Using the UBA Bank Transfer Code With USSD

Using the UBA Bank Transfer Code With USSD

This article will provide you with information about Using the UBA Bank Transfer Code With USSD. With step-by-step guide on how to conduct all your banking transactions with this short codes.


United Bank for Africa (UBA) is one of the leading Africa’s bank known as Pan-African financial services institution. It possess a global footprint that creates model for African businesses.

The bank is currently operating in over 20 countries in Africa, it also operates in the United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA) and have presence in Paris.

Meanwhile; our main discussion is the UBA bank USSD code which is known as the Magic Banking the UBA magic banking just like the zenith bank Eazy Banking, it provides you with ease banking by dialing codes on your phone to conduct all bank transactions at the comfort of your home. Easy right?

To use the Uba bank transfer code service, you need to register using the the UBA USSD code *919# and accept to use the service by replying with 919 follow the onscreen prompts to provide your UBA account number, then set up a 4 digit PIN to be using to complete your transaction.

How to Transfer Money With UBA Bank Code

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To transfer money with code on your UBA bank, you have to make sure the phone number you are using is linked to your bank account. Then follow the instructions below;

  • Dial *919# select option “3” stating Trsf-UBA, if you want to transfer from your UBA bank account to another UBA bank account.
  • And follow the onscreen prompt to complete your transfer using your 4 digit PIN you created when registering to use the UBA magic banking.
  • Provide the amount to be transferred and the account number you wish to transfer to.
  • Wait for it to bring out name of the account holder you are transferring to.
  • Then proceed and input your 4 digit PIN and confirm the transfer.

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But if you want to transfer money from UBA bank to other Nigerian Banks, follow the procedures below;

  • Dial *919# and select option “4” starting Trsf-other Banks.
  • Follow the onscreen prompt and provide the receiver’s account number, and select the receiver’s bank name which you want to transfer to.
  • Input the amount of money you want to send to the receiver.
  • And type in your 4 digit PIN and confirm transfer.

Code to Buy Recharge Card From UBA Bank

To buy airtime from your UBA Bank account Dial *919# and select option “1” to buy to your phone number or Select option “2” to buy for other numbers, follow the onscreen prompts and provide the phone number you want to buy for and confirm using your 4 digit PIN.

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Code to Check Uba Bank Account Balance

To chack your UBA account balance using USSD Code, Dial *919*7#. Wait for few seconds, at most one minute, your account balance will be sent to your phone number via text message.

Visit UBA bank website for more.


In Conclusion, you can use this UBA short codes to conduct all your banking transactions conviniently at home. The code also allow you to recharge your phone, purchase internet data services and other services easily. Why not give it a trial today.?

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