Get airtel 300% bonus for recharging your SIM

How Get airtel 300% bonus for recharging your SIM

Airtel mobile network is one of the Nigeria’s telecom companies that allows its subscribers to enjoy both calls and data bundles upon recharging their airtel phone number with a specific amount of airtime/credit.

Sometimes i do ask myself these 2 questions.

Why don’t I get bonus when I recharge my airtel line?

The reason why you don’t get recharge bonus is because you may not be in the right airtel package/tariff plan.

What Airtel package gives bonus for recharging?

There are several airtel packages/tariff plans that gives bonuses upon recharging. With this trick below, you will get 300% call bonus on Airtel smartCONNECT package.

Yes With the airtel smartCONNECT tariff plan you get to enjoy 100% data bonus as well as 300% calling bonus all at the same time. Isn’t that awesome? This article is going to teach you how to get airtel recharge bonus and how to use your airtel bonus efficiently and how to check airtel bonus balance.

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How to get airtel recharge bonus 

With this simple tutorial you will get airtel 300% bonus when you recharge your line, gone are the days when you recharge on you line without getting a dime as bonus compensation for recharging. To get airtel 300% recharge bonus You need to be on Airtel smart CONNECT tariff plan. If you are not on airtel smartCONNECT tariff plan, you don’t need to panic. Just call airtel customer care number on 111 and ask them to migrate your line to Airtel smartCONNECT tariff plan. Or better still, get a new airtel number register it, it’s always on airtel smartCONNECT tariff plan, do not migrate to any tariff plan. you don’t know your current airtel tariff plan? You can check your airtel tariff plan by Dialing *123#.

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Now after registering your new airtel SIM, start recharging from N100 to N1,000 you will get 300% calling bonus. The bonus is divided into two segments namely BONUS: Calls (ALL NETWORKS) and Calls (Airtel to Airtel) the former means you can use the bonus to call all Nigerian Networks, while the later means you can only use it bonus to call only airtel numbers.

With this, you just don’t get a bonus for calling only, you will get to enjoy airtel data bonus which last for 24 hours. 

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How to check airtel bonus balance 

After you have got airtel bonus and don’t know to check the balance, from your phone Dial *123*1#. You will get an onscreen prompt showing you your all airtel bonuses available on your line. The screenshot below shows a sample Airtel N1000 recharge bonuses.

FAQs about airtel recharge bonus 

Why Airtel don’t give me bonus when i recharge 1000 airtime?

The reason why you don’t get recharge bonus on airtel is because you may not be on the right package/tariff. There are several tariff plan that offers whooping bonus for recharging your airtel line. See list of Airtel packages/tariff plans that gives bonus for recharging below;

What Airtel Package/tariff plan gives bonus for recharging?

The best airtel package that offer great recharge bonus is Airtel smartCONNECT. The airtel smartCONNECT gives you bonus from as low as recharges of N100 – N1,000. But if you want to recharge above N1000 and still enjoy the airtel bonus, you can recharge it in smaller amounts such as N1000 separately and N500 separately. This is because the bonus starts from N100 to N1000, it’s capped at N1000, any recharge above N1000 on smartCONNECT will lose the chances of getting the smartCONNECT bonus.

Why can’t I find my airtel bonus on my line after some days?

You should note that; The airtel recharging bonus don’t last for long, it’s meant to be used between 5 – 7 days when you get them, after which failure to use them within the stipulated day or time given will result to losing them, airtel will wipe them out of your line by if you don’t use them within the 7 days of recharging.

How much bonus do I get when I recharge 1000 on my airtel line?

When you recharge N1000 airtel airtime, you get a whooping amount of N3000. Yes I said N3000 separated as N1,500 to call all Networks and N1,500 to call only airtel Number.

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