How Npower Sold Batch C Stream 2 Slots for 100k

How N-power Sold Batch C Stream 2 Slots for 100k, See Reasons Why Npower Dashboard Didn’t Show Your Physical Verification Venue

How Npower Sold Batch C Stream 2 Slots for 100k

Were you shortlisted for Npower Batch C Stream 2 Biometric capturing? Did you wonder why you weren’t given a physical verification venue? Continue reading to find out why?

  • Why is my Npower Dashboard not showing my physical verification venue?
  • Why you were not given physical verification venue even after Npower biometric capturing

Early February 2022, Npower shortlisted some number of candidates who were supposed to be the So-Called successful/beneficiaries of the Npower batch C stream 2 beneficiaries.

They were asked to go for biometric capturing, after which they will conduct physical verification at their respective state of residence and place them on a monthly payroll of ₦30,000.

As luck would run off them. In Late May 2022 Npower directed them to make sure they capture their fingerprints on or before 27th of May 2022. As that is the means that enable them to qualify them as a beneficiary.

But after then, the heavy ship capsized, the Npower team went ahead and made changes to everyone’s dashboard on their database and made all Non-Shortlisted Stream 1 and 2 applications who were not shortlisted in the program as “Shortlisted Candidates” but no provision for biometric capturing, so they will carry out their crook plan easily.

After few a days Npower extended the biometric capturing date with an interval of one week, within the period of that 1 week. A friend within my locality called me to ask me if I need an Npower slot. I was surprised and I asked him “is Npower not an empowerment programme?” He said yes it is.

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Then I asked him why would a federal government empowerment programme be sold? He said na you no know this country. We both laughed.

Then I asked him how much is a slot on the Npower programme goin for? He told me 100,000. Wow 100k you mean? I quickly do the arithmetic 30,000 X 12 =360,000. Wow it’s not bad to get a profit of 260k. But “selling what is meant for the youths is not right” I said to him. He replied, na you know that one. People are paying already and their dashboards are showing biometric capturing.

That is when I knew he was serious.

After few a days the extended biometric capturing date elapsed. Physical verification creeped in, Lo and behold majority of the Shortlisted Candidates were not given Physical Verification Venue. Even when they tried to contact the Npower team, they vividly disabled all means of contact.

How Npower Sold Batch C Stream 2 Slots for 100k

The physical verification was supposed to be held from June 15 to 25 2022. But they later extended the date to 29th June 2022 and more people who bought the npower slot for 100k are still lobbied in, they were given physical verification venues while those that got on merit didn’t get a physical verification venue.

When Npower social media handles started replying to shortlisted candidates, they told the merit candidates to go to their local government area of residence for their physical verification. These desperate candidates went to their various Local Government Area and NYSC Secretariat to get physically verified.

But they were all sent back home that their dashboards need to show “Beneficiary” before they will be physically verified.

I laughed and realized that “Npower had played a fast one” on the common shortlisted applicants who didn’t bribe their way out.

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Until today Npower officials have no empirical explanation as to why the merit Shortlisted Candidates were removed even after biometric capturing and deceiving them to go to their local government area of residence for physical verification.

This is injustice and slap a on the face of a common Npower applicant.

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