How to prevent someone from tagging you on Facebook

How to prevent someone from tagging you on Facebook

How to prevent someone from tagging you on Facebook

Facebook is social networking platform accessible to users that share common interest to chat in a form of instant messages and share other media files such as photos, videos, musics, document and other files. it gives user access to make voice and audio calls as well as exchanging voice notes. It’s accessible both on the web and facebook app. 

Besides all the listed features listed above, there is a feature called facebook tagging.See: How to Get Free USA number for calling, texting Facebook & WhatsApp worldwide

what does it mean when someone tags you on facebook

When someone tags you on Facebook, it simply means you are among the photo or event which you’re being tagged on. However;

Facebook tagging is a feature provided by Facebook inc. that allows user to share photos, videos thoughts and feelings with someone allowing them to feature any individual that is a friend to you on Facebook. Facebook tagging shows an individual that is in the photo or thoughts, the tagging shows In the timeline of the tagged person showing in facebook as photos of you.

why do i get tagged on facebook

You may either be tagged on facebook because the tagger wants to share photo that you showed in or he/she feels you should share their thoughts or feelings.

How to hide tagged photos on Facebook

When you are tagged by someone in Facebook and you want to remove the tag, you can actually remove the Facebook tagging by going to your Facebook timeline, open your photos, you will see several pictures options such as; profile pictures, mobile upload and photos photo of you. Select photos of you, open the particular picture you want to in-tag yourself from, then scroll down for more options and locate remove tag.

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how do i stop someone from tagging me on facebook

Facebook tagging can be so annoying when you always get tagged to irrelevant post, but there are steps to prevent Facebook tagging. Follow the steps below to stop Facebook tagging;

Lunch you Facebook app or from your browser, go to settings, scroll down and locate privacy, under privacy locate and select profile and tagging, scroll down to review you will get two options there namely;

  1. Review tags that people add to your post before the tags appear on Facebook.
  2. Review post that you are tagged in before the post appears on Facebook.

As seen in the picture above. They are always OFF, select each of them and turn them ON. Then go back, you are all set. From now on, anyone that tag you on Facebook will not show on your timeline you can actually choose to either approve it to appear on your timeline or hide it from you timeline and untag yourself.See: How to view someone WhatsApp status without them knowing

how to stop tagged photos appearing on timeline

When you get tagged on Facebook after you have turned ON the tag reviews, go to notifications and and locate and select the specific notification that shows that you are tagged in the post. Right under the post, select Hide, In the next option you will two options namely; report and remove tag. Then Select remove tag. 

How to prevent someone from tagging you on Facebook
How to prevent someone from tagging you on Facebook

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