Montessori School: List Of Notable Montessori Schools Globally

Montessori School: List Of Notable Montessori Schools Globally

Montessori School: List Of Notable Montessori Schools Globally
Montessori School

what is a montessori school

In a simple term, A Montessori School or education concentrate on child-led learning. In a broad term, students are encouraged to be the director of their study, by identifying and undertaking tasks that satisfy their interest, With the teacher as a guide to aid their learning.

Most of the Montessori experience involves a hands-on. These means in any Montessori School or classroom, you may discover a group students/children working on a puzzle while another group may day-long art task, while other children reads quietly by themselves. Children are encouraged to advance at their own pace, working with joint force and single-handedly, and expend their time working on tasks they enjoy.

Montessori School Children working collectively on a project.

In Essence, According to American Montessori Society, A Montessori education develops students who are capable, accountable, knowledgeable people who have the strong sense of self they will need to thrive in the real world.

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List of Montessori schools

According to Maria Montessori. Notable schools that are following the principles of Montessori Education Globally Include:


  • Beachside Montessori Village, Hollywood, Florida, USA.
  • Cambridge Montessori school, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Clark Montessori High School, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
  • Franciscan Montessori Earth School & Saint Francis Academy, Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • Great River Charter Montessori School, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.
  • John M. Tobin Montessori School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  • Joliet Montessori School, Crest Hill, Illinois, USA.
  • Khan Lab School (Montessori 2.0), Mountain View, California, USA.
  • MacDowell Montessori School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
  • Midland Montessori School, Midland, Michigan, USA.
  • Montessori High School at University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
  • Wilmington Montessori School, Delaware, USA.
  • Montessori School of Anderson, South Carolina, USA.
  • Montessori School of Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
  • New Horizon Montessori School, Louisville, Tennessee, USA.
  • Ruffing Montessori School, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA.
  • Southern Wake Montessori School, Holly Springs, NC, USA.
  • St. Catherine’s Montessori School, Houston, Texas, USA.
  • Thacher Montessori School, Milton, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Whitby School, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA.

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  • Anne-Claire Montessori School, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines.
  • Clever Lane Montessori School, San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.
  • De Roman Montessori School, Tanza, Cavite, Philippines.
  • La Belle Montessori School, Silang, Cavite, Philippines.
  • Southernside Montessori School, Muntinlupa, Philippines.
  • Sto. Rosario Montessori School, Valenzuela, Metro Manila, Philippines.


  • Beechworth Secondary College – Montessori Adolescent Program, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia.
  • Inner Sydney Montessori School, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Perth Montessori School, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Queensland Independent College, Merrimac, Gold Coast, Australia.
  • Sydney Montessori School, New South Wales, Australia.


  • Mountainview Montessori School, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Toronto Montessori Schools, Ontario, Canada.

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  • Anna-Schmidt-Schule, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
  • Montessori Oberschule Potsdam, Germany.
  • Rhein-Main International Montessori School, Friedrichsdorf, Hessen, Germany.


  • City Montessori School, Lucknow, India.
  • Kamala Niketan Montessori School, Tiruchchirapalli, India.
  • Pebble Creek High Montessori School, A. S. Rao Nagar, Hyderabad, India.
  • Siragu Montessori School, Chennai, India.


  • Bereton Montessori Nursery and Primary School, Rivers State, Nigeria.
  • First Island Montessori School, Lagos, Nigeria.


  • Qingdao Amerasia International School, China.


  • Modern Montessori School, Amman, Jordan.


  • Istituto Italiano Statale Omnicomprensivo di Asmara, Eritrea.


  • Children’s House Montessori School, Dublin, Ireland.


  • Seisen International School, Tokyo, Japan.


  • Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam, Netherlands.


  • Gimnasio Moderno, Bogotá, Colombia.

Hon Kong

  • Island Children’s Montessori School, North Point, Hong Kong.


  • Perkkaanpuiston Montessorikoulu, Perkkaa, Espoo, Finland.

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United Kingdom, (Great Britain)

  • Oxford Montessori Schools, England, Great Britain.

