Npower is sending congratulations email to applicants

Npower is sending congratulations email to applicants.

If you are Having trouble a login in the N-power website, you don’t have to worry anymore as N-power is sending a congratulatory mails to applicants.

All applicant are check their email addresses to see their congratulations messages and what to do next. Moreso, the email message shows applicants N-power batch C streams.

The N-power batch C is stream 1 and 2 is determined when an applicant will start his/her own journey in the N-power program.

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Currently the stream 1 are the ones getting email messages from N-power. While stream 2 are yet to receive their email messages. According to, stream 2 who passes the N-power cut off mark will receive their own email massage sooner or later.

If your N-power screening page is showing as:

Hello yakkata,

You have not yet been shortlisted for the verification stage, please check back later.

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You don’t need to panic, it shows that you still have every chance to fall into the N-power stream 2.

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Just keep calm and have hope, the national cake will reach everyone accordingly.

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