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Code for airtel double data bundle 2020

Airtel double data bundle code.

Airtel is an Indian based telecom network provider company, that have branches various regions across Chanel island South Asia and Africa. As it’s said, airtel Nigeria is one of the leading telecom network provider in Nigeria that provides vast coverage several services namely;

  • Call service.

  • Short media message (SMS).

  • multimedia message (MMS).

  • Internet services. and many others.

This article is aimed at teach you step by step how to get airtel double data. Follow the process below to enjoy airtel double data internet service:

How to get airtel double data

First you need to have a newly registered airtel subscriber identification module (SIM). Or a SIM registered not later than preceding 3 months. to qualify for airtel double data.

From your mobile phone Navigate to your phone dialer , and dial *141#. 

You will get a pop up menu, in the menu select option 1. that indicates, My Offer.

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Then a list of options will display on your screen after selecting my offer, such as:

    200MB N100 Daily.

    400MB N200 3Days.

    2GB N500 Daily.

    5GB N500 14 -Days.

    3GB N1000 Monthly.

    4GB N1200 Monthly.

    6GB N1500 Monthly.

    9GB N2000 Monthly.

Select neither of the option, for example; if you select option 1. 6GB for (N1500) you will get a prompt message on your phone screen saying “ 6GB for 30 days at N1500. 

What should happen when your bundle finishes?

1. continue browsing from airtime/160MB extra.

2. stop my data.


Reply with option 2 to stop browsing from your call credits after you have exhaust your internet data. 

You will get a pop-up response again in a short period of time saying “ your N1500 monthly plan has been successfully activated. You will receive a menu shortly, to select if you want to auto-renew this bundle.

Now you can chose to ignore the auto-renewal option by exiting the menu or reply with STOP AUTO-RENEW to stop auto-renew on your SIM.

You will then get a response SMS from airtel saying: “Your N1500 Monthly Plan has been successfully activated. Valid for 30 days. Dial *140# for data balance.”

At this point your double data is ready, usable to surf the internet, all you need is to use the below  code to check airtel data balance:

How to check airtel Data balance 

To check and confirm your airtel double data bundle, simple dial *140#. Wait for a response text message which will show you your double date bundle in a form of SMS.

Below is an example of how double data bundle balance look like:

Your Balances Are: Daily Bundle: 585MB (Expired); 

Monthly Bundle: 3072MB till 13-August; 

Double Data: 3072MB till 13-August; 

To rollover expired data, dial *141# and renew your bundle now. 

You can see that from the double data balance above, shows that you will not only be given double data but also some amount of daily data that is meant to be used the day you bought the data.

FAQs About airtel data transfer

Q: Why was my data not doubled when I subscribed for airtel double data?

First of all you need to make sure your SIM is not older than 3 months from the date of  purchase/registration. before you will be eligible for airtel double data. 

Q: My airtel SIM activation/registration is below 3 months, why was i not given the double data?

If you are certain that the date of you SIM activation/registration is not more than 3 months from the date you buy the double data bundle. It may be due to some error, you should call airtel customer care help line on 111 and complain to them that you bought airtel double data but you were not given. They will test-run a check on the phone number you used to buy the double data, if you are eligible and was not given. They will apologize and work on your SIM, then they will double your data in a given time frame. This method is tested and trusted by me.

Q: How can i check airtel Nigeria SIM registration date?

Call their customer care service number on 111 and ask them to help you check the date of your SIM registration/activation. They will tell you the Day, Year and month you activated your SIM.

When you are certain about the date of your SIM registration, if it’s not more than 3 months ago, then you will be eligible to enjoy airtel double data.




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