A Montessori education will help your child develop Independent, a sense of empathy & social justice, with a lifelong love of learning.

Methods to buy WAEC Result Checker PIN Online: Remita Or VTpass

You can purchase or Buy WAEC/WASSCE Result Checker Pin Online: Step-by step Guide. via VTpass or Remita Platform.

We wish to inform all candidates who sat for any of the West African Examination Council, WAEC Examinations i.e School Candidates
or Private Candidates and wish to check their results online that they can now purchase the WAEC Result Checker e-pin online via the remita or VTpass platform using their smartphone devices.

Candidates who has misplaced their Examination Photo-cards which contains the WAEC result checker pin and serial number need not to worry again as they can now buy a new result checker pin at their own convenient time within a twinkle of an eye. Also check: Procedure to purchase jamb ePIN form online easily.

The WAEC Result Checker pin contains Pin and Serial Number used in checking a students results be it WAEC GCE or May/June.
Below we will give you guidelines on how to purchase the WAEC Result checker e-pin online.

Website to purchase WASSCE or WAEC Result Checker

How to purchase WAEC scratch card online

Here are 2 methods to buy WAEC results checker online via REMITA @ ₦800 and VTpass @ ₦1800 respectively.

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How Buy WAEC Result Checker e-Pin online via VTpass

You would need a WAEC Result Checker PIN to be able to check WAEC result online.

  • Simply visit to buy your Scratch card PIN at
  • ₦1,800 only.
  • Click on the MAKE PAYMENT Button at the homepage.
  • Scroll down to the EDUCATION SECTION.
  • Click on the WAEC Result Checker Pin.
  • Fill all the required information in the box provided.
  • Click on the proceed button to make payment online using your Bank Debit Cards (i.e Mastercard, Visa or Verve CARDS).
  • Check your provided email or phone number for the WAEC Result checker Pin.

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How to Buy WAEC Result Checker e-Pin via Remita.

  • Amount To Pay (₦900).
  • Select currency.
  • Payer’s name.
  • Payer Phone.
  • Payer Email.
  • Confirm Email.
  • How do you want to Pay? i.e ATM. Cards, Bank Deposit, Internet Banking or PAGA.

If you select Payment by Cards or PAGA Or Internet Banking, you will be required to supply your ATM Card/Banking Login details and proceed with the online payment.

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Others that selects Bank/Branch Payment will be required to generate the Remitta Invoice and proceed to any nearest bank and make deposits in-order to get the e-pin.

For further clarification and difficulties encountered during the purchase proses, don’t hesitate to seek our assistance via the comment section.

Document (DOC) DOCX to PDF: how to convert easily

How to convert document file (DOC). to PDF

Converting your Documents from Microsoft to Potable Document Format (PDF) is paramount as most employers/people prefer reading from PDF to other document format.

This post provides guide on how to convert your CV from Microsoft word to PDF. If you are searching for a job, it is advisable to always submit your CV to prospective employers on PDF.

example. if your employer ask for soft copy of your CV or you’re applying for job online. ensure your CV or Resume is on PDF before submitting it.

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DO NOT send your curriculum vitae CV. in Microsoft Word or other document type to employers except if requested.

Sharing your CV in PDF format allow people to comfortably view the document regardless of what word reading software they are using.

Moreover. PDF prevents formatting errors due to word processor incompatibilities. This makes PDF a must for official documents like CV, cover letters and résumés.

How to convert DOC from Microsoft Word to PDF

There are several ways to convert Microsoft Word documents to PDF. In this page, you will learn two easy ways to do that without spending money.

#Step 1

Follow the steps below to convert your CV from Microsoft word to PDF;

  1. Open your CV in Microsoft word on your computer,
  2. Click on “File”,
  3. Select “Save As” from the drop down menu,
  4. On the right side, select the location where you want to save the file (it can be on desktop, My Documents or external drive)
  5. Enter the name you wish to save the file ,
  6. On the save as type, click the drop down arrow and select ‘pdf’.
  7. Final, click Save.
    Immediately you click Save, your CV will be converted and saved as PDF in the selected file location.
    Note; The above steps listed is the same as saving Microsoft word documents on your computer, except the file is changed as PDF before it is saved.

