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First Bank USSD transfer codes 894 – how to transfer money

First bank USSD code to transfer money.

First Bank USSD transfer codes, 894 – how to transfer money

Firstbank is one of Nigeria’s financial institutions, it provides both online and offline banking services. You can never be stranded with firstbank USSD code *894#, with This Firstbank quick banking cod, you don’t need data to perform transactions from your firstbank account.

It’s easier convenient and secure, you can easily use it to check account balance, transfer money to any bank pay bills buy airtime and data. 

How to use fort bank quick banking USSD codes 

You can be able to use first Ban quick banking USSD code for transactions if you have a first bank debit card (ATM card). Then from the phone number you use when opening the account, Dial *894#, a list of menu will pop, select option 1, stating Quick banking. Follow the steps by steps and set up your quick banking linked to you debit card, and select a 5 digit PIN which will be your password whenever you want to conduct any transaction. After successfully setting up the first bank quick banking, follow the procedure on, how to transfer money with first bank USSD code:

How to create firstbank USSD PIN

To creat your first bank 5 digit quick banking transaction PIN, after registering for quick banking services. By dialing *894#, you will select your debit card provided by the first bank to you. Now enter your ATM card 4 digit PIN, then you will be prompt to enter a 5 digits transaction PIN, you will still be asked to confirm it for the second time. After a successful confirmation, your first bank USSD quick banking is ready to use for transactions.

How to transfer money within first Bank 

This service allows you to send money within first Bank accounts, all you need is to have the other firstbank account number writing somewhere. Then from your phone, Dial *894*account number*amount#. The service will then take you to a pop up asking you to type in your 4 digit PIN, input your pin and confirm your transactions. 

How to transfer money from First Bank to other banks 

Unlike the previous method of transferring money within first bank, To transfer money from your first bank account to other banks, Dial *894*account number*amount#. Provide your 4 digit PIN in the next pop up and confirm your transaction.

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How to buy airtime with my first-bank account 

This service allow you to buy airtime/credit for yourself using the first bank USSD code, to buy airtime for yourself, Dial *894*amount#. With this method you don’t have to provide the 4 digit PIN when buying airtime for yourself from your first bank account.

How to buy data with first bank USSD code 

If you you can buy airtime for yourself, friends and family, you can equally buy internet date bundle with your firstbank account, using USSD quick banking. Dial *894*2#. Select any data plan of your choice and input your 5 digit PIN to confirm your transactions.

How to recharge someone from my first-bank account 

This service allows you to recharge other people’s phone from your first bank account, such as friends or family. Dial *894*phone number* amount# to buy airtime from your first-bank account to other people phone number.

How to check first bank account balance 

It’s fast and easier to check your first bank account balance with first bank quick banking USSD codes, dial *894*00#. Wait for few seconds, you will get a message from first bank with your account balance as at that time of request.

How check first bank mini-statement of aaccount nk mini-statements of account 

first bank gives you the ability to check a mini-statements of transactions done in your account number for a specific time period. using the USSD quick

banking codes to check firstbank mini-statement, Dial *894*account number#. Sample of a first bank mini-statement is shown below.



1. – 10 26 – oct – 2020.

2. + 14 01 -oct – 2020.

How to open a first bank account 

You can actually open an account with first bank using the quick banking USSD codes. To open a first bank account, Dial *894*0#, select option 1 stating open an account,  it will then take you to 2 options namely; open with BVN and open without BVN.

If you have a BVN, you can go ahead and open with a BVN, provide all necessary information such as your name, date of birth, state of origin phone number and your BVN number.

After completing the process, your account number will be sent to the phone number you provided during the period of registration. But if you don’t have a BVN, you can register just as a person with a BVN omitting only the BVN process.

Then go to any firstbank nearest branches and enroll for a BVN number which will be used in turn to link your account number.

First bank quick banking USSD short codes 

1. Dial *894# for any transaction and follow the process to achieve any transaction.

2. Dial *894*0# to open an account, to register fo 894 banking and to reset your PIN.

3. Dial *894*1# to activate first minor wallet.

4. Dial *894*2# to buy internet data bundle.

5. Dial *894*9# to view procedures on how to register/be a first bank agent.

6. Dial *894*# to check account balance.

7. Dial *894*amount# to buy airtime on your phone number. 

8. Dial *894*phone number*amount# to buy airtime for other phone numbers.

9. Dial *894*account number# to check mini-statement of account.

10. Dial *894*amount*account number# to transfer money.

FAQs about Firstbank USSD quick banking code.

Q: What mobile network can i use to perform the firstbank USSD quick banking?

You can perform the firstbank USSD quick banking with all mobile network, be it airtel, MTN, Glo and 9mobile. So long as it’s the phone number you are using to receive alert from your bank.

Q: Is the firstbank USSD code quick banking service secure?

Yes it’s very secure, because only you can conduct any transaction you want to with your phone.

Even if someone have possession of your phone, they won’t get access to your account because only you know your 5 digits special PIN to conduct transactions.

Q: What can I do if i suspect someone knows my firstbank USSD PIN?

It’s always advisable not to share your PIN to anyone. But if you suspect someone of knowing your PIN you can dial *894*0# and select option 3 to reset your current PIN.

Q: How can i get my money back from firstbank USSD code, if i am debited wrongly?

If you are debited and didn’t get your money delivered to the person your are transferring to or did not get the airtime/data you bought. You can wait for some hours to get auto refund from firstbank or you can reach firstbank customer care support on: 0700FIRSTCONTACT, 0700-34778268228 or you can email them at: firstcontact@firstbanknigeria.com. Or visit any of firstbank nearest branches for supports. Or log on to https://firstbanknigeria.com.




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