Using Fidelity Bank Transfer Code with USSD

Using Fidelity Bank Transfer Code with USSD

This article will provide you with information about Using Fidelity Bank Transfer Code with USSD to conduct all your banking transactions easily by just dialing a short code.

The Fidelity instant banking USSD code to transfer, buy airtime buy data.

Fidelity bank USSD code also known as instant banking is service provided by fidelity Bank with a bank on the go from your home comfort. The fidelity bank USSD code can be used to transfer money, pay bills, buy airtime and many more. to use fidelity instant banking services, all you need to do is to, Dial a single short code to get started.

How to Activate Fidelity Bank Instant Banking

from the phone number you used during your account opening, Dial *770#. You will get a pop – up message stating: 


Please do not disclose your fidelity bank online banking password/token ATM PIN or BVN to anyone. We will never ask for it.

Enter 1 to proceed.

After Successful creation of your fidelity instant banking, you can access other services on the fidelity bank instant banking.

Code to Check Fidelity Bank Account Balance

It’s easier to keep track records your transactions to be able to request for your account balance using a short USSD code. To check your fidelity account balance, Dial *770*0# and type in your PIN to confirm. This service attracts a service fee of N20, knows as convenience fee, chargeable from your account.

Code to Transfer Money With Fidelity Instant Banking 

It’s easier and convenient to transfer money with your fidelity bank instant banking without having to go to the bank at the comfort of your home or anywhere. To do this, Dial *770*account number* amount. Say for example if you want to transfer N5,000.

Dial *770*50987640963*5000# type in your PIN in the next prompt message to confirm your transfer.

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How Much Do Fidelity Bank Charges for Using USSD Code to Transfer?

There are some charges payable when using fidelity bank instant banking, they are highlighted below;

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Services performance      

1. Account balance enquiry.

2. Fidelity to fidelity bank transfer.

3. Fidelity to other to other bank transfer.

4. Bills payment chargers.

Old charges  

1. N10.

2. N50 flat rate charges.

3. N50 flat rate.

4. N10.

New transaction charges

1. N20.

2. N0 for N5000 N10 above N5000 N25 from N6000 above.

3. N0 for N5000 while N10 above N5000 including value added tax (VAT).

4. N150.

What is the Code to Buy Airtime From Fidelity Bank?

The fidelity instant banking allows you to buy credit from your account using a short USSD code. To buy airtime from your fidelity bank, Dial *770*amount#. To buy airtime/credit fir yourself.

Fidelity Bank Code to Buy Airtime/credit for Friends

To recharge or buy airtime for other phone number such as friend, family or your other phone numbers. Dial *770*phone number*amount#. For example *770*0708000000*500#. A sum of N500 will be credited to the above number 07080000000.

Code to Secure Your Fidelity Bank Account

If you lost your phone, you can use the service of fidelity account security gives you the ability to to protect your account against theft or hackers that may try to hack into your account to perform malicious act. To use the service of How to protect fidelity account, Dial *770*phone number# then type in your PIN number in the next option to confirm. This will instantly block your fidelity account from theft by any third party that may have access to your account. The good thing about this service is that you can perform the service in any mobile phone if your phone is stolen or lost.

Code to Update BVN on Fidelity Bank Account

You can actually update your BVN or email easily from your fidelity instant banking, at the comfort of your home. Dial *770*02# then select either email or BVN in the next pop – up and type in either your email or BVN to confirm.

Code to Block Fidelity Bank Atm Card

if your think your card was stolen, misplaced or your PIN was compromised. You can follow the procedure on how to block your fidelity ATM card easily with  fidelity USSD instant banking. Dial *770*911#.

Code to Change Fidelity USSD Banking PIN

Do you want to change your fidelity bank pin because you think your PIN is compromised or you feel the need to change your USSD instant banking PIN to secure your account? You can actually change your fidelity bank PIN in seconds by Dialing, *770*00#. Type in your current PIN in the next option, type in a new PIN the next option and type in the new PIN again in the next option to confirm. Example; Dial *770*00# [old PIN][new PIN][confirm new PIN].

Code to Withdraw Money From Fidelity Bank Without ATM Card

Did you lost your ATM card or your forgot your ATM card at home, and you are out of cash and wants to withdraw money from your account. No need to panic because you can actually do a card-less withdrawals with fidelity instant banking. From your phone, Dial *770*8*amount# you will get a pop-up stating, enter a one-time 4 digit PIN for your card less withdrawal: type in a any 4 digit PIN which will stand as your one-time PIN (OTP). And type in your fidelity USSD instant banking PIN to confirm. You will instantly get a pay code from your fidelity account to withdraw cash. Go to the ATM and enter the pay code PIN sent to you by fidelity bank and amount of withdrawal, confirm and get your cash instantly.

How to Pay Utility Bills With Fidelity Bank USSD Code 

You can actually pay your bills using the fidelity USSD code. Bills such as; DSTV, startimes, DSTV box office, NairaBet, GoTV, Lekki concession company LCC toll, airtel bills and prepaid electricity bills. Without going through the hassles of queue. To pay either of the bills listed above, Dial *770*code of the bills*smart card number*amount#. Example to pay for DTSV N5500 subscription, Dial *770*1099*41000000000*5500#. check below to get a list of bills codes payable.

USSD Codes for Bill Payments

1.  1099 for DSTV bill code.

2.  1098 for DSTV box office bill code.

3.  1077 for startimes bill code.

4.  1088 for Gotv bill code.

5.  1033 for swift 4G subscription bill code.

6.  1022 for postpaid Enugu electric distribution company (EEDC) bill code.

7.  1021 for prepaid Enugu electric distribution company (EEDC) bill code.

8.  1044 for Ibadan electric distribution company (IBEDC) bill code.

9.  1013 for prepaid Kano electric distribution company (KEDCO) bill code.1

10. 1014 for postpaid Kano electric distribution company (KEDCO) bill code.

11. 1017 for Port harcourt electric distribution company (PHED) bill code.

12. 1015 for Benin electric distribution company (BEDC) bill code.

13. 1011 for (EKEDDP) prepaid bill payment code.

14. 1012 for (EKEDDP) postpaid bill payment code.

15. 1066 for LCC toll bill payment code.

16.1055 for NairaBet bill payment code.

17. 1068 for Lagos toll company (LTC) bill code.

18. 1112 for Airtel bill payment code.

Code to Change How to Receive Alerts From Fidelity Bank

You can set the limits of fidelity alert to receive either via fidelity email email alert or fidelity SMS alert. This service allows you to limit the amount of alert you want to record. You can choose to get alert either on daily or weekly basis. Dial *770*2# and select the type of fidelity alert you want to receive.

Can I Reactivate My Fidelity Bank Account After Blocking it?

If you blocked your account or card because you suspects malicious act or someone might have access to your fidelity account without you knowledge. Just walk into any fidelity branch and ask the their customer care support to reactivate your account back.

Are There Charges for Receiving Fidelity Email Alert?

email alert are mostly free while SMS may be subject to some charges at the end of every month for specific amount of alert received.

Fidelity Bank Customer Care Number/email

For further enquiries and complaints you can reach fidelity bank customer care support on 070034335489 and +2349087989069 from abroad, you can also reach them on WhatsApp and email via Or email at: or visit


Using the Fidelity Bank USSD code for your banking transactions is easy and convinient. You can conduct all your transaction at the comfort of your home without going through the hassle of bank branch. A simple short code can help you transact anywhere, anytime without the use of internet.

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