#Step 2

This is the method that I normally use to convert any document type to PDF.
It’s simple and very easy to use. You can even do the conversion using your phone.
Actually, this method involves using PDF conversion website. Below is how to do it;

  1. Go to,
  2. Click on “Select file” button to select the document you want to convert from your device,
  3. Click on Convert.
    Immediately you click the Convert button, your file will be converted to PDF, and automatic download will start immediately. By default the file will be located in your download folder after saving the file.

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Procedure to purchase 2021 jamb ePIN form online easily

How to buy 2021 JAMB/DE form easily, via sms using your NIN.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has TODAY 12th April 2021 announced the commencement of the sales of their Universal Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Direct Entry (DE) ePINs for 2021. 

RECOMMEND: 2021/2022 JAMB/DE form requirements for registration.

Did you know that you can EASILY purchase UTME/DE ePIN for yourself or others, from the comfort of your home?
All you have to do is follow the steps below on

how to purchase JAMB/DE ePIN easily.

NYSC mobilization list: how to check your name on NYSC Senate list

NYSC mobilization list: how to check your name on NYSC Senate list using 2 methods

How to check your name on nysc Senate mobilization list
NYSC mobilization list is a list used to check if your name has been uploaded by your institution for mobilization into NYSC 1 Year compulsory service program. This article will teach you how to check your name on the NYSC MOBILIZATION list online easily.

How to check your name on NYSC mobilization list

  • To check if your name is approved by your school Senate list for NYSC mobilization list, all you need to do is to visit the NYSC website on then you will be required to provide the following details to know if your name is among the list to go for NYSC service;
  • The name of the instruction you attended.


    • Your school matriculation number or admission number.


    • Your surname.


    • Your date of birth (DOB). Starting from day, month and year.


    Then you click on Search.


  • If your name is on the NYSC senate list to be mobilized for the next NYSC set to go for service, your name will be displayed on the screen at the bottom of the page as shown below.
  • NYSC mobilization list
    But if you didn’t find you name it will get an onscreen pop up an telling you that:

  • If you get the response stated above, you can contact your school management or your school ICT to clarify if there is any issue that hinders your name from appearing from the NYSC senate approved list.



While to check your name on the NYSC mobilization list using the other method.


This method of checking your name on the NYSC mobilization is not limited to your name alone, but it will also check the names of everyone who have the same Surname as you, that attended the institution you wanted to search for.

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How to check list of all NYSC names mobilized in my school

To check all the list of people mobilized for NYSC in your school or anyones name that has gone for NYSC or is yet to go for service. is easy by following the below steps;

  • Go to nysc mobilization portals

  • Then click on Check Nysc Mobilization list and it’s equivalent.

  • And select the instruction of the persons name you want to check.

  • And then put 0 in the place provided for matriculation number of the person, if you don’t know the person’s matric/admission number.

  • Then enter his/her Surname.

  • Then you can put any date of birth you wish to put.

  • Then click on search.

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As seen in the picture below; a list of students that attended the institution that has been approved by the NYSC senate list and people that have done their NYSC service names will appear on the list. Whose surname is the same as the one you provided. Now you can scroll down and check the person’s name you wanted to see.

All school Nysc mobilization list

EBSCONMU General Basic Nursing Admission Form 2021/2022

Ebonyi State College of Nursing and Midwifery, Uburu (EBSCONMU) General Basic Nursing Admission Form, Requirements, Application Guidelines, Entrance Exam / Interview Dates, Time, Venue and Deadline for 2020/2021 Academic Session.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates into 3 years general Nursing programme of Ebonyi State College of Nursing, Uburu, Ebonyi State for the 2020/2021 academic session.


1. Applicants must have clear passes in Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics & Biology in not more than two (2) sittings in WAEC/GCE/NECO/NABTEB. Please note that NABTEB can only be combined with NABTEB.

