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Npower Batch C: How to know if your fingerprint is successful

You can tell if your Npower Batch C finger print is successful by getting a success onscreen message.

Since the shortlisting of the N-Power batch C candidates, many people have tried to capture their finger prints by going to cyber Cafe and business centers.

But most of these so called cyber Cafe owners barely know what Npower finger or biometric capture is all about, some don’t even know the thumbprint scanner to use for the Npower Batch C biometric capture. Check: Reasons why you have not been shortlisted for Npower.

However, we will take you through the steps of how to successfully capture your thumbprint Below:

How many fingers will I capture for the Npower Biometric

If you are uncertain about how many fingers your supposed to capture.

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The fingers to be captured for the Npower Batch C biometric capture are just “4” out of your “10” fingers. And they are:

  1. Right Thumb.
  2. Right Index Finger.
  3. Left Thumb
  4. Left Index Finger.

After launching the Npower Biometric app installed from the NASIMS Portal. From the biometric capture page, you will get a message saying:

Follow the below instruction to enroll your biometric capture for N-power.

Enroll your Only your Right and Left Thumb And Left and Right Index Finger.

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As shown in the picture Below:

After capturing your Right and Left thumb, and Left and Right Index.

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You will get an onscreen prompt saying.

To confirm your submission, Place any of your two Thumb or Index Fingers on the Fingerprint Reader.

As seen in the picture above.

After placing either of your Right and Left Thumb or Left and Right Index Fingers on the card reader. It will check for for confirmation if they are the same Fingers or thumb by initializing it. Then if they match, you will get an onscreen successful message saying:

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You have successfully enrolled your Fingerprints.

If you find this article helpful, don’t hesitate to share to your friends and family. Or if you have questions or further clarification and information, submit your question in the comments section.



  1. Hi,good morning.
    Please,in a situation an applicant’s ten fingers were captured during the biometric exercise,will this affect him or her?

    • Good morning Aduak, you are supposed to capture only “4” of your fingers. Your Right Thumb and your left Thumb plus your right Index Finger and left Index Finger. But if you decide a congratulatory message for capturing all 10 fingers. Just login to the NASIMS website and click on verification. If you see “FINGERPRINTS CAPTURED” rather than. CAPTURE FINGERPRINT. Then you don’t have to worry because it’s succesful.

  2. Good evening, please I have a question on my name for instance my name’s are okoro OLUCHI MARYJANE AGATHA,and my BVN bears, okoro OLUCHI MARYJANE or how it is in our details,and when you come to bank name,I wrote Okoro Oluchi M Agatha,and my credentials bears, Okoro Oluchi Agatha, please will that be a problem or affect me on payment, please help me out now,but remember those names are on my birth certificate.

    • You should wait during the physical Verification period then ask the official to correct it to match with how it is shown in your BVN or since all 3 names appear on your BVN and the N-power Portal. You will not have problem. Because during my time I have 2 names on my BVN while my N-power profile is 3 names but it didn’t affect my payment.


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