Opay scam : how I was scammed from Opay app even after i stopped using the app

Opay POS scam. Don’t get scammed by some people called opay agent offering POS, most of them are scammers.

Is opay giving POS? Yes Even if you don’t use opay app anymore. but don’t get scammed when they asked you for this details below.

There is a recent scam and attempted scam known as the opay scam, currently going on. Opay being a transportation service that came into Nigeria not more than 3 years ago has brought about scammer and hackers.

How I got scammed from opay App

Yesterday morning a number called me which I don’t have it saved on my phone but because I use number detector app. that shows the name of anyone that calls me even when I don’t have their numbers saved on my phone.

the number showed on my phone as opay port harcourt. Immediately I took the call he greeted me with a cool calm voice by calling my full name and my state of residence. I concur that truly he is from opay office. He speak to me with a nice accent telling me that I once applied for

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opay POS

I said yes, he asked me if I have gotten it. and my response was “NO” he then asked for my Next of kin name when I was applying for the POS, which I told him and he affirmed it was correct. then he went ahead and told me that my application for the opay POS has been pending ever since I applied and now it has been approved that it will be delivered to my address of residence tomorrow. He told me that I will get an opay POS and 1 big opay umbrella to start my own opay POS center if I can’t afford a shop. I said awesome. Then he went ahead and told me that I will be charged with the sum of N1000 for delivery fee, and it will be paid on delivery I said okay.

He then told me i will get a message from their office number which will give me an online Opay OTP to help complete the process. After few minutes I got a code from Opay with an OTP, then he called me immediately and told me to call out the password to him which I did.

Below is a screenshot of the OTP from the Opay app.

Then he monitored my opay wallet and noticed that I don’t have any money in it.

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He later called me back and told me that I have to deposit some certain amount of money into my opay wallet to enable me start a the POS business. That was where i got sceptic and knew it was a scam. Though I play along and asked him. “Sir like how much can I deposit” his response was you need to put as much money as you can to enable you run the business effectively. Then I asked him what is the minimum amount to be deposited? He couldn’t specify. All he was telling me that I should put enough money in my wallet and let him know when I did. I still play along and told him that I currently don’t have money in my bank but I have N50,000 cash at hand that i will just go to their nearest office and make the payment into my opay wallet as seek for more clarity. That was when he told me that no I shouldn’t go to their office that I should rather go to any POS center to make a deposit of the money into my opay wallet and let him know when I did. I just say okay sir. He keeps calling and calling asking me if I have made the deposit I kept telling him soon I will. Then I remembered to check into the opay app and get the

opay customer care number

The official opay customer care number is +23418885040.

I called them and narrated the whole scenario to them, which they told me it wasn’t them that it’s a scam all along. That if I had put money into my opay wallet that it would have henn wiped out by the scammer. Then I asked then how did the scammer knew all my information with opay. That was the question I didn’t get a reply from. I know it was an insider that is using the name of opay to scam people or someone that has work with opay before.

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Is opay a scam?

Opay is not really a scam but this opay number is a scam number 084556667 is a scam number.

Though you have to differentiate between the real opay scam number by reading the article above.

Conclusion; don’t ever share your SIM card details or share your text messages to anyone for any reason. Because no organization will ever ask you for an OTP or any text message, rather they’ll ask you to come to any of their offices for further assistance and information.

Always be vigilant and be security conscious.

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