P-YES Shortlisted Candidates List 2022

P-YES Shortlisted Candidates List 2022

P-YES Shortlisted Candidates List 2022

Hi, this post is about the latest P-Yes list of shortlisted candidates. If you are a recent applicant for the 2022 Presidential Youth Empowerment Program, you should read the information in this article carefully. The list and the names of selected candidates will be announced shortly.

Before we start, we have some questions to ask;

☛ Did you register for P-Yes successfully?

☛ Are you looking forward to seeing your name on the shortlist?

☛ Are you interested in receiving email alerts when you are listed or listed?

If your answer is yes, then please write your answer in the comments section.

Why do we ask that? We ask why, because in doing so we’ll know how excited the candidate is for the program.

P-Yes 2022 Application Status

The government wants to empower at least 774,000 unemployed, which is why the program was launched. In this program, thousands of people expressed interest and applied to the available programs based on their qualifications and interests.

Current application status: Registration is closed. The agency has now reached its application quota and this phase of the program is closed until further notice.

However, successfully signed candidates may complete their application if they have not already done so.

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PYes Shortlisted Candidates 2022-Update

P-YES Shortlist Update: Many unemployed Nigerians have successfully registered. Now that new registrations have closed, the agency is verifying candidates’ applications.

Following this process, a shortlist of p-yes shortlisted candidates will be prepared. We have heard from reliable sources that this consent list will be published soon.

The agency has yet to issue an official notification. After the list of candidates and shortlisted candidates is published on the official website in pdf format, we will notify all readers as soon as possible.

Can you check the official portal daily for the latest updates? If not, then we recommend that you bookmark our website.

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When Will P-Yes Shortlisted Candidates Be Announced?

The application process is only a few days away, so there is no exact date for when the list will be available. But according to many reliable sources, the P-YES shortlist is expected to be released in May/June 2022.

This is not a federal recruiting program. This is a training program, so expect the list to be announced soon. You can quickly check your name for a shortlist. We will keep a direct link to the shortlist in PDF format.

Once the list is uploaded to the official portal, we will share the download link. It’s easy to download. This list will be available in PDF format for easy download by all interested.

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How to Check Names of P-YES Shortlisted Candidates 2022

We are happy to inform you that you can now check the list of new applicants in the PYES portal to see if your application was successful.

How P-YES New Candidates Can Check Application Their Name on The Portal

If you are a new P-YES applicant, kindly follow the steps below to access your information:

  1. kindly visit this link https://reg.p-yes.gov.ng/wp-login.php
  2. Type in your email and password used when registering
  3. Then Login, to access your information

Meanwhile, We will upload this list for all readers and will share a direct link to download the p-yes shortlist.

Below is a simple check step, follow it and you will check if you have been shortlisted.

Visit the official portal page for the first time

Now you need to go through the portal carefully

Click on the link titled “Shortlisted Candidates”

Click the “Download” pdf file link

The list will be saved on your computer or mobile device

open list

Search for your name.

Voice of Nigeria is the one-stop place to notify PYes shortlisted candidates for 2022. We will ensure that all visitors are notified of all PYes updates.

shortlisting process

Candidates will be shortlisted after the registration process is complete. The agency plans to authorize 774,000 candidates. So if you meet all the requirements, your name is likely to be shortlisted.

If you still have questions about the shortlisting process, feel free to leave a comment below this site. We are happy to provide you with all the options to improve the recruitment and selection process at P-Yes.

We ensure that all visitors are notified of all P-Yes Recruitment Portal updates. We make sure not to miss any updates on our website such as recruitment forms, registrations, shortlisted candidates, aptitude tests, results, etc.

The official website of P-Yes is www.p-yes.gov.ng

P-YES Shortlisted Candidates List 2022

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