Safest Investment to Engage In With Higher Returns

Best Safest Investment to Engage In With Higher Returns

Safest Investment to Engage In With Higher Returns

What is The Safest Investment With The Highest Return

Investment can be defined as a means or bond allocation that may lead to some benefits in return for a specific period of time. Investment may be a great source of making you rich in the nearest future, as there is a general saying that ” majority of the richest men in the world are not salary earners.” They are mostly risk takers or investors who’s investment investment tends to yield good returns in some specific time period.

What is Investment

Investment is an act or way of injecting a capital/money, into a specific asset such as bonds, stocks real estate as well as other business enterprises with the speculation that it will produce future benefits in return. To understand more about investments we need to know what are bonds and stocks.

What is A Bond?

In short, a bond can be referred to as a loan borrowed by a company or government with a fixed payback return rates in a specific period of time. A bond can also be referred to as fixed income or securities.

What is Stock In Investment

A stock May be referred to as equity or securities that stands as a ownership or fraction of a corporation. A stock May also be called shares as its a public company traded assets. Example of a stock market is the Nigerian stock exchange. In this market, an individual, group of persons or organizations can invest in stocks or bonds with the expectations of benefits in return. Besides the Nigerian stock market or stock exchange, there are other mens or companies to invest in that will lead to good investment returns. See: Is POS Safe? – Why You Should Be Careful When Using POS Machine

Where Can I Invest My Money In Nigeria

There are 4 key secure and safe places to invest your funds in Nigeria and get great return of investment benefits without any fear of lose. They are listed below.

  • Federal government of Nigeria bond.
  • Farmsby Agriculture investment.
  • Jaiz Bank/wakala investment.
  • Sukuk investment or bond.

The question of the best place to invest in Nigerian to yield good returns should not be overemphasized as there are list of companies and organizations listed below that will provide extensive information on how to invest safely and wisely in Nigeria to avoid lose.

Safest Investment to Engage In With Higher Returns

Federal Government of Nigeria Bond

The Federal government bonds in Nigeria is one of the safe places to invest your money. as it provides people with good securities and safety of their money in anticipation for wealth. This federal government bonds which is used by the government to finance public projects such as infrastructures, housing, electricity, health facilities tarred accessible roads and other infrastructural projects for the betterment on the public. 

N10,000 is the minimum amount of bond sold by the federal government bonds. And interest or returns is paid on a period of six months or on annual basis to the investors as benefits. To invest with the federal government, you need to contact a stockbroker for guidance and future understanding of the federal government bond investments. The federal government bonds can cover both the stock market and bonds of government.

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Farmsby Agriculture Investment

One of the fastest growing means investment is agriculture, investing in agriculture would be a great deal because the only way of survival is “food”. this is because people cannot do without eating food. This is could be one of the best investments in Africa that may have some good investment returns.

From my findings and suggestions Farmsby is one of Africa’s agricultural agro investment that leverage crowdfunding that tends to generate capital for farmers. This will in turn decreased the shortage of food supply and increase the amount of food production. Farmsby is guaranteed a 50% return on standard investment and 75% in returns in joint ventures respectively.

The minimum amount of Farmsby investment ranges from N5000 and maximum of N50,000 on standard investment. While returns are from a minimum of 90 days/3 months with a 50% return on investment ROI.

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Whilst, its joint venture investment ranges from a minimum of N500,000 and maximum of N10,000000 with a whooping return of investment of 75% per annum, with a minimum cycle of 180 days.

Farmsby is an online investment platform, but you don’t have to worry as they are partnering with Nigerian agricultural insurance corporation NAIC, International institute of tropical agriculture IITA, Institute of export operations and management IEOM and Rivers state University of Science and Technology. With this your money is safe and guaranteed in ROI.

How to Invest With Farmsby Agriculture

To invest with Farmsby agriculture, all you need to do is visit their website via Or Then sign up to invest.

For further enquiries and guidance, You can also reach Farmsby through their office address on:42 woji road, GRA port harcourt. or.

farmsby customer care number: +2348081545236.

Jaiz Bank/wakala Investment 

The best among all places to invest without fear of losing is Jaiz bank, also known as Islamic banking. It’s also known as non-interest banking, as most of Jaiz bank dealings are based on profit sharing.

The Jaiz wakala investment is a simple product that embodies a high net worth person with great investment returns at less or no risk involved. Under jaiz bank wakala, the bank takes deposits from customers with the agreement of both the bank and the customer to invest it in some specific business venture.

Thus, the bank has a great ethical knowledge of the business to invest the depositors money, and it will act as an agent while giving the depositor a fair knowledge on the profit return rate to the customer at the agreed period for the investment.

The minimum amount to invest in jaiz wakala investment is N300,000,000. Three hundred million naira, or its equivalent in other countries. The amount of investment with jaiz bank wakala investment is quite expensive but it’s worth it. Because there is 99.9% assurance of great investment returns.

For further information on jaiz bank wakala investment, you can reach their customer on 07080635500, 07080635555 or jaiz bank customer care email on:

Sukuk/bond Investment

Sukuk or Islamic bond is a type of investment that provides a certificate of ownership which stands as the owners interest of an asset/assets. The owner of a sukuk certificate is entitled to get income from the use of the assets.

Sukuk certificates or bonds are issued by the federal government to fund some vital infrastructure such as roads, to diversify government’s funding, to provide a good level of financial freedom.

This sukuk bond certificate is versatile because it can be sold to the secondary market by a floor licensed dealer in the Nigerian stock exchange and “FMDQ” over the counter securities with the speculative prospects.

Sukuk investment is a safe and secure investment backed by the credits of the federal government of Nigeria. With this you get your proof of your investment whilst, you get a credit allotted units of your sukuk bond credit to your custodian CSCS account via SMS/email.

You get your return of investment ROI credit to the account provided by you at the time of purchasing the certificate, twice yearly also with a credit of your principal investment at maturity.

Safest Investment to Engage In With Higher Returns

Where to Buy Sukuk Bond

Sukuk bond/certificate can be purchased at all Nigerian banks including FSDH merchant bank limited.

The minimum amount to invest in sukuk bonds is N10,000 (I.e 10 units at 1000/unit) and a multiple of 1000 (1 unit) thenceforth.

How to Invest In Sukuk Bonds

You can visit any of the offices of sukuk financial advisers to obtain an application form and prospectus. Eg.

Lotus Financial Services LTD at No.1B, udi street Osborne foreshore estate, Osborne road ikoyi lagos. or call +23412914626. Or

FBN Marchant Bank LTD at No.10 keffi street of awolowo road s.w ikoyi lagos or call +234127022904.

For further enquiries on sukuk bond investment you can reach their customer care via email: or

Safest Investment to Engage In With Higher Returns

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