How to Convert Image to PDF File On Android

How to Convert Image to PDF File on Android Phone and iPhone.

How to convert image to PDF file on android
How to convert image to PDF

Converting your pictures or image to a PDF file could sound like one cumbersome process for people that don’t know how to about it. This article will provide an accurate step by step guide on How to convert image to PDF file on android or iPhone phones easily without any hassle.

There several ways to convert your pictures to PDF format both offline and online juts like methods on how to edit a PDF file on phone, but this method is quite easier.

Let’s look at the online method first before showing you the offline method with the Steps below;

Online picture to PDF converter

  • Go to
  • Scroll down, and click on JPG-PDF.
  • A screen will come up where you will see Select JPG Images as seen in the picture below;
Converting image to PDF online

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Click on the Select JPG Images it will automatically open your phone gallery, now select the specific or group of pictures you want to convert to PDF. then click on Convert To PDF at the bottom of the page.

Wait for few minutes, the selected image will then be converted to PDF and ready for download. You have successfully converted your image to PDF.

Click on Download PDF. The PDF file will download to your divice. Locate and and share it.

How to Convert Image to PDF In WPS Office

WPS Office app is one of the simplest method used for converting images into PDF offline.

Follow the process below to convert any image offline within minutes Using WPS office app:

Offline image to PDF converter App

Using WPS office App is my number 1 App that I use to do all my image to PDF converting, DOC to PDF conversion, PDF Editing / converting to DOC etc. To convert your image/picture to a PDF file follow the procedure below;

  • Download the WPS office App from
  • Launch / open the app register with your email or Login with Facebook or Google email account.
  • After the registration open your WPS office app and complete or ignore the tutorial provided by the app.
  • It will take you the app homepage.
  • Now click on the + located at the bottom right of the app as seen in the image below;

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How to convert image to PDF file on android
How to convert image to PDF file on android
  • Locate and click on fourth option showing PDF. It will take you to another page.
  • Locate and click on the third option showing picture to PDF.
  • It will automatically take you to phone gallery or Images.
  • Locate and select your desired picture or multiple images.
  • Then push the Next at the bottom right after selecting the images.
  • Allow it to load.
  • After loading, your image will be visible for you to set the layout or adjust the image to either portrait/horizontal or Landscape/vertical style.
  • After you have adjusted the image to your desired taste.
  • Click on save at the bottom right of the page.
  • It will take you to where you can chose which drive to save it on your device.

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  • Select any drive of your choice.
  • Then at bottom right of the page you can rename it to your name or anything you want to save it as by editing the place showing as Document-WPS Office . pdf
  • Then click on Export to PDF.
  • Now Your image has been successfully converted to a PDF file.

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You can go back to the WPS office app homepage and view the converted image or you can locate it from your phone Android phone file manager or files and share to anyone.

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