How to Edit A PDF File On Phone Free

How to Edit A PDF File On Phone Free, Offline and Online With PDF Editing Application.

How to edit a PDF file on phone Free
PDF editing App

Let’s first know the meaning of PDF, PDF Simple mean Portable Document Format. It’s one of the most used file format used to upload files online, and most people who have longer article that is not published as a book usually convert it into a PDF format to be uploaded online for easy access to their readers.

However, there are several ways on how to edit a pdf file on your phone. They’re listed and discussed below:

PDF Editing Applicantions

  • WPS office App
  • Adobe Acrobat reader App

The Adobe Acrobat reader reader is an offline PDF editing App, while WPS office app uses both offline and a little online tweak to make the editing perfect. But both apps can help you edit a PDF file on your phone efficiently. How does it work?

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For the purpose of this article I will first show you how to edit a PDF file on your phone using WPS office App with the following procedure:

How to Edit A PDF File On My Phone

  • Download the WPS office App from or on Google play store on your Android phone. While iPhone users can download it from App store.
  • Launch / open the app. It will ask you to register or login with Google account.
  • Use any of the option that suits you best.
  • After registration it will take you to the homepage of the app as seen in the screenshot photo below.
WPS office App homepage

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  • As seen in the homepage of the app, locate the PDF file you want to edit.
  • Make sure the app is saved inside the WPS office App files.
  • Then click on the specific PDF file to open.
  • Locate PDF to Doc at the bottom right side of the opened PDF file and click it.
  • It will load with the help off internet connection and convert your PDF file to document format (Doc).

With these methods, you can as well learn How to Convert Image to PDF File On Android Phone Easily.

Edit whatever you want to edit and and save, or you can select and copy all the the text after editing and paste it somewhere or create a new file to type in Doc / Docx Format. Paste the copied write up from the PDF file you just edited and save.

You have successfully convert PDF to Doc, Edit and duplicate the PDF file to a document format.

How to Edit A PDF File On Phone Free

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