Also See: ESUT Teaching Hospital General Nursing Admission Form 2021


  • Interested candidate should apply online at the college website at
  • Applicants are to pay an application fee of N12,000 by generating a Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) on the website
  • Kindly proceed to any commercial bank with the Remita generated number to make a payment or simply pay on the Remita platform using a debit card.
  • Proceed to continue application after making payment to complete registration and print out a clear examination photo card which will be presented at the Examination Venue.

See Also: St Charles Borromeo Hospital College Of Nursing Form 2021/22


  • Date: Saturday, 26th June, 2021
  • Time: 10:00am dot
  • Exam Type: Computer-Based Test (CBT).

NOTE: Come to the exam venue with your Application Slip. Only candidates who pass the entrance examination will be eligible for an interview. Candidates awaiting results are not eligible to apply.

Also See: Mater School of Nursing Afikpo 2021/2022 Admission Form


Please beware of fraudsters as the management of EBSCONMU does not have an agent or representative who charges any amount of money for Admission.

Phone: 07031610928, 08173727755 E-mail:


The portal is open for application on 16th February, 2021 and closes on 21st June 2021. 

JAMB 2021: jamb registration requirements and guidelines

Is NIN compulsory for 2021 jamb registration: see guidelines about jamb with NIN registration

The joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB), has announced the registration date for 2121 unified Tertiary matriculation examination.
The examination body in the states that the registration of the 2021 UTME and direct entry will commence on April 8th 2021 And closes on 15th May 2021.
As Disclosed by The board Head, public affairs and protocols, Fabian Benjamin. Briefed that all candidate are must have or enroll in the National Identification Number (NIN) to begin the registration for the 2021 JAMB registration form.

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Procedures on How to register for 2021 JAMB

  • Candidates are to visit any of the JAMB registration accredited centres to fill and complete the online registration form. Below are the a must requirements to register the 2021 jamb form:

  • 1. Candidates must have a valid E-mail account: this is essential for all candidates writing the 2021 JAMB exam to have an email address. Either Gmail, Yahoo mail or outlook email, as it will used to communicate to candidates concerning the information about the exam.

  • 2. National Identification Number (NIN): NIN numer is compulsory for every candidate willing to register for the 2021 JAMB UTME exam.
  • 3. JAMB Profile Creation: It is compulsory to register your JAMB profile before purchasing the the 2021 registration form. JAMB profile is essential in fact it’s important as no candidate will be able to register, if JAMB profile is not created. (Ceteris peribus), JAMB profile creation is not only meant for the registration, but also used to check your JAMB result online, to check Admission status and to print admission letter.
  • 4. JAMB iBass check: It made known by JAMB that before any candidate register for the UTME exam, you are required to check your eligibility status, for further information you can check the JAMB website for further clarification.

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    Where to buy 2021 JAMB form

    To buy your 2021 E-pin registration form, go to any Bank and visit any accredited Computer Based Centers (CBT) with your personal and your profile PIN/CODE.

    JAMB 2021/2022 Examination date

    JAMB 2021 Examination date will hold on the 5th – 19th June in the centers chosen by any candidate. All candidates are expected to reprint their individual JAMB slip to their examination centres and dates.

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    JAMB 2021 Mock Exam Date

    The JAMB mock exam will hold on the 30th April for interested candidates Nationwide and candidates who have completed their registration before April 24th.

    Jamb website
    The official JAMB website for registration, checking of JAMB results and printing of JAMB is

    How to get admission into some universities without jamb

    Nigerian Private Universities That Give Admission Without JAMB 

    In Nigeria, a lot of students find it difficult to reach JAMB cut off mark and this deprives them the opportunity to gain admission into the university. It is inevitable for  them try other ways to gain admission that are approved by the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC). Using Private universities as a case study, there are ways to gain admission without using JAMB.

    We have listed all approved universities that you can join without having to write JAMB in the country. These schools have other programs that can help you gain admission and graduate with a degree certificate.

    Private Universities That Give Admission Without JAMB

    We have listed all approved universities that you can join without having to write JAMB in the country. These schools have other programs that can help you gain admission and graduate with a degree certificate.

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    List Of Nigerian Private Universities That Give Admission Without Jamb

    Achievers University, Owo.

