How to Change Google Voice Number

How to Change Google Voice Number

This article will provide you with a Step-by-step guide on How to Change Google Voice Number with 5 Easy steps.


If you’re unhappy with your Google Voice number or you simply want to change it to something more memorable, it’s easy to change the number in just five steps using the Google Voice service. You can even change your Google Voice number back to the original, or to one of your choosing. Here’s how it works, and how you can change your Google Voice number in just five simple steps.

How to Change Your Google Voice Number in 5 Easy Steps

Follow the steps below to easily change your Google Voice Number:

Step 1: Open Your Google Voice Account

Sign into your account on the homepage. The left sidebar will have a link for Change/Restore Voice number. Scroll down to that and click on it. You’ll then be prompted with a popup window asking if you’re sure you want to change your voice number. If so, click Yes. If not, don’t worry! You can always just wait until the person who originally set up your account changes their voice number and then delete them from your account.

Step 2: Call Your Existing Number From Your New Number

If you’d like to keep your current number active and connect it with a new number you can use the second part of this process. You’ll need: 

– An active internet connection – A new phone number for the phone that’s currently set up for your old voice number – A PIN that you’ll find on the back of your SIM card or by contacting your mobile carrier. 

On a phone call (whether using speakerphone or not) with the new, temporary number, enter *21*pin# then press send as if you were going to make a normal call.

Step 3: Switch Verification Method

On the next screen, switch your Verification Method from None to a text message or phone call by clicking on your desired method. With the new updates, you will be asked for a 4-digit code (6 digits if using a mobile phone). If prompted, select Continue. You will be taken back to this same page after successfully completing the verification process.

Finally, type in your new number where it says Please enter your temporary number and click Done. That’s it! You’re done!

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Step 4: Disable Forwarding on The Old Number

To disable forwarding on the old number, go back into the voicemail and uncheck Forward calls when unanswered. After this step, if you don’t answer a call it will go straight to voicemail without ringing on your new number. You’ll be alerted via text message or email that a call has been forwarded when that happens, though so you can still listen to any messages or take appropriate action.

Step 5: Delete Your Old Number

Once you’ve selected your new number, tap on the Settings icon on the app’s home screen. Now that we’re here, go ahead and delete your old number so that people can’t keep calling it thinking they are reaching you. Simply tap Delete this number and then enter your confirmation code again. If you want to send a message letting people know about your new number when they call or text, hit Share contact info at the bottom of the screen before hitting Delete this number.

Frequently Asked Questions About Changing Your Google Voice Number

For many of us, our phone numbers are an integral part of our identity. If you’re thinking about changing your Google Voice number, there are several important questions to consider first. Read on to learn more about frequently asked questions about changing your Google Voice number and how to get the most out of your new number.

I Changed My Number, What Do I Need to Do?

Once you change your number, all the phone numbers linked to that account will be disconnected. Then you’ll need to send and receive a text from the new number with your old number, which will give your phone’s contact list permission to update itself with the new number.

Can I Change My Google Voice Number Back If I Want to?

If you change your number, you cannot change it back to the original one. However, if you’ve changed your number and didn’t mean to, go to the dial pad and type #865# before entering the number you want. The 865# code is a unique code that will reset your number back to what it was before.

What Happens If I Sign Up For Something With The Old Number Attached?

It’s important to let those who may be using your old number know that you are changing it. If possible, give them a way to contact you. For example, if you’ve signed up for streaming TV and they’re not familiar with your new number, they’ll need a way to call or chat with you in order to set it up on their account.

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Do Businesses Know My New Number?

It is possible that businesses might know your new number, but not necessarily. Just make sure to inform the business of your new number and provide any appropriate contact information. In the event that you do use a forwarding service, they will likely have access to your new number.

1. Yes, it is legal to change your Google Voice number. 

2. It can take up to 

3. days for the changes to go into effect. 

3. All incoming calls and messages will be forwarded until you update your phone with the new information after a successful number transfer has been completed. 

4. You can cancel your old number if you no longer want to use it.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know After Changing My Google Voice Number?

What happens if I lose my phone? If you call your Google Voice number, you’ll hear a missed call announcement and can choose to either send a text message to the person who called or call the person back. If your voicemail is full, or if you don’t want to listen to it at all, then you will need a new number. If the above steps didn’t work for you, you can;

Change Your Google Voice Number

1. On your computer or smartphone, open Google Voice.

2. Sign in with the Google account you used to register your number.

3. In the upper right corner, click Settings.

4. On the left, click Accounts.

5. Under “Google Voice Numbers,” find the number you want to delete.

6. Click Delete to delete the number.

7. When you receive the “You don’t have a Google Voice number” message, click Get Number.

8. Enter the city name or postal code in the search bar.


  • One. If there are no phone numbers available in your area, try somewhere nearby.
  • Next to the desired number, click Select.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

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Changing your Google Voice Number is easy and free to do, but you should be aware that changing your number still requires you to verify it using a verification code with a working US phone number.

NOTE: if you don’t have a working US phone number to receive a verification code, it’s advisable not to try to change your number, because you might lose your old number without getting a new one or restoring your old number.

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