The FVI School of Nursing And Technology: Courses & Tuition

This article will provide you with information about the FVI School of Nursing And Technology: Courses & Tuition, Requirements for admission, Semesters And Employability Skills.

The FVI School of Nursing And Technology: Courses & Tuition


The FVI School of Nursing and Technology which means Florida Vocational Institute.

It’s a nursing school located in Miami Lakes FL.

Thus; the school is committed in providing students with a quality education in a life – long rewarding career.

It’s one of the best School of nursing in the state of Florida.

FVI takes its pride in offering first-class training with guidance and support needed to prepare its students for the job they want in the outside world.

It’s regarde as one of the best school of nursing dedicated in helping its students achieve success with a passionate and knowledgeable faculty. with a successful career placement team. They provide a warm and welcoming community.

Types of Courses Provided By The FVI School of Nursing & Technology

1. Healthcare programs

Patient care technician:

The patient care technician helps prepare students with Instructor-Led Live Online Classes and safe on-campus practices. With an award Certificate of Diploma upon successful completion of this program.

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Associates degree in nursing:

The Associate Degree in Nursing offers students 15 weeks in each semester.It a 72 – credit program divided into six semesters. It typically takes 22 months of full-time study.

The program has been designed to meet the Florida Board Of Nursing requirements

Practical nursing:

The (FVI) Practical Nursing certificate program is set to prepare the students to provide safe, effective and efficient care to clients across their lifespan.

With this practical nursing program students becomes practical nurse in less than 15 months.

It also allow a graduate of practical nurse to become eligibile to sit for the Florida State License (NCLEX-PN) Examination. Afterwards, graduates are qualified to quickly begin their nursing careers quickly as Practical Nurses (PN).

Pharmacy technician:

The pharmacy technician program makes students pharmacy technician with live online class and (on campus) practices.

Students are awarded A diploma certificate upon successful completion of this program.

Students are set and prepared to work with Hospitals, pharmacies, Mail order pharmacies, Drug store, Long term care pharmacies and Grocery store pharmacies.

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Medical Assistant:

The medical Assistant is a program that prepares students to become a medical Assistant by providing them with (Instructor Led Live Online classes) and safe on practices.

Afterward, students are awarded with a diploma certificate upon successful completion of the medical Assistant program in Miami or Miramar FL.

After completion students will enrolled in a 3 – 6 weeks Internship or Externship to enable their graduates pull up the skills they have learned from school in the real world.

Home health aide:

The home health aide program prepare and train students to care for disability clients, chronic illness, cognitive impairments.

Students are trained to work with people recovering from surgery and aged people that needs assistance in their daily lives

such as performing personal daily tasks, arranging transportation for clients, lighthouse works, groceries shorting, meals preparation and dietary needs.

Medical office admin:

The Medical Office Admin (AAS) prepares students to become office administrator as a means of (Instructor Led Live Online classes and safe on campus) practices.

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Students are awarded degree in Associate of applied science upon successful completion of this program at Miramar campus. Graduates can enroll in a 3 – 6 weeks Internship or Externship course to prepare them with the employability skills to Kick-start their career in the real world.

2. IT Programs

In addition to courses listed above, the FVI School of technology also provide a cutting-edge online training technology in a field Such as information IT, Cybersecurity, Automatic warning systems (AWS) Cloud computing, and compTIA certification.

The good thing about all the IT courses listed above is that you can get them from a distance learning anywhere from a highly immersed trained instructors.

In less than a period of one year, students can acquire skills and expertise that will qualify them to gain employability career in the fascinating World of Information and Technology.

FVI School of nursing and technology address

7757 W Flagler St #220.

Opens: 8:30 AM

Closes: 11: PM

fvi school of nursing tuition

The current tuition in the Florida Vocational Institute (FVI) are;

  • Pharmacy technician: $15,500 (for tuition). $475 (for books and supplies).
  • Home health aide: $11,050. (for tuition). $475 (for books and supplies).
  • Medical Assistant: $15,875. (For tuition). $575 (for books and supplies).

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Florida Vocational Institute FVI School of nursing website

The official website of FVI Florida is

Florida Vocational Institute FVI School of nursing And technology phone number

+1- 786-574-3350.

The FVI School of Nursing And Technology: Courses & Tuition

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