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Digital Youth Nigeria: Fmysd-esp Skills Acquisition Exit Package 2021

Digital Youth Nigeria: Fmysd-esp Skills Acquisition Exit Package 2021

Previously, the List Of Successful Candidates shortlisted for Digital Youth Nigeria (DYNG) Training Programme 2021: https://fmysd-esp.com was published online for youths who possess the requisite requirements for the programme through the online application process.

Which they went through an online / virtual training that lasted for about 3 weeks, and went through another one (1) week extensive Physical Training in all 6 Geo-polital zone nationwide, that has prepared them physically and mentally to enable them to be self – employed or take up a job in the field of their acquired skills.

Today being Friday, September 3, 2021 is their Passing Out Day, from their physical training exercise, these include a Start up Package such as Laptop Computer which includes:

HP, Dell & Lenovo
4GB Ram
2.3 GHZ processor
Core I3 7th Generation
6 hours battery
14 Inch

And other peripherals/miscellaneous to help them out up what they learnt to practice, gain financial freedom and in turn be an employer of labour.

According Yakkata.com the Beneficiaries of this progamme across all the Nation are rejoicing and hailing the regime of the incumbent Government of president Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) in conjunction with the Minister of Federal Ministry Of Youths And Sports Development, Mr Sunday Dare for coming up with a brilliant idea to help Alleviate poverty among the youths in the future.

It’s indeed the Beneficiaries are happy as they said they are planning a campaign on social medias Named; #TheMinisterIsWorking indeed the Mister is working to put smile on the faces of the youths.

To Thank the Ministry providing them with Executive Hotel accommodation rooms

Hotel Accommodation Given to the Beneficiaries of Digital Youths Nigeria

And delicious Meals.

Meals given to Digital Youths Nigeria students

As well as transportation Fare, To and From their physical Training states respectively.

According to Yakkata.com. An interview with the minister of Federal Ministry Of Youths And Sports Development, Mr Sunday Dare.

Yakata.com: Sir, how do you feel knowing that you have put smiles in the face of the youths across the nation?

The Minister: well, I would say it’s part of nature to ensure that the I put smile on the faces of everyone around me, especially youths. I am pained whenever I see a robbery case, banditry or kidnappings involving a youth. When they are asked why did they engaged in such nefarious act, they always say they don’t have something doing and it’s hard for them to feed twice daily.

That is why we came up with skill acquisition progamme in various field to enable them to choose the one that suits them best. And we will continue to strategize to come up with more of this kind of progammes to bail the youths out of Poverty.

IoT/Hardware Students Receiving Their Exit Packages
Students of IoT/Hardware skills Students DYNG at North Central Nasarawa State

The Owner/CEO of Yakkata.com receiving his DYGN Exit package in North Central


IoT/Hardware Skills, Sokoto State beneficiaries after receiving their exit packages.
Directors Presenting Exit packages to students at DYNG North Central Nasarawa State
Directors at IoT/Hardware North Central.



  1. You are doing well my brother. Keep up the good work. Thanks to the federal government and ministry of youth and sports development for this great opportunity. And to our facilitators and trainers nation wide we really appreciate your efforts. May God almighty bless you all.

    Abdul-baqi Ibrahim Oladimeji (Participant/beneficiary)


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