onepoll Survey: Make Money Answering Surveys

Onepoll Survey: Make Money Answering Surveys

Onepoll Survey: Make Money Answering Surveys


Onepoll is a US and UK online survey platform where onepolars are paid for completing surveys online.

OnePoll is a research-led marketing research company specializing in online and mobile
poll. It has offices located Bristol and London.

The company is owned by a public relations and marketing firm knowns as
72Point and is part of the South West News Service (SWNS) Group, which is the UK’s largest independent press and news service.

The company has an online and iPhone panel of over 100,000 Brits across all

Panel members are paid to answer surveys, which typically contain between 10 and 20 questions.

Onepoll US

Onepoll US or Onepoll USA is the US based survey platform branch located in the New York USA.

The Onepoll US is designed for US residents who wish to complete surveys in the Onepoll network within the US.

Onepoll UK

The Onepoll UK is the UK based survey platform branch located in the United Kingdom UK.

The Onepoll UK is designed for United Kingdom residents who wish to complete surveys in the Onepoll network within the UK by answering survey questions and getting paid when reached the minimum payment threshold of £40.


Be it US or UK, the Onepoll survey is sent to registered users email used during registration for them to complete. One completed survey will earn the user 75 points which is equivalent to $0.25 USD.

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Survey Onepoll

Survey Onepoll provides the US and UK registered Onepolars to partake in online surveys where they get paid for completing surveys when they acquire some specific amount of points answering surveys in the Onepoll network.

Is Onepoll Legit

Talking about if Onepoll Legit is a question I like to answer, YES OnePlus is 100% legit Onepolars get their payments immediately after they get to the Onepoll payment threshold.

Read below to see proof of payment from Onepoll network and verify its legitness.

Onepoll Survey App

The Onepoll Survey App is available for download to Android users on Google Play Store and and iPhone users iOS on App Store.

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Onepoll Survey APK

The Onepoll APK app is made available on Google play store for download specifically for UK and US residents or Onepolars.

Onepolars who could not download the Onepoll survey APK app on Google Play store can also get it online through direct download by searching on Google with keyword “ONEPOLL APK” then follow the link to download. Or you can download it here.

Onepoll Paid Surveys

The Onepoll paid Survey is available in the UK and US residents to complete and get paid when they reach the minimum threshold of $65 USD and £30-40 GBP.

Onepoll Survey Reviews

In 2020 -2021, An estimate of about 99.9% of Onepolars have rated and review the Onepoll Survey network as legit and encourage others who haven’t join the Onepoll Survey network to harness the potentials of the Onepoll network by completing surveys and get paid.

I’m not left out myself, i will rate the Onepoll Survey network 100% over and over again because I’ve benefited immensely from the Onepoll Survey network over the years.

I would only tell you once, get in and enjoy the Benefits of the Onepoll Survey network.

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Onepoll Payment

The Onepoll Survey Payment is done via Bankers Automated Clearing Services (BACS) or PayPal.

All Onepoll Payments are dished out if you reach the minimum threshold Payments of 6500 points. As seen in the screenshot photo below:

Screenshot image of Onepoll Payment Threshold

Each Onepoll Survey provides Onepolars with 75 points which can be completed within 5 minutes.

Onepolars can request Payment anytime and day of the week, and Payments are processed on or before 28 days of Payment request.

After a period 28 days of Payment request, if your payment hasn’t reflect in your account, you can reach the Onepoll customer service via email on:

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Onepoll Payment Proof

As discussed above in the Onepoll Payment, here we will provide with evidence and proof of previous payment to show you the legitness of the Onepoll Payment proof in the screenshot photo below:

Onepoll Survey: Make Money Answering Surveys
Screenshot proof of Onepoll Payment

Onepoll Com Sign Up

The Onepoll survey sign up is usually Onepoll sign up people who wish to join the Onepoll Survey network may do so by visiting the Onepoll website on and navigate to the sign up page to get started or you can Sign up here to begin.

Onepoll Login

Just like the sign up process, if you want to login to your Onepoll account, you can do so by visiting the Onepoll website on: and navigate to the sign in page where you can type in your email address and password then Login.

Onepoll Survey: Make Money Answering Surveys


Onepoll survey is one of the popular survey platforms when you are looking up for surveys in online or in Google, but it’s one of the most reliable and best survey company to trust anytime any day.

I’m not left out, you too shouldn’t be!

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