China Government Scholarship for International Students

China Government Scholarship for International Students

China Government Scholarship for International Students
Chinese Government Scholarship

Scholarship Overview

China Government Scholarship, The Chinese University Program is established by the Ministry of Education of China (hereafter referred to as the MOE), with the aim of developing exceptional international talent and improving the perception of China’s higher education.

Under the mandate of the MOE, Zhejiang University is opening applications for full-time graduate studies under the 2022 Chinese Government Scholarship – Chinese University Program.

Host Institution

Zhejiang University in China

Course/Field of Study

Not Specified

Scholarship Type

Master’s degree and PhD

Scholarship Value & Inclusion

The Chinese Government Scholarship values are:

Tuition waiver;

Free on-campus accommodation;

Stipend are granted in accordance with the relevant standard;

Comprehensive medical insurance (check the relevant chapters in the admissions sheet for details);

Note: For more detailed information, please refer to the Introduction to Chinese Government Scholarships webpage on the CSC website Link.

In the event of a partial scholarship offering, Scholarship’s coverage shall be subject to the relevant CSC regulations.

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Number of Awards

Not specified

Target Group/Country

International students globally

China Government Scholarship Requirements

Scholarship applicants must meet the qualifications for graduate admissions from Zhejiang University. See admissions slips for details.

Applicants with Bachelor’s Degrees obtained from the top 500 universities in the world according to the Shanghai Ranking on: ( or Zhejiang University partner universities abroad can apply.

Scholarship applicants must submit the following supplementary materials.

Chinese Government Scholarship Application, completed in Chinese or English, pasted with a (white background recent photograph, size 35mm × 45mm).

Applicants must complete and submit the application via the CSC China Study Online Application System (website), print the application form, and sign. Zhejiang University branch number is 10335. The scholarship for the Chinese university program is type B in the CSC system.

Photocopy of the Physical Examination Form for Foreigners. The original copy must be kept by the applicant. This form is uniformly printed by the China Department of Health and Quarantine and must be completed in English.

The medical exams must include all the items contained in the Foreigner’s Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or records without the assistant physician’s signature, official hospital stamp or sealed photo of the candidates are invalid.

In view of the fact that examination results are valid for 6 months, candidates are requested to reasonably make time for their physical examination accordingly.

Certificate of Non-Criminal Registration.

2022 Version of Form for Interim International Student Acceptance by ZJU Supervisor.

Scholarship applicants are strongly encouraged to provide GRE 、 NTS-GAT test scores.


  1. The above application materials must be submitted by the applicant in the application system along with the application materials for admission before February 28, 2022.
  2. Those with incomplete entry materials or those that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted.
  3. DO NOT publish hard copies of entry materials or email them. Paper submission materials and submission materials sent via email will not be reviewed and processed.
  4. Supplemental materials or video interview may be required when necessary.
  5. If applicants re-complete or modify the application information in the CSC Online Application System after submitting the application materials, they need to send the Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form to the admission email; otherwise, the university may not be able to process the application through the CSC China Study Online Application System.

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Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship Download


The Chinese Government
Scholarship Application closing date for 2022-2023 academic session is February 28, 2022.

How to Apply for Chinese Government Scholarship

Applicants must log in to Zhejiang University’s Online Application System for International Students (website), fill in clearly, and fully upload application materials as needed.

Please also note that winter break runs from January 15, 2022 to February 17, 2022. Applications submitted during the above period will be processed after the end of winter break.

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China Government Scholarship Website

The official China Government scholarship website is

China Government Scholarship for International Students


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