Montessori School: And Notable Montessori Schools Globally

Montessori School: And Notable Montessori Schools Globally

Montessori School: And Notable Montessori Schools Globally
Montessori School

what is a montessori school

In a simple term, A Montessori School or education concentrate on child-led learning. In a broad term, students are encouraged to be the director of their study, by identifying and undertaking tasks that satisfy their interest, With the teacher as a guide to aid their learning.

Most of the Montessori experience involves a hands-on.

These means in any Montessori School or classroom, you may discover a group students/children working on a puzzle while another group may day-long art task, while other children reads quietly by themselves.

Children are encouraged to advance at their own pace, working with joint force and single-handedly, and expend their time working on tasks they enjoy.

Montessori School: And Notable Montessori Schools Globally
Montessori School Children working collectively on a project.

In Essence, According to American Montessori Society, A Montessori education develops students who are capable, accountable, knowledgeable people who have the strong sense of self they will need to thrive in the real world.

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List of Montessori schools

According to Maria Montessori. Notable schools that are following the principles of Montessori Education Globally Include:


  • Beachside Montessori Village, Hollywood, Florida, USA.
  • Cambridge Montessori school, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Clark Montessori High School, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
  • Franciscan Montessori Earth School & Saint Francis Academy, Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • Great River Charter Montessori School, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.
  • John M. Tobin Montessori School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  • Joliet Montessori School, Crest Hill, Illinois, USA.
  • Khan Lab School (Montessori 2.0), Mountain View, California, USA.
  • MacDowell Montessori School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
  • Midland Montessori School, Midland, Michigan, USA.
  • Montessori High School at University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
  • Wilmington Montessori School, Delaware, USA.
  • Montessori School of Anderson, South Carolina, USA.
  • Montessori School of Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
  • New Horizon Montessori School, Louisville, Tennessee, USA.
  • Ruffing Montessori School, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA.
  • Southern Wake Montessori School, Holly Springs, NC, USA.
  • St. Catherine’s Montessori School, Houston, Texas, USA.
  • Thacher Montessori School, Milton, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Whitby School, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA.

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  • Anne-Claire Montessori School, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines.
  • Clever Lane Montessori School, San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.
  • De Roman Montessori School, Tanza, Cavite, Philippines.
  • La Belle Montessori School, Silang, Cavite, Philippines.
  • Southernside Montessori School, Muntinlupa, Philippines.
  • Sto. Rosario Montessori School, Valenzuela, Metro Manila, Philippines.


  • Beechworth Secondary College – Montessori Adolescent Program, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia.
  • Inner Sydney Montessori School, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Perth Montessori School, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Queensland Independent College, Merrimac, Gold Coast, Australia.
  • Sydney Montessori School, New South Wales, Australia.


  • Mountainview Montessori School, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Toronto Montessori Schools, Ontario, Canada.

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  • Anna-Schmidt-Schule, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
  • Montessori Oberschule Potsdam, Germany.
  • Rhein-Main International Montessori School, Friedrichsdorf, Hessen, Germany.


  • City Montessori School, Lucknow, India.
  • Kamala Niketan Montessori School, Tiruchchirapalli, India.
  • Pebble Creek High Montessori School, A. S. Rao Nagar, Hyderabad, India.
  • Siragu Montessori School, Chennai, India.


  • Bereton Montessori Nursery and Primary School, Rivers State, Nigeria.
  • First Island Montessori School, Lagos, Nigeria.


  • Qingdao Amerasia International School, China.


  • Modern Montessori School, Amman, Jordan.


  • Istituto Italiano Statale Omnicomprensivo di Asmara, Eritrea.


  • Children’s House Montessori School, Dublin, Ireland.


  • Seisen International School, Tokyo, Japan.


  • Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam, Netherlands.


  • Gimnasio Moderno, Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Hon Kong

  • Island Children’s Montessori School, North Point, Hong Kong.


  • Perkkaanpuiston Montessorikoulu, Perkkaa, Espoo, Finland.

United Kingdom, (Great Britain)

  • Oxford Montessori Schools, England, Great Britain.

A Montessori education will help your child develop Independent, a sense of empathy & social justice, with a lifelong love of learning.

Montessori School: And Notable Montessori Schools Globally

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