The Nursing Programs That Accept Transfer Students NYC

The Nursing Programs That Accept Transfer Students NYC

Nursing Programs That Accept Transfer Students NYC
Nursing Programs That Accept Transfer Students NYC

Transferring to a nursing program involves some planning and preparation. Several nursing programs across the country accept transfer students, and it’s important to find out what these programs require before enrolling.

Two- and four-year transfer students or within NYU may apply for admission if they have earned at least 32 credits at the time of enrollment. No prerequisites are required for admission, and transfer students can receive credit for courses taken at previous schools.

Upon admission, students must complete all taken courses at NYU upon admission or at any regionally accredited school prior to admission to the program, provided they meet all credit transfer eligibility requirements.

List of Nursing Programs That Accept Transfer Students NYC

  • Traditional BS And Transfer Applicants
  • Accelerated BS Applicants
  • Ms, Advanced Certificate, Phd, And Dnp Applicants

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NYC Transfer Credits Requirements

Transfer students can transfer a maximum of 64 liberal arts and natural science credits.
• Students are encouraged to review the list of liberal arts and transferable science courses. The class must match the specific description of the required course to be accepted as a credit transfer
• All courses must have been taken less than ten years prior to enrollment.
• Nursing courses are not eligible for credit transfer unless you already have a registered nurse’s license at the time of application.

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• All courses must have a grade of letter C or higher and at least 3 semester credit hours
• Once admitted, transcripts are evaluated to determine how many transfer credits, if any, will be awarded, and an interim transfer credit assessment will be provided.
° The school do not review transcripts prior to admission to the program.

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