Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme Test Questions & Tips

Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NFJP) Test Questions & Tips On How to Pass The Test Easily

Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme Test Questions & Tips

Did you receive the Nigeria Fellows Jubilee Programme (NFJP) UPDATE 3 Email?

If your answer to this question is yes, then you have been pre-selected to participate in the forthcoming online aptitude tests which is scheduled to hold on or before the 18th of May 2022.

This article is written to provide an accurate clue on how the NJFP test may be conducted and types of questions that will likely be set for candidates.

Remember earlier the NJFP UPDATE 3 Email gave little grasp of the tests which are:

Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP) Test Clue

The NJFP states that applicants will be required to complete two aptitude tests

  • One Assessing your grasp of Basic Digital Tools and Systems
  • And the second focused on Gauging your Leadership and Communication Competences.

From Number 1 above, we understand that they will Access Applicants about their Basic Knowledge/understanding on Digital Tools and Systems. Before we proceed, let’s understand what Basic digital tools are:

What is a Digital Tool?

Digital tools are software, websites, or online resources that can make it easier to get things or work done easily. Many of these tools can be accessed in web browsers without having to download them, and you can access them at home and at work.

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Example of Digital Tools

Google Drive, Dropbox, Google forms, Facebook, Twitter Zoom meeting, Skype, even this website can serve as a digital tool to pass information to help in assignment and other project work.

As you can see, digital tools and systems are online or offline work that is done with computers to help execute our work effectively and efficiently.

While the second test is Gauging your Leadership and Communication Competences. This segment will assess your understanding about the role of leadership in an organization you will be posted to and how your communication with your peers and staff in the organization will help with “ease of work” in that organization.

Thus; the organization wants a team player who knows how to communicate how to organize a team as a leader to work together, they want everyone to contribute effectively for the growth of the organization.

All these are critical in the 21st Century work and business environment.

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Both tests are mandatory and will be administered electronically (online). You will be required to complete the tests within a given time frame upon which, you will receive a formal certificate of completion.

Those who do not complete the tests within the given time-frame will not receive the certificate and as such will not proceed to the next stage.

Please keep in mind the following as you prepare for the upcoming tests:

Ensure you have steady internet connection for the duration of the test
Ensure you have an electronic device that will allow you to participate in the test before 18th of May through the email address that you used when submitting your application to the Jubilee Fellows Programme.

Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme Test Questions and Answers

The test questions will be available here exactly 1 hour on the day of the test as we did during the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme Essay for applicants. To help you with the accurate questions and answers.

You can bookmark this page for easy access to the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme Test Questions & Tips.

Have Questions? Use the comments section to ask questions or further clarification.

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Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme New Test Date

The NJFP test has been postponed/rescheduled as a result of the following reasons:

As they stated on their various channels,

Update  

Thank you for your continued patience as we prepare for the next steps in the #NJFP selection process.

In order for all applicants to properly access the mandatory tests, we are still working on sorting out the email and technical issues with the NJFP portal

As seen in screenshot below

Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme Test Questions & Tips

Sorry for the inconveniences caused, we’re unable to provide you with the aptitude test questions as a result of uncertainty of the tests questions. This is because each individual is provided with his/her own test questions which are different from each other.

But we promised never to abandon you at this time you need us most. You can follow this link to join the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme NJFP WhatsApp Group where you will get all necessary assistance in the test second test answers by fellows.

Wish you the very best in your Aptitude Test.

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