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Npower 2021: The hidden truth behind most people high Npower test score

Npower shortlisted candidate: The real truth behind Npower high/low test score.

The ongoing Npower application going rounds all over the internet recently have caused a lot confusion among the youths. They have been few challenges on the Npower website which brought about difficulties in accessing the Npower website easily and effectively. However, this article tend to discuss about the Npower test scores, reasons why some people got low score, why some other people got high score and why some people were bared from writing the exam etc. 

Will the Npower test score determine who will be selected for Npower beneficiaries

The question of if Npower test scores can determine if your Npower score guarantee to be shortlisted for the Npower program is somewhat a paradox. This is because looking at the perspective, from the Npower website there is no place where you can check your Npower test scores after submission. That is why some people tend to take a screenshot of their text score and keep for reference purposes. From my observations I noticed that the Npower test scores will not determine if you will be selected as one of the Npower beneficiary. There are few tips I will share that is likely to be the requirements to be selected in the 2021 Npower beneficiary.

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How to check Npower test/exam score.

Checking your Npower test or exam score is quite hard. This is because the Npower NASM portal didn’t provide any means to check your Npower test score. The only way you can check your Npower test score is by screenshooting your test score immediately you finish answering your Npower test, at the end of the your 20 minutes Npower test your test score will be displayed to you on your screen.

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What are the requirements to be selected as an Npower beneficiary

The few tips listed below will determine if you will be selected into the 2021 Npower program;

1. Time of submitting your Npower application; the time which your Npower application submission is plays an important role as this is required as one of the merit of selection, as it always known in Nigeria as “First Come First Serve.”

2. State of origin; your state of origin plays a role too in determining if you will be selected for the 2021 Npower beneficiary. This because all state are allocated their own slots of the national cake, the quicker you submitted your application, the bigger chance of you being selected among your state’s beneficiary.

3. state or geopolitical zone of residence; although Npower will not pick only people a particular state people or one regions and Abaddon other regions and inhabitants of other states. It will be shared equally and effectively to all states and geopolitical zones accordingly to avoid corruption in the equitable distribution of wealth in the country.

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Reasons why your Npower test score is low

There are several factors why an Npower applicant test score my be low and why others test are high. 

1. some people wrote the Npower test out of fear and haste; this set of people are either fear of the Npower website that it may reload and bring them to start the test again, this is because there is only 3 attempts giving by the Npower site for the test.

2. time of the test; the time of the Npower test giving is quite short for some people. 20 questions in 20 minutes is way too short for one to write the test.

3. barned; some people were banned after their third attempt of written the Npower test. It’s mostly not their fault, because the website is bad or has low loading time. Because of too many people trying to access the Npower website at the same time.

Reason why some people got high Npower test score

There  factors why some people scored some good high score in the 2021 Npower test. Some people gave an expert or people known as exam machineries their Npower login details to help them write the exams. Whilst, some people used goggle to write their Npower test. Wondering how they used Google to write their Npower text? They opened 2 browsers at same time or opened 2 pages in their chrome browser. So when they start their Npower test, immediately then first question pops up, they quick highlight/select the question and copy it. Then they minimize to the other browser and paste it on Google, Google in turn will bring exactly the same question that has been solved before and the the answer. While they go back in turn and select their answer. Funny right? But that is exactly how many people that scored high Npower test score got their score.

Can I still write the Npower test after I was banned from Writing the test

Recently from the Npower Twitter handle, they made it known to the general public that if you attempted the Npower test thrice without submission, you will be banned from Writing the test at that time. But you can still write it after 6 hours of getting banned. But you will only be giving the grace of 1 chance of Writing the test again.

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Npower website

There are several Npower websites since from the initiation of the Npower program, here are list of the Npower websites;








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