to buy internet data bundle.

5. Dial *894*9# to view procedures on how to register/be a first bank agent.

6. Dial *894*# to check account balance.

7. Dial *894*amount# to buy airtime on your phone number. 

8. Dial *894*phone number*amount# to buy airtime for other phone numbers.

9. Dial *894*account number# to check mini-statement of account.

10. Dial *894*amount*account number# to transfer money.

FAQs about Firstbank USSD quick banking code.

Q: What mobile network can i use to perform the firstbank USSD quick banking?

You can perform the firstbank USSD quick banking with all mobile network, be it airtel, MTN, Glo and 9mobile. So long as it’s the phone number you are using to receive alert from your bank.

Q: Is the firstbank USSD code quick banking service secure?

Yes it’s very secure, because only you can conduct any transaction you want to with your phone.

Even if someone have possession of your phone, they won’t get access to your account because only you know your 5 digits special PIN to conduct transactions.

Q: What can I do if i suspect someone knows my firstbank USSD PIN?

It’s always advisable not to share your PIN to anyone. But if you suspect someone of knowing your PIN you can dial *894*0# and select option 3 to reset your current PIN.

Q: How can i get my money back from firstbank USSD code, if i am debited wrongly?

If you are debited and didn’t get your money delivered to the person your are transferring to or did not get the airtime/data you bought. You can wait for some hours to get auto refund from firstbank or you can reach firstbank customer care support on: 0700FIRSTCONTACT, 0700-34778268228 or you can email them at: Or visit any of firstbank nearest branches for supports. Or log on to

Access Bank USSD transfer codes – how to transfer money

AccessBank is one of Nigeria’s financial institutions, it provides both online and offline banking services. This, offline banking services using a short USSD code *901#. These short service codes allow you to transfer money within access bank to other access bank account, and from access bank to other banks, as well as from access bank to other banks located in various African countries. you can buy airtime and pay utility bills with this short codes and perform several transactions offline.

How to use access bank USSD codes 

*901#, To use Access Bank USSD code for transactions, you need to first activate the USSD codes and link it your AccessBank account, the service will enable you to conduct offline payment of bills and fund transfer anytime anywhere without needing an internet connection or going to the bank.

To active this service Dial *901# and follow the prompt procedure to add your account number, date of birth and 4 special PIN to complete your transactions offline. 

How to transfer money from Access Bank to Access Bank 

This feature allows you to send money from your Access Bank account to another account holder within Access Bank. These service is free of charge using the access plc app. Dial *901*amount*Access Bank account number#

How to transfer money from Access Bank to other banks 

To transfer money with your phone using USSD code from your Access Bank, bank account to other bank accounts you have to make sure the phone number you are using is the one linked to your bank account. Dial *901*amount*account number#.

You will be promoted to select bank to transfer and then enter PIN to confirm transfer.

Or use the second method below:

How to transfer money from Access Bank to international banks

If you can send money from AccessBank to Access Bank and other local banks, you can equally send money from your AccessBank account to other African countries instantly without having going through the hassles of western Union or money gram process. Dial *901*13# and select the country you wish to send money to.

Access Bank code to buy airtime airtime on my phone 

It’s easier to buy airtime for yourself, from Access Bank with your phone easily without having go through the hassle of looking for a recharge card vendor and stress of typing the airtime PIN. To purchase airtime just dial *901*amount#.

How to buy airtime other numbers with Access Bank code

You can purchase airtime for others just like the way you can purchase airtime for yourself with Access Bank, to purchase airtime for friends, family and loved ones at your convenience. Just Dial *901*amount*phone number#. This service allow you credit other people’s phone easily.

AccessBank/Diamond bank USSD transfer codes.

From your any mobile phone, navigate to your dialer and dial *901#.

You will get a pop – up of some menu, select option 2 indicating Transfers.

It will take you to prompt message asking you to enter amount to transfer.

You will be taken to another prompt message asking you to enter access number or any 3 letters of name:

type in the bank account number you want to transfer money to and proceed.

Now it will take you to a list of bank names available in Nigeria, select the bank name you want to transfer money to and proceed.

At this point you will be taken to a screen display the amount and name of the recipient. For example, Transfer amount.

       N5000 to joy Raymond.

       Enter PIN to confirm.

Now type in your 4 digit PIN and confirm the transfer.

How to check Access Bank account balance 

with this short and simple code you can be able to check your AccessBank/diamond account balance without stress current available balance or ledger account balance without stress. Check your AccessBank account balance by dialing *901*00# to check your Access Bank/diamond account balance.

How to reset Access Bank PIN code 

To reset your AccessBank USSD code, you can dial *901# select option 4, select option 6 and enter the date and year of birth provided by you during your account registration and confirm.

How to get Access Bank loan 

To qualify for AccessBank loan payday loan, you need to be their active customer for some specific period of time. The service allows you to borrow specific amount of money depending on your statement of account history, without collateral or further documents, and with low interest rates. Dial *901*11#. to get AccessBank loan.

Access Bank Short USSD codes

1. To check accounts balance, Dial *901*00#.

2. To top up credit/airtime balance, Dial *901*amount#.

3. To subscribe for GoTv, DSTV, bet9ja and data purchase, Dial *901*3#.

4. To top up airtime for other people, Dial *901*amount*phone number#.

5. To transfer money to from you AccessBank to other bank, Dial *901*amount*account number#.

6. To enquirer about your BVN, Dial *901*select 4 other self services, select 5 enquiry service and select 2 BVN enquiry.

7. To view your account number, Dial *901#select 4 other self services, select 4 enquiry service, select 3 a/c No enquiry and type in PIN. To view account number.

8. For cordless withdrawal, Dial *901*7#.

10. To subscribe to healthcare services, Dial *901*20# for healthXtra plan.

11. To send money to other African countries, Dial *901*13#.

12. To get salary advance, Dial *910*11*1#.

13. To request AccessBank loan, Dial *901*select 7 Xtracash loan.

14. To pay selected merchant, Dial *901*1*merchant account number*amount#.

15. To update your customer information, Dial *901*12#.

16. To conduct dual transaction service at the same time, Dial *901*14#.

17. To open new access yellow account, Dial *901*10#.

18. To top up your lekki concession company LCC, Dial *901*000*522*eTag number* amount#.

20. To opt out of the whole service, Dial *901#select 4 other self services, select 8 Next, select 2 opt out. Or dial *901*911#.

If you have any complaints or further informations, you can reach AccessBank customer care support on their 24/7 contact numbers on: 0700CallAccess, 07003000000, +234 1-2712005-7, +234 1-2802500 or or you can also reach them via email at: .

how can i transfer mb from airtel to airtel?

Have you ever been asked by friends, family or loved ones to help them buy internet data before but you really don’t have enough money to buy it for them.?

Do you have some amount of airtel internet data bundle and you want to share to friends or family but don’t know how to go about it,? This article will guide you on step by – step on how to share airtel data bundle.

How to share airtel data bundle 

Follow the steps below to easily share airtel data from your SIM to other airtel number:

  • Navigate to your phone dialer and dial *141#.

You will get a pop -up on your screen showing various menus.

  • From that menu, select option 6 showing Gifting & sharing.
  • Then select option 4 again showing Data Me2U.

In the next menu you will get two options namely, change PIN (Default PIN -1234) and send Me2U from existing allowance.

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  • If you have already changed your PIN before then go ahead and select the second option that states,
  • Send Me2U from existing allowance.
  • It will then take you to a screen asking you to Enter a recipient number:
  • Now type in the desired phone number that you wish to transfer/share your data with.
  • In the next screen you will be prompt to type in the amount of data allowance you want to share to the desired airtel number.
  • You will be prompt to enter your PIN in the next option.
  • Type in your 4 digit PIN and confirm your transfer.
  • You will get a response immediately saying that; You have successfully transferred 2xxMB to 0802xxxxxxxx.

For example: *141#, select option 6, select option 4, select option 2, input phone NO. 08020000000,  enter data amount to transfer 200MB, input PIN 2244, and confirm transfer.

But if you haven’t changed your PIN before then your can change it with the following procedure:

How to change airtel data sharing PIN

Dial *141#, select option 6 stating Sharing & gifting, select option 4 stating data Me2U, select option 1 stating change pin (Default PIN – 1234), now enter the default PIN which is 1234, you will be asked to enter your desired New PIN E.g 2244, you will still be asked to confirm the New PIN 2244.

After confirmation you will get a response saying “ Dear Customer, you have successfully changed your PIN. New PIN 2244 you can now attempt to perform any of the smart share activities.”

FAQs About airtel data transfer

Q: Why is that when tried to share airtel data to someone, I was told that i can’t more than 200MB?

Yes you will get a response when trying to transfer less than 3MB or above 200MB saying “ Dear Customer, you cannot transfer less then 3MB and more than 200MB out of your current bundle.”

That simply means that, the maximum amount of data you can share from your airtel number to other airtel number is 200MB for the current existing data. But you can share 200MB to several airtel numbers from your current existing number but cannot share more than 200MB to the same airtel number, unless you buy another airtel data bundle different from the existing or when you exhaust the current existing data and bought another.

Q: How can I share more than 200MB airtel Me2U data?

The only way you can share more than 200MB airtel data is by registering your phone number as small medium enterprise (SME) by calling airtel customer care help line on 111 and ask them to register your airtel number with the SME service.

Code for airtel double data bundle 2020

Airtel double data bundle code.

Airtel is an Indian based telecom network provider company, that have branches various regions across Chanel island South Asia and Africa. As it’s said, airtel Nigeria is one of the leading telecom network provider in Nigeria that provides vast coverage several services namely;

  • Call service.

  • Short media message (SMS).

  • multimedia message (MMS).

  • Internet services. and many others.

This article is aimed at teach you step by step how to get airtel double data. Follow the process below to enjoy airtel double data internet service:

How to get airtel double data

First you need to have a newly registered airtel subscriber identification module (SIM). Or a SIM registered not later than preceding 3 months. to qualify for airtel double data.

From your mobile phone Navigate to your phone dialer , and dial *141#. 

You will get a pop up menu, in the menu select option 1. that indicates, My Offer.

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Then a list of options will display on your screen after selecting my offer, such as:

    200MB N100 Daily.

    400MB N200 3Days.

    2GB N500 Daily.

    5GB N500 14 -Days.

    3GB N1000 Monthly.

    4GB N1200 Monthly.

    6GB N1500 Monthly.

    9GB N2000 Monthly.

Select neither of the option, for example; if you select option 1. 6GB for (N1500) you will get a prompt message on your phone screen saying “ 6GB for 30 days at N1500. 

What should happen when your bundle finishes?

1. continue browsing from airtime/160MB extra.

2. stop my data.


Reply with option 2 to stop browsing from your call credits after you have exhaust your internet data. 

You will get a pop-up response again in a short period of time saying “ your N1500 monthly plan has been successfully activated. You will receive a menu shortly, to select if you want to auto-renew this bundle.

Now you can chose to ignore the auto-renewal option by exiting the menu or reply with STOP AUTO-RENEW to stop auto-renew on your SIM.

You will then get a response SMS from airtel saying: “Your N1500 Monthly Plan has been successfully activated. Valid for 30 days. Dial *140# for data balance.”

At this point your double data is ready, usable to surf the internet, all you need is to use the below  code to check airtel data balance:

How to check airtel Data balance 

To check and confirm your airtel double data bundle, simple dial *140#. Wait for a response text message which will show you your double date bundle in a form of SMS.

Below is an example of how double data bundle balance look like:

Your Balances Are: Daily Bundle: 585MB (Expired); 

Monthly Bundle: 3072MB till 13-August; 

Double Data: 3072MB till 13-August; 

To rollover expired data, dial *141# and renew your bundle now. 

You can see that from the double data balance above, shows that you will not only be given double data but also some amount of daily data that is meant to be used the day you bought the data.

FAQs About airtel data transfer

Q: Why was my data not doubled when I subscribed for airtel double data?

First of all you need to make sure your SIM is not older than 3 months from the date of  purchase/registration. before you will be eligible for airtel double data. 

Q: My airtel SIM activation/registration is below 3 months, why was i not given the double data?

If you are certain that the date of you SIM activation/registration is not more than 3 months from the date you buy the double data bundle. It may be due to some error, you should call airtel customer care help line on 111 and complain to them that you bought airtel double data but you were not given. They will test-run a check on the phone number you used to buy the double data, if you are eligible and was not given. They will apologize and work on your SIM, then they will double your data in a given time frame. This method is tested and trusted by me.

Q: How can i check airtel Nigeria SIM registration date?

Call their customer care service number on 111 and ask them to help you check the date of your SIM registration/activation. They will tell you the Day, Year and month you activated your SIM.

When you are certain about the date of your SIM registration, if it’s not more than 3 months ago, then you will be eligible to enjoy airtel double data.

procedure to use your picture as whatsapp wallpaper

WhatsApp picture wallpaper, WhatsApp logoDo you often see people send WhatsApp screenshots of their WhatsApp chat and all you could see is a beautiful background of their photos or a custom picture wallpaper.? Do you wish to have a custom WhatsAp wallpapers or background or one of your beautiful selfie pictures to your WhatsApp chat background.? Adding a custom background Or wallpaper to your WhatsApp could be beautiful than just using the regular default WhatsApp background.

This process is going to guide you with step by-step process to make that beautiful WhatsApp chat background or wallpapers.

How to use my picture as WhatsApp wallpaper

Follow the process below to set your picture as your WhatsApp wallpaper:

Lunch your WhatsApp application either from a mobile phone or a computer.

At the bottom right of your WhatsApp homepage, locate and select settings.

you will get a list of new menus, locate and select chat.

In the chat menu, you will see a list of menu such as; chat wallpaper, save to camera roll, chat backup, archive all chats, and clear all chats – delete all chats, showing in red background.

Now select chat wallpaper. This will then take you to 3 respective WhatsApp wallpaper options namely: wallpaper library, solid colors, photos and Reset wallpaper.

Wallpaper library

Wallpaper library provides you with beautiful wallpaper background, that either comes as still wallpapers or perspective wallpapers. Thus, when still is applied, they are usually static and non-movable pictures or wallpapers. While perspectives are also known as dynamic or movable wallpapers that can also be referred to as live wallpapers.

Solid colors

Solid colors provides you with a simple wallpaper background that only provides you with various colors such as; red, blue, black yellow etc.

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Photos, this is the main aim of this article, photos tends to allow you use your selfie photos or a specific picture you wish to use as your WhatsApp wallpaper.

Now go ahead and select photos, it will will automatically access and open all saved pictures in your phone or computer.

Navigate and select the desired picture you wish to use as your WhatsApp wallpaper to display on your chat background.

After you have select the desired photo, you will then get a pop up of the selected pictures, giving you the options of pinch to and drag to adjust.

drag the picture either to the left or right and set the picture to your desired taste and how you want it to display.

Then press set, and go back to your WhatsApp chats and view your newly applied wallpaper.

Reset wallpaper

Reset wallpaper is used to discard a custom wallpaper set by you to the default wallpaper.

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FAQs About WhatsApp picture wallpaper

Q: How can I know if my picture was uploaded to my WhatsApp wallpaper.?

Your wallpaper is readily available immediately you select the desired picture you want to use on your WhatsApp wallpaper and click on the set button at the bottom right of the page where you set your picture.

Q: I set my picture as my WhatsApp wallpaper but it’s displying too big/zoom in, how will I keep it as the original picture in my WhatsApp wallpaper.?

When you are applying a specific wallpaper to your WhatsApp, if you have selected the photo; do not zoom, drag or set it to perspective. Always apply it when selected, because adjusting the photo will rather make some part of the picture to display while some of the other part will be zoom out and make it not look as the original picture from your phones gallery.

Q: I set a picture on my WhatsApp as perspective, but why is it still showing only some part of the picture on my WhatsApp wallpaper.?

Firstly, why your WhatsApp wallpaper may show some part of the picture is because when you were setting the picture as your wallpaper, you used the option of perspective instead of still.

All you need to do is to close the WhatsApp app and remove it from your recent open apps, then re-lunch your WhatsApp app again and apply same picture that you applied earlier without adjusting the picture or dragging it and leave the default setting as still.

Q: how can I remove my picture from my WhatsApp wallpaper.?

If you wish to remove your current picture from your WhatsApp wallpaper or background, just go back to the normal procedure;

Navigate to your WhatsApp Seethings → chats → chat wallpapers and select Reset wallpaper.

Your default WhatsApp wallpaper will be restored.

how to hide my phone number when calling someone

how to hide my phone number when calling someone

Do you wish to call someone sometimes and you don’t want them to know it’s you that called or you want to know if they are avoiding your calls because you keep calling them without any response? Here is how to hide your number to call your friends and loved ones.

It’s called restricted number. whenever someone call your phone number you and you see restricted number, No Caller ID and No Number. It simply means they hide their phone number from you. And after the call you still can’t find trace of the phone number. This tutorial will show you two steps on how to hide your phone number and call your friends or loved ones to prank them without them knowing it’s you, follow the steps below:

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How to hide my number from someone

There are 2 methods to hide your number from people you call, namely:

  • Code to hide my number from someone.

  • Settings to hide my number from someone.

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First Method on how to hide or restrict my phone number from someone. 

Navigate to your phone’s dialer and #31# and then the person phone number you want to hide your number for then call him/her. For example. #31#08128204656 then call the person, when he/she sees the call it will come as restricted number or unknown number.

But these methods is only applicable to the specific number you added the #31# at the beginning of his/her phone number before calling while calling others without adding the #31# will still show your phone number on their phone or your name if they have your phone number saved in their phonebook contacts. You can share Airtel airtime me2U to friends or family

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Second step on how to hide my number from someone 

Navigate to settings in your phone menu, locate call settings or calls, you will find a couple of settings found under the call settings or calls depending on the brand of phone or telecom network provider you are using.

Now locate send my caller identity, select it, it’s automatically set as On or Default. Meaning your caller identity or phone numbers will show whenever you place a call. To hide your caller identity or phone number, turn it to off and save it. After that you can go ahead and place a call to any phone number saved in your phonebook or not saved in your phonebook, it will show restricted number in the person’s phone you are calling. 

You can follow the same steps to turn it back on so as to allow people see your phone number on their phone.

How to show my phone number to people I call 

by following this steps: settings, calls or call settings, send my caller identity or show my caller identity, then turn it On. Then you can continue calling any phone number and your phone number will be visible to them.

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FAQs About incoming call restricted number

Q: How will i detect an unknown number?

Q: How can i block incoming calls from restricted numbers?

There is no way to block calls from a restricted number, because you must know a specific number before you will be able to block them from calling you. Unless at that specific period of time you want to activate the do not disturb feature to block all incoming calls for that particular period of time.

You cannot detect a restricted or unknown number, unless in a case where you suspects a specific person. Then you can edit the person’s phone number from your phonebook and assign a different ringing tone to that specific suspected phone number. When your phone rings and you hear the assigned rigging tone to that specific number only then you can be certain about a restricted number.

Q: I don’t have the person’s phone number Offhand I want to restrict my number from how will i edit it and call him/he?

There are two methods to go about it, first method, you can go to your phonebook contacts and locate his /her phone number then click on edit before call or edit number then add the #31# at the front of his/her phone number and save. but this method will always restrict your phone number to the specific contacts you add the #31# code. While the second method, by dialing the specific phone number you want to call then immediately end the call before it rings, then go to the dial number and edit it, then add the #31# code at the front of the phone number then place your call, it will be restricted to the specific person only at that moment whilst show your number to the person when you call him/her from your phonebook contacts.

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3 airtel me2u codes for transferring credits

3 airtel me2u codes for transferring credits.

Airtel Me2U credit transfer code. 3 airtel me2u codes for  transferring  credits

Airtel me2U is one of Airtel’s feature that allow users to share airtime/credit 
to other airtel user. Its used to share call time or credit to friends, family and loved ones. The service is a offered to users as free of charge. 

How to transfer airtime with airtel Me2U?

There are three methods to use airtel Me2U to transfer airtime, and we are going to show you the 3 airtel me2u codes for transferring credits. The are listed below:

  • Via USSD code, *432#.
  • Through text message.
  • Via USSD, *121#.

The USSD methods are the easiest methods to used,while the text message gives you the ability to edit and make changes when mistakes are done during the process of transfer. 

first method

To transfer airtime with airtel me2U via *432#. USSD is by:

dialing *432* airtel number* amount to transfer#.

E.g. *432*08128204656*1000#.

You will get a response saying “please enter PIN” (default PIN is 1234).

Input your four digit pin that you have previously changed then press send.

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But if you haven’t change your default pin the transfer may not not go through. You will get a response saying; “The password you entered incorrect, please check and try transaction again. Please note that the default password is (1224).” These response simply means you need to change your default PIN to a more secure one that you can easily remember.

How to change my airtel Me2u default transfer PIN?

To change your airtel Me2U PIN from default to your desired PIN, follow the steps bellow:

Navigate to short media message (SMS) menu on your phone.

Type PIN and give space then input the default PIN 1234 space new PIN, four digit number of your choice.

E.g. “PIN 1234 2222.”

Then send to 432. 

You will get a text message response saying “Your code has been changed successfully. Your new code is 2222.”

Now you can go ahead and make your transfer with the new default PIN.

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Second method 

Navigate to (SMS) on your phone and type, 2U space receivers airtel number, space amount, space default PIN. for example: 2U 08128204656 1000 1234 then send to 432. You will get a response saying “ you are about to transfer 1000 to 08128204656. Reply with YES to confirm and NO to cancel.” At this point you can either cancel your transaction if you think you made a mistake by replying with NO. Or reply with YES to complete your transfer.

Third method

The third method is one of the best method to transfer airtel Me2U credit. with this method, you can transfer airtime even with the default PIN (1234) without changing it. Now you understand why I said it’s one of the best methods.? Follow the process below:

Navigate to your phone dialer and dial *121#

A list of menu will pop up, select menu number 4 showing “ borrow credit & other self services.”

It will take you to another list of menu, select menu 2 showing “Me2U.” Then you will get a response saying “you will be redirected to the Me2U menu.” Wait for at least 4 seconds. Then a list of menu will pop up showing

  • 1 airtel to airtel, it enable you to share M2U credit to any airtel number.
  • 2 gift data bundle, it enable you to share browsing data to any airtel number.
  • 3 PIN management, It allow you to change your default Me2U transfer PIN anytime.
  • 4 info, it tells you information about Me2U transfer charges or fee, but don’t bother yourself it’s always free of charge.
  • 5 help. It tells you about your default PIN and other method on how to transfer airtel Me2U credit.

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Now select menu 1 airtel to airtel, it will take you to menu asking you to “enter the number you wish to transfer airtime to.” Now enter the desired airtel number you wish to share airtime with. It will take you to another menu showing “enter the amount you wish to transfer.” Input any amount of your choice and send.

It will then ask you to enter your PIN. type your PIN, either default 1234 if you haven’t changed it before. Then send it’s as simple as that. 

For simple understanding of the third method follow the steps below 

Dial *121# select option 4, select option 2, select option 1, enter number, enter amount, enter PIN.

You will get a response saying “msg:222: your request to transfer NGN 1xxx to 0812xxxxxxxx will be processed in a short time.

Tnx Id is C201016.xxxx.xxxxxx.


FAQs About airtel Me2U data sharing


Q: How can get back my credit that I mistakenly transferred to a wrong number?

You cannot get your airtime/credit back, because the deal has been done. That is why it’s advisable to use the “second method via text message” because you be given the opportunity to cancel your transfer anytime before confirmation. Or you can call the wrong number and plead for a refund only if he/she is a Good Samaritan.

Q: What if I someone use my phone to transfer credit to their number using the default PIN in the third method?

It’s always advisable to learn how to change your Me2U PIN to avoid theft. These way you won’t have to worry that someone may transfer your credit without your knowledge.

Q: What should I do, when i tried changing my default Me2U PIN to a new PIN but I was told that i have been barred from using the service?

You don’t need to panic, you can call Airtel 24/7 free customer care help line by dialing 111 and tell them you were barred from using Me2U service. They will ask you few questions about your number and unbarred it for you immediately. Or you can reach them on their Airtel contact us  or their Airtel Nigeria Facebook page and page and lay your complaints.

How to protect your facebook account from hackers

How to protect your facebook account from hackers

How to protect your facebook account from hackers
Facebook account protection

Facebook is social networking platform accessible to users that share common interest to chat in a form of instant messages and share other media files such as photos, videos, musics, document and other files. it gives user access to make voice and audio calls as well as exchanging voice notes. It’s accessible both on the web and facebook app. 

The vast use of Facebook escalates certain individuals or hackers to hack into people’s facebook account to perform malicious act or to defraud people of money and other valuables. the act cybercrime is on the increase which is the aim of this article to guide individuals who’s account is vulnerable, methods and way to protect their facebook accounts from hackers. These methods method which are not limited to:

How to protect my Facebook account from hackers.

Two-factor authentication may be a security feature that helps to Secure your Facebook account likewise your password. If you set up two-factor authentication, you will be asked to enter a special login code or Affirm your login. whenever somebody tries to access your Facebook account from a browser or mobile device facebook did not recognize, you’ll also get alerts when somebody tries to get into your Facebook account from a browser or mobile device that’s not recognized by facebook.

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Guide to protect your Facebook account from hackers 

  • Always keep your facebook password safe and protected: try to create a password that is hard to predict, use a combination of both capital letters, numbers and special characters such as *.# to make your password hard to guess.
  • Don’t use your name or mobile number as your password: most hackers will often attempt to access your Facebook using your name or your mobile number.

  • Always disable the remember password: whenever you’re using a library computer or cyber cafe or even a friends phone, to login to your facebook account, always tap on do not remember password and always remember to logout of your account. as this may be a way hackers can have access to your account. 
  • Avoid clicking suspicious link: hackers may share some malicious links that ought to be eye-catchy to lure their victims to click on it so as to obtain their username and password to gain access to their account.
  • Don’t share your phone or computer with someone to access their facebook: avoid giving out your phone or computer to someone or friends to access their Facebook account. if it becomes necessary, ensure you logout from your account and remove your account from the device. (remove account from device) will enable you re-enter your email address or phone number and password when next you want to login back to your account.

You can also use facebook extra security option such as the two-factor authentication that provides you with alerts from unrecognized login to your facebook account 

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How to set up facebook two-factor authentication:

If you’re using a Facebook app,

  • Tap on the three lines showing at bottom right of your facebook page.
Facebook protection Guide, hacked facebook guide


  • then scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Settings.
  • Scroll down then tap Security and Login.
  • Scroll down and tap Use two-factor authentication.
  • Facebook two factor authentication guide
  • Tap Use Authentication App or Use Text Message (SMS).

When you’re setting up two-factor authentication on Facebook, you’ll be asked to decide on one amongst the two security methods such as:

Login codes from a third party authentication app or Text message (SMS) codes from your mobile network provider.
You’ll need to make use of one amongst the two methods listed above to be able to use two-factor authentication. But authentication app is the most recommended by facebook as seen the photo

How to protect your facebook account from hackers

this is because it uses an app such as authenticator or duo mobile for its codes generation verification for more protection. 

Once you have select either text message (SMS) codes or a 3rd party authentication app on your account, you can be able to setup some of the available optional methods listed below:

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  • Approving your login credentials from a device recognized by facebook.
  • Using one amongst your recovery codes.
  • Clicking your security key on a compatible device.

But If you haven’t saved the browser or mobile device you frequently use, you will be asked to do so after you have activated two-factor authentication. this method give you access to your login without providing a security code when next you want to login to your facebook account. 

do not click Save this browser if you are accessing your Facebook from a public computer or phone that people may likely have access to E.g, a cyber cafe or a library computer.

facebook needs to remember your computer or browser credentials so when next you want to login, Some browsing  feature may block it. If you enable private browser or enable your browser to clear your browser history each time you close your browsing window, you will need to provide a code whenever you try to login your account. 

To set up a text message two-factor authentication, you’ll need to use phone number that’s already added and available to your facebook account or a new phone number that you always have access to.


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hide your WhatsApp status from some people

Trick to hide your WhatsApp status/pictures from someone.

How to hide your WhatsApp status from some people, WhatsApp picture.jpg
How to hide WhatsApp status

Sometimes you may want some privacy on your WhatsApp messenger that you don’t want some specific contacts to view your statuses.

Not often you just want to upload a photo or typed words to your WhatsApp messenger status, but you don’t want some specific or a particular person to know  or see what you uploaded.

Sometimes you may think of deleting a person’s number in your smartphone phone book so they won’t be able to see your WhatsApp statues.

But deleting your phone book contacts to hide your statuses from some specific people are not always the best, as sometimes they may still be available for them to view it.

Thus, WhatsApp takes time to adjust and and detect that you deleted a number, it may take few hours a even a day for WhatsApp to realize and make your statues not visible to the specific deleted contacts. 

What is WhatsApp Status 

WhatsApp status is a specific feature available in WhatsApp messenger that allows users to share videos, pictures, beautiful stickers and graphics interchange format GIF.

That is available to your contacts to view for a period of 24 hours after which it will disappear for both your contacts and yourself.

These status that is viewable only if you have each other WhatsApp mobile numbers saved in your phone address book to be able to see or view neither of your statuses.

How to hide my WhatsApp status froms someone

This simple steps will teach you how to make your WhatsApp statues invisible to people you don’t  want to see or view your statuses.

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  • First, lunch your WhatsApp messenger application.
  • Locate settings at the bottom right of the page.
  • Click on it, it will take you to another window.
  • Click on account.
  • Then locate privacy and click it.

After which you have clicked on the privacy it will take you to a new window where you will locate several features such as last seen, profile photo, about groups and status.

Click on the status you will get three available options on the status namely; my contacts, my contacts except and only share with.

  • My contacts: this feature allow you to share your WhatsApp status to all your saved phone book numbers and person’s that have your number saved on their phone book, to be able to see/view your WhatsApp status vice-versa.
  • My contacts except: this feature allows you to share your WhatsApp status to everyone in your your saved phone book numbers that uses WhatsApp and have your number saved in their phone book too. excluding some specific specific people or contacts. This feature allows your status to be invisible to some to some of your selected contacts.

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  • Only share with: this feature allows you to share your WhatsApp status to only a specific number of person’s you want to see/view your statuses.

However, this article is aimed to show you how to hide your WhatsApp status to specific contacts or person’s you don’t want to view/see your WhatsApp status.

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We can make use of my contacts except; thus, 

  • click on my contacts except, it will take you to all phone numbers saved in your phone book that are using WhatsApp messenger.
  • Tick or select any of your saved phone numbers you don’t want to view/see your statuses showing in the photo below,
How to hide my WhatsApp status from someone
  • then click done at the top right of the page where you tick/select the contacts you’re hiding your status for. 

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Is as simple as that. 

Then you can go ahead and upload your WhatsApp statuses as it will be invisible to those selected contacts  and visible to the unselected contacts to see and view.

Second method 

Only share with; this feature allows you to share your WhatsApp status only to 1 or 2 persons or as few people as you desire. It’s slightly similar to my contacts except feature,

The procedure includes; 

  • Click on only share with, it will open your saved phone book contacts that are using WhatsApp messenger similar to the previous, tick/select the specific contacts/people you want your status to be visible to, then click on done at the top right of the page. 

Then you can go ahead and upload your statuses, as it will only be visible to the selected/ticked contacts and invisible to other unticked/unselected contacts. 

How to make your WhatsApp status visible back to all your contacts 

go back to;

  • Settings.
  • Account.
  • Privacy. 
  • Status. 
  • Then click on any of the two, My contacts except or only share with, then untick or unselect the contacts that were previously selected Or ticked and click on done at the top right of the page. 
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View someone whatsapp messenger status without them knowing

WhatsApp Trick To view someone WhatsApp status without them knowing.

Do you often see someone comment on your status on WhatsApp messenger, yet it won’t show that they view it.? Yes it’s possible because the person might have hide their receipt to their contacts who can view their statues. Today we’re going to discuss on why this often happen.

How to view someone WhatsApp status secretly

What is WhatsApp Messenger?

WhatsApp messenger is an American freeware owned by Facebook inc, that allow users to send  short media messages SMS, and long messages, voice messages, share videos, audios, images, documents both pdf and doc, GPS locations and other media. It also allow users to make a voice calls and video calls via WiFi or mobile network.

Why don’t i know when someone view my WhatsApp status?

The reason why you don’t see if someone view your WhatsApp messenger status maybe that they disabled the read receipt.

What is read receipt?.

Read receipt is is particular feature of WhatsApp messenger that allows every user to male use of it to secure their privacy. But when you turn off your read receipt you won’t be able to see read receipt of other users read receipt. In essence when you turn off your read receipt, you won’t be able to know when someone view your message or the other way round. E.g The blue tick that shows when your message is read won’t show on your end neither will it show at the end of your other users. 

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How to view someone’s WhatsApp status without them knowing

This process will teach you a simple steps to set your WhatsApp messenger to be invisible that when you read read/view your contacts WhatsApp status he/she will not know you did. Follow the Procedure below:

  • Lunch your WhatsApp messenger application.
  • At the bottom right of your WhatsApp messenger chat list, locate settings and click on it.
  • It will take you to several features such as starred messages, WhatsApp web/desktop, account, chats, notifications, data and storage usage help and tell a friend.
  • Click on Account then click on Privacy.
  • Scroll down to the bottoms of the page and locate read receipts,

it’s always set on as default with a green checkbox, uncheck/turn it off.

  • Now go back to your friends statues, view as many as you want they’ll never know you viewed their status. 

  • Note: whenever you uncheck the read receipt, when someone else’s view your status you will not know they view your status as well. 

  • You can uncheck it and view people statues anytime you want, then go back and check it to know when people view yours.

WhatsApp read receipt tricks.

FAQs About WhatsApp status trick

Q: Why can’t i see when people view my WhatsApp status, when i turn off read receipt?

You will not be able to see who view your WhatsApp status, if you turn off read receipt. This is because WhatsApp made the read receipt feature to be as a form of KARMA, for example, what goes around comes around.

Q: How can i view someone’s WhatsApp status without them knowing, whilst i get to see their views on my status?

The only way you can be able to view someone else’s status without them knowing, while in turn if they view yours you will be able to know they do. Is by turning off your read receipt and view their WhatsApp status. Then immediately you can go back to the read receipt option and turn back on before you can be able to tell if someone viewed your status.

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make beautiful WhatsApp stickers yourself

How to make beautiful WhatsApp stickers yourself, using Bazaart application 

A lot of people have been asking on how to make beautiful or meme WhatsApp stickers. There are free inbuilt whatsApp stickers in WhatsApp stickers store that’s readily available for use. This tread is to teach you on how to make your own customized personal stickers using your photos, meme photos or even write ups to make great stickers. 

How To Make WhatsApp Stickers.

Today I’ll show you how to make beautiful WhatsApp stickers using your phone with Bazaart photo editor & design.

App to make WhatsApp stickers. Bazaart app logo.What Is Bazaart App

Bazaart app is app used to edit, crop, resize, duplicate, adjust, erase, shape, transform, fill add both filters and shadow to you pictures, or add text to your pictures as well as build your own personal WhatsApp stickers. It also have a segment you can use for graphics design.

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All you need is to download the Bazaart photo editor from google play store or from App Store for iOS users. The Bazaart app is a premium paid app that is used to sell premium feature and content. but you don’t have to panic as there’s free features you can use to make your WhatsApp stickers free. Follow the steps below to make your own stickers:
Download the Bazaart app.
Lunch/open the app
Scroll down to the bottom of the app and locate the plus sign +, and click on it.

 It will come up with two option namely; start from scratch and start with a photo.

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Starting with a photo helps you to have full length of your photo, while start from scratch will allow you have a smaller and compressed photo that is easily adjustable. But we will use the start from scratch option in this tutorial.
If you click on the the former (start from scratch), it will open an empty cheque looking background, at the bottom of the page click on photos icon. These will lunch your gallery to enable you select any picture you want use to creat your stickers. Select your preferred picture, then drag the edge of the selected picture edit or rotate to your taste. 

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Then click on the share icon at the top right of the page.
You will see several option at the bottom of the share page namely; save image, Instagram, WhatsApp stickers and WhatsApp.
Select the “WhatsApp stickers.”

make beautiful WhatsApp stickers yourself

a page will pop up, then click on add to WhatsApp at the bottom of the pop up. It will take you to another pop up page, then click on save save.,your sticker is ready;

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How can i locate my newly created stickers on WhatsApp 

Lunch your WhatsApp application.
Click on the stickers icon.
Locate your newly created sticker at up edge of the stickers showing. Click on it and send to any of your WhatsApp contact. 
When sent click on the photo of the sent sticker, then click on add to favorites.
Now your stickers is available and easily accessible to you on the favorites pack of stickers.


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Procedure to check my national identification number (NIN)

Procedure to check my national identification number (NIN)

How to get back my lost National Identification Number  NIN, the process to retrieve your NIN back if you have lost it.

Procedure to check my national identification number (NIN)

The below method will show you the procedure on the way to retrieve your National Identity number (NIN) by exploiting the made public procedures on their varied mobile devices. This article will show you the Procedure to on how to check your national identification number (NIN).

This process will show you how to get your NIN number easily in 2 minutes.

Have you misplaced your National Identity Print ouslip,?  the numbers have fade away or you’ve Forgotten your NIN? Or maybe you left the print out home and needs the to get your NIN number immediately for important purpose. You don’t need to panic, National Identification Management Commission NIMCs USSD service allows you to retrieve your NIN easily using your mobile phone

This service is presently accessible on the MTN and Airtel mobile networks in Nigeria.  

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Procedure To Retrieve Your National Identification Number NIN 


To use this service, you’ll need to undergo the subsequent steps: 

  • On your mobile phone go to dialer, where you often type phone numbers. Then dial; 
  • *346#.
  • A list of options will pop up to your screen showing, Welcome to NIMC USSD service. This service will cost you N20, press 1 to retrieve your NIN or 2 to cancel.
  • Select option 1 and reply.
  • Then wait for a response, in about a 1-5 minutes you’ll get a message from your network provider containing your eleven digit NIN.


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Note: As said earlier service fee of N20 (twenty naira) will be deducted by your service provider  in your SIM account balance. But if you have misplaced your subscriber identity module (SIM) that you used for the NIN registration. Kindly visit the closest National Identification Management System NIMC Centre closer to you or any of itlisted agents for manual retrieval method.