Umba Loan App: Get Quick Loan On App

Umba Loan App: Get Quick Loan On App

Umba Loan App: Get Quick Loan On App

Umba Loan App and digital bank is formerly known as mkopo kaka app is one of the online digital banking apps where you get low interest loans. loan application was initially established in Kenya in the year 2018 and has since branched out to many parts of Africa including Nigeria with the intention to reach many people and help meet their financial needs.

Umba has an official website called and also an app on the Google Play Store and other app stores.

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Umba Loan App Download

The Umba loan app is available on the Google play store for Android users to download and start applying for loans easily.

Follow the procedure below to download the Umba loan Apk app

Umba Loan App Apk

To get this app, type Umba loan app in Google Play search box or any other app store and Umba loan app will be promptly come up for installation.

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How To Get Loan On Umba Loan app

You can borrow money through the Umba loan app, or if you decide to use the official website,

To do so, you must be 18 years of age or older. You should also have some important documents at your disposal.

Below are the important documents needed to get a loan from Umba loan application or

  1. Valid phone number is required. This is very important to maintain a good communication link between you and the Umba loan application.
  2. You must also provide your National Identity Number (NIN). So if you don’t have one, go to a registered center where you will get a valid NIN number as this is very necessary.
  3. In addition, a valid Bank Verification Number, BVN is required to confirm the validity of the information entered.

The Umba Loans is currently not active in Kenya.
But you can get loans in Nigeria.

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The Umba loans have a maximum and minimum duration of 62 days.

Credit amount: from ₦ 2,000 to ₦ 30,000; Has 62 days deadline.

With maximum annual interest rate of 10%
Commission: 0% (no commission)
VAT: 0%
Maximum APR: 10%

For example, for a loan of say ₦30,000 Naira, there is an interest rate of 10% (₦3,000).

Thus, at the end of the 62-day period, you will have to pay ₦33,000 Naira.

Umba Loan App: Get Quick Loan On App

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