Nigerian Navy

This article will guide you through the process of completing the Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Recruitment Form 2022/2023 for prospective applicants, opening and closing dates and how to make your application stand out. The Nigerian Navy wishes to inform the general public and all potential applicants that the online registration for its Batch 34 Recruitment … Read more

How to Upload Video to YouTube From iPhone

Uploading a video to YouTube from an iPhone is a quick and easy process. You don’t need any third party apps to do it either! All you need is your iPhone, your YouTube account and an internet connection. YouTube is filled with millions of videos in profitable niches like travel, fashion, gaming, food, health and … Read more Type Code to Sign Up With a TV Code is a URL that takes Netflix users to a page where they can sign up with a TV code also known as enter code. Here you will get information about, answers to installation questions and all your information about Netflix. Enter signup code with TV code What is Netflix? Netflix is … Read more

Mpower Education Loan for US and Canada Residents

The Mpower Education Loan or mpower student loans is a company that provides education loans to students in the US and Canada. This company is an online lender and it doesn’t have any branches. Mpower Education Loan offers loans for students who want to pursue their higher education. The loans range from $2,001 – $100,000 … Read more

Best and Safest Investment Apps to Invest With

Investing is a complex and time-consuming task. The thought of doing research, analyzing the market, and finding the best stocks to invest in can be overwhelming for many. That’s why people are turning to investment apps that automate these processes and make it more accessible for everyone to invest. Investment apps have been gaining popularity … Read more

Safest Investment to Engage In With Higher Returns

Best Safest Investment to Engage In With Higher Returns

Safest Investment to Engage In With Higher Returns

What is The Safest Investment With The Highest Return

Investment can be defined as a means or bond allocation that may lead to some benefits in return for a specific period of time. Investment may be a great source of making you rich in the nearest future, as there is a general saying that ” majority of the richest men in the world are not salary earners.” They are mostly risk takers or investors who’s investment investment tends to yield good returns in some specific time period.

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How Npower Sold Batch C Stream 2 Slots for 100k

How N-power Sold Batch C Stream 2 Slots for 100k, See Reasons Why Npower Dashboard Didn’t Show Your Physical Verification Venue

How Npower Sold Batch C Stream 2 Slots for 100k

Were you shortlisted for Npower Batch C Stream 2 Biometric capturing? Did you wonder why you weren’t given a physical verification venue? Continue reading to find out why?

  • Why is my Npower Dashboard not showing my physical verification venue?
  • Why you were not given physical verification venue even after Npower biometric capturing

Early February 2022, Npower shortlisted some number of candidates who were supposed to be the So-Called successful/beneficiaries of the Npower batch C stream 2 beneficiaries.

They were asked to go for biometric capturing, after which they will conduct physical verification at their respective state of residence and place them on a monthly payroll of ₦30,000.

As luck would run off them. In Late May 2022 Npower directed them to make sure they capture their fingerprints on or before 27th of May 2022. As that is the means that enable them to qualify them as a beneficiary.

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Why You Haven’t Received The NJFP Aptitude Test Email

Reason Why You Haven’t Received The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP) Aptitude Test Email

Why You Haven't Received The NJFP Aptitude Test Email

Did you apply for the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NFJP) and have been waiting for your aptitude test Email?

If your answer to the above question is yes, then you should worry no more, as the email is being sent by batches.

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What Shortlisted, Applicant & Beneficiary On Npower Dashboard Really Mean

Full meaning of Npower Shortlisted, Applicant and Beneficiary showing On your NASIMS Dashboard The physical verification of Npower batch C stream 2 applications has begun, but one thing that some Npower applicants are unsure about is the distinction between applicant, beneficiary, and Shortlisted as stated plainly on their dashboard. In light of the foregoing, we … Read more

Shortlisted Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment Supplementary List 2022

Shortlisted Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment Supplementary List 2022, Successful Candidates Shorlisted for The Nigerian Custom Service Recruitment Supplementary List 2022

Shortlisted Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment Supplementary List 2022

Following the announcement of supplementary recruitment for which interested Nigerians were asked to submit their applications via the Nigeria Customs Service recruitment portal between Monday, December 13 and Friday, December 24, 2021, the under-listed candidates who met the basic criteria for recruitment are hereby invited to participate in a Computer Based Test (CBT) for final selection into the Service on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

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Canada Border Services Agency: Address|Jobs|& Number

Canada Border Services Agency: Addresses, Jobs And Phone Number Canada Border Services Agency Logo The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is a federal law enforcement agency that is responsible for border protection and the inspection of goods and people entering Canada. The CBSA was created in December 2001 when the Customs Act, the Immigration and … Read more

Shortlisted Candidates List of Nigerian Navy Training 2022 Batch 33

Nigerian Navy

Shortlisted Candidates List of Nigerian Navy Training 2022 Batch 33 Successful candidates of Batch 33 of Nigerian Navy 2022 Recruitment Interview held in May 2022 are to report for training at Nigerian Navy Basic Training School Onne, Port Harcourt at the slated date below. General Information for Nigerian Navy Batch 33 Final List The Nigerian … Read more