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Npower Batch C Non-Shortlisted applicants to be moved to stream 2

Some Npower Batch C applicants that was not shortlisted in this stream, are to be moved to stream 2

Most N-Power Batch C applicants, that passed the test successfully and scored high in the N-Power Batch C test have been worried that they were not shortlisted.

Well all N-Power Batch C applicants that were successful but did not get the N-Power congratulatory message should worry NO more.

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N-Power/NASIMS has sent an email to unsuccessful N-Power Batch C applicants to exercise patience, as they will be shortlisted for the next batch which is stream 2.

In recent question and answer carried out by yakkata.com to one of the N-power respondent. As shown in the screenshot Below;


I scored 70 in the test and I uploaded all necessary documents why was I not shortlisted?

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Thanks for contacting NASIMS(N-power)

All shortlisted candidates will be sent a mail. However, you can verify from your self-service Portal if you are been shortlisted.

If you haven’t been shortlisted yet, kindly exercise patient and wait for the screening of Batch C stream 2 to commence as you may be Shortlisted with the next stream.

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See screenshot short below;

N-power stream 2.jpg
N-power applicant chat session with NASIMS Staff

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  1. If i have not been yet shortlist, how am my sure for screening selection second batch,since the name is not selected by performace or merit.

    • Yes Odey, the Npower selection is done randomly. But they are following local Government Area share of 1000 applicants. If people that applied in your local Government are not up to 1000. Even if you scored 5% you will be selected. But when your local Government Area applicants exceeds 1000. Then they will use higher exam score to shortlist


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