    Adeleke University, Ede.

    Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti,Ekiti State.

    African University Science & Technology, Abuja.

    Ajayi Crowther University, Ibadan.

    Al Hikmah University, Ilorin.

    American University Of Nigerian, Yola.

    Babcock University, Ilishn Remo.

    Baze University.

    Bells University Of Technolgy, Otta.

    Benson Idahosa University, Benin City.

    Bingham University, New Karu.

    Bowen University, Iwo.

    Caleb University, Lagos.

    Caritas University, Enugu.

    CETEP City University, Lagos.

    Covenant University, Ota.

    Crawford University Igbesa.

    Crescent University.

    Elizade University, Ilara Mokin.

    Evangel University, Akaeze Mountain University, Osogbo.

    Godfrey Okoye University, Ugwuomu Nike,Enugu State.

    Gregory University, Uturu.

    Igbinedion University Okada.

    Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji Arakeji.

    Kastina University, Kastina.

    Landmark University, Omu Aran.

    Lead City University, Ibadan.

    Madonna University, Okija.

    Macpherson University, Seriki Sotaya, Ajebo.

    Nigerian Turkish Nile University, Abuja.

    Novena University, Ogume.

    Obong University, Ipetumodu, Osun State.

    Pan African University, Lagos.

    Paul University Awka anambra State.

    Redeemers Universiy, Mowe.

    Renaissance University, Enugu.

    Rhema University, Obeama Asa Rivers State

    Salem University, Lokoja.

    Samuel Adegboyega University, Ogwa.

    Southwestern University, Oku Owa.

    Tansian University, Umuya.

    University Of Mkar, Mkar.

    Veritas University.

    Wellspring University, Evbuobanosa Edo State.

    Wesley Univ. Of Science & Tech., Ondo.

    Western Delta University, Oghara.

    Wukari Jubilee University, Wukari.

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    Some of the above listed admission offers admission to students with lower JAMB results even without selecting them as your choice of preferred institution during your JAMB registration. Sometimes the private universities giving admission without choosing them during JAMB registration is done through state of origin or catchment area. My course mate in University was given admission by Al-Hikmah university kwara. without him choosing them as his preferred university choice during JAMB registration, this is because he is an idigene of kwara state.

    Ways To Get Admission Into University Without Writing JAMB.

    Some of the ways to gain admission into the university in Nigeria include IJMB, Pre-degree, JUPEB, Cambridge A’ level, etc.

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    1. Using The IJMB Programme To Gain Admission Into A Private University Without JAMB.

    The IJMB simply means, “Interim Joint Admission Matriculation Board”. It is one of the best ways to get admitted into a Nigerian university without getting to write JAMB. The IJMB is a pre-degree program that was initiated by the Ahmadu Bello University, then supported by the Nigerian universities Commission (NUC). recently, private universities have now been incorporated into the programme. This entails that students that fail to get admission through JAMB have an alternative route. The IJMB runs an educational curriculum that is approved by the Nigerian Universities commission. When a private university aspirant completes this program, he/she can apply for 200 level of the course he intends to study. The IJMB is not only prevalent in just Private schools alone, it can be used to gain admission both in public university in North West universities in Nigeria. During my university days, few new students came to join my class in 200 Level using the IJMB Method. This happened in Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto.

    The Interim Joint Matriculation Board have a lot of centres that are scattered all across the nation in different states. Since it’s establishment, have expanded their reach to almost all the universities, including polytechnics and colleges of education. The original objective of the IJMB was to help northern students with low grades in JAMB to have an alternative way of being admitted into a university. It turns out; they are not the only ones who need a remedial program. There are lots of candidates in Nigeria that need an alternative to JAMB in other to gain admission. The IJMB now cuts across institutions in the East, west and southern parts of Nigeria.

    So, if you have lesser chances of getting admission into a Nigerian private university through JAMB, then make IJMB a must-choose.

