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View someone whatsapp messenger status without them knowing

WhatsApp Trick To view someone WhatsApp status without them knowing.

Do you often see someone comment on your status on WhatsApp messenger, yet it won’t show that they view it.? Yes it’s possible because the person might have hide their receipt to their contacts who can view their statues. Today we’re going to discuss on why this often happen.

How to view someone WhatsApp status secretly

What is WhatsApp Messenger?

WhatsApp messenger is an American freeware owned by Facebook inc, that allow users to send  short media messages SMS, and long messages, voice messages, share videos, audios, images, documents both pdf and doc, GPS locations and other media. It also allow users to make a voice calls and video calls via WiFi or mobile network.

Why don’t i know when someone view my WhatsApp status?

The reason why you don’t see if someone view your WhatsApp messenger status maybe that they disabled the read receipt.

What is read receipt?.

Read receipt is is particular feature of WhatsApp messenger that allows every user to male use of it to secure their privacy. But when you turn off your read receipt you won’t be able to see read receipt of other users read receipt. In essence when you turn off your read receipt, you won’t be able to know when someone view your message or the other way round. E.g The blue tick that shows when your message is read won’t show on your end neither will it show at the end of your other users. 

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How to view someone’s WhatsApp status without them knowing

This process will teach you a simple steps to set your WhatsApp messenger to be invisible that when you read read/view your contacts WhatsApp status he/she will not know you did. Follow the Procedure below:

  • Lunch your WhatsApp messenger application.
  • At the bottom right of your WhatsApp messenger chat list, locate settings and click on it.
  • It will take you to several features such as starred messages, WhatsApp web/desktop, account, chats, notifications, data and storage usage help and tell a friend.
  • Click on Account then click on Privacy.
  • Scroll down to the bottoms of the page and locate read receipts,

it’s always set on as default with a green checkbox, uncheck/turn it off.

  • Now go back to your friends statues, view as many as you want they’ll never know you viewed their status. 

  • Note: whenever you uncheck the read receipt, when someone else’s view your status you will not know they view your status as well. 

  • You can uncheck it and view people statues anytime you want, then go back and check it to know when people view yours.

WhatsApp read receipt tricks.

FAQs About WhatsApp status trick

Q: Why can’t i see when people view my WhatsApp status, when i turn off read receipt?

You will not be able to see who view your WhatsApp status, if you turn off read receipt. This is because WhatsApp made the read receipt feature to be as a form of KARMA, for example, what goes around comes around.

Q: How can i view someone’s WhatsApp status without them knowing, whilst i get to see their views on my status?

The only way you can be able to view someone else’s status without them knowing, while in turn if they view yours you will be able to know they do. Is by turning off your read receipt and view their WhatsApp status. Then immediately you can go back to the read receipt option and turn back on before you can be able to tell if someone viewed your status.

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