Procedures on How To Get Opay POS Machine

This article will provide you with information about the Procedures on How To Get Opay POS Machine With Step-by-step Guide On How To Be An Opay POS Agent

Procedures on How To Get Opay POS Machine
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OPay is a fast-growing fintech company in Nigeria. As an OPay agent, you have the opportunity to become a “mini bank” near your local area. As mentioned in another article, They are market leaders in several areas including correspondent banking And Opay Loan. You can review the OPay Proxy Guide later.

This article describes how you, as an Opay agent, can obtain an opay POS machine, use POS (Point of Sale) terminals in Nigeria for withdrawals, transfers, deposits and other transactions.

This article will also teach you how to become an Opay POS agent and make more money as an agent near you.
After successfully registering as an OPay agent in the OPay agent portal, you can apply for a POS terminal To Get Opay POS Machine

What Are the Requirements To Get an Opay POS Machine?

To qualify for to get an Opay POS, an aspirin agent need to know how to use Opay POS machine listed below:

  1. The agent must be familiar with the transaction mode and user interface of the application. Therefore, you need to be able to use the OPay app to complete multiple transactions.
  2. Within four weeks of using OPay App, you will complete a large number of transactions.

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How To Apply For OPay POS Machine

To become as Opay POS Agent, you must fill in the Opay POS Application by following the procedure outlined below to successfully request for an OPay POS machine:

To be eligible, your Know Your Customer (KYC) level must first be upgraded to Merchant Level (Level 3).
Please follow the steps below to upgrade your OPay profile to KYC level 3:

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  1. From the Opay app, Go to the “Me” section.
  2. To access account details, click the picture icon (top left).
  3. Click Upgrade to upgrade to level 3.
  4. Upload your own photo
  5. Upload a valid ID (international passport, voter ID, national ID or driver’s license).
  6. Please attach your most recent utility bill (PHCN bill, water bill, rent receipt, LAWMA trash bill for Lagos Resident)
  7. Submit your BVN.
  8. Note: The OPay team takes 24-72 hours to review and approve/reject your KYC. Once your KYC is approved, you will be notified by email and SMS.

Step 2: Switch profile to business
Once your profile is upgraded to KYC 3, please follow the guidelines below to switch your profile to a merchant:

  1. Go to “Me”
  2. Click the picture icon (upper left corner) to enter the account details
  3. Click Upgrade to Merchant
  4. Fill in your business information (business name, address, etc.) and click Next
  5. Fill in the required information
  6. Click to upgrade

Note: The Opay team must review and approve/reject your request.

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Step 3: Merchant Application
Once you have upgraded to KYC Level 3 and switched your OPay profile to Merchant, you can now go to “Merchant Application”.

Below is a simplified process on how to successfully enter the Merchant Application for an OPay POS machine in Nigeria.

  1. Log in to the OPay app on your device.
  2. Select the “Merchant Application” option.
  3. Complete all required information on the next page.
  4. Upload your transaction history for the last three months.
  5. Upload a valid ID (international passport, voter card, national ID or driver’s license).
  6. Take a photo of your business station and upload to the portal.
  7. Then submit for a review

OPay POS Machine Price

The OPay POS machine Prices in Nigeria are ₦8,500 for OPay Mini POS, ₦35,000 for OPay Traditional POS, and ₦50,000 for OPay Smart POS.

NOTE: The Opay Application Process is completely Free of charge.


In conclusion, Getting Opay POS machine is simple, and it can be done at the convinient of your home if follow the procedures provided above accordingly. If you encounter any difficulty while doing so, don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comments section below and will be glad to quickly reply to you.

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