    2. How to use Pre-Degree Programme To Gain Admission Into University Without JAMB

    The pre-degree is another remedial program that is similar to the IJMB. This program allows aspiring private university students to get admission without JAMB. When a candidate completes the Pre-degree programme, he/she would offer admission into 100 level in his/her applying private university. The O level results of the private university candidate would have to be complete for the application to proceed. Also, bear in mind that the result of your pre-degree programme is only valid of one year.

    It takes a duration of 7 to 12 months to do pre-degree program. It would be important to note that the certification awarded in the predegree programme cannot be used to equated with a university degree- BA or BsC. This program is another sure route to gain admitted into a Nigerian Private university. Some government universities such as federal universities within the north western region still run pre-degree program for students seeking admission in the university. But in USMANU DANFODIYO UNIVERSITY SOKOTO, it is only provided to Science students only while social sciences are to run a 2 years university diploma to gain admission without JAMB. But the 2 years university program is not really advisabl, as there’s no guarantee for the university to admit you using your University diploma results.

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    3. Get Admission Into A Nigerian University With JUPEB Programme.

    JUPEB is a sure way to gain admission without into a private university If you are tired of writing JAMB multiple times. JUPEB is a certified 9-month program that is moderated by the university of lagos. The JUPEB program has different coordinating bodies across Africa. It was originally  designed for candidates that cannot secure admission into regular degree programmes for one reason or the other. The way forward for you want to use the JUPEB platform is to register for it. Simply get your O’level results ready and register online with your preferred private university.

    After completing the JUPEB program, you would be awarded a certificate, which you would use to get admission via direct entry. With the JUPEB certificate, you would gain admission into second year in the private university of your choice.

    Nigerian Military School (NMS) Zaria Admission form out: Apply here

    Nigerian Military School NMS form for 2021/2022 academy admission

    The online application for the 2021/2022 for Nigerian Military School (NMS) zaria, academy session form is out. Candidate are to read the instructions carefully and fill in the first rm online.

    General instructions for admission into Nigerian Military school (NMS) Zaria 2021

    1. Candidates and their parents/guardians are strongly advised to read and strictly adhere to the application procedure. The School shall not be held accountable for errors or problems arising from failure to strictly adhere to the application procedure.
    1. After you fill the candidate’s details and click the GENERATE FORM button, the payment advice slip will be displayed. Please print it out and keep a copy for reference.
    1. Payments can be made online directly from this portal using bank-issued debit cards (a.k.a. “ATM Cards”) or by taking the printed payment slip to a bank to make payment. The bank will post the payment through Interswitch PayDirect.
    1. If you pay at a bank, make sure you collect your PayDirect receipt from the Bank and keep it safe.
    1. After paymenrt, candidates must print out their Examination PhotoCard from the portal. Candidates without Examination PhotoCard shall not be allowed to write the Entrance Examination.

    See: How to join Nigerian Airforce SSCE easily, based on merit.

    Nigerian Military School (NMS) Zaria website

    The official admission/academy website of the Nigerian Military School NMS Zaria, is while to apply for the NMS Admission click on 

    Read out the instructions and careful, then click on start. To start a new application.

    How to: Get airtel 300% bonus for recharging your SIM.

    Nigerian Military School (NMS) Zaria Age requirement

    Admission into Nigerian Military School (NMS) Zaria is open to all Nigerian Boys who are between ages of 12 – 14 years old and who satisfy certain requirements, excluding females.

    Nigerian Military School (NMS) 2021 zaria form opening date

    the online application for admission into the Nigerian Military School NMS, starts on the 19th March 2121. For the 2021/2022 academy admission session.

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    Nigerian Military School (NMS) 2021 form closing date

    the online application for admission into the Nigerian Military School NMS, Closing Date is 29th may 2021. For the 2021/2022 academy admission session.

    Date of Nigerian Military School (NMS) Zaria 2021 examination

    The official date for the NMS examination is scheduled to take place on Saturday June 5th 2021. In all designated examination centers Nationwide.

    Click here to apply. 

    Nigerian Military School (NMS) Zaria customer care number

    For further enquiry. You can reach the Nigerian Military School NMS Zaria on their customer care help line on 09055522283, 09055522284 or reach them on